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Dancing With The Stars Episode Three Recap

April 04, 2011 07:25 PM by Allyson Wells

This week on Dancing with the Stars, the dancers are emotionally challenged to pick songs that tell a personal story from their lives.  This causes a wide range of emotions.  Kirstie Alley is embarrassed, Ralph Macchio dedicates his dance to his wife, Kendra explains how much the tabloids hurt her, Chris Jericho shares the tragedy of losing a loved one, Romeo gets distracted by his shoes and throws them, while Anna challenges Sugar Ray to respond to his doubters.  While performing, one dance takes a tumble in the beginning of their performance.  Keep reading to find out who fell, and who rose to the emotional challenge.

Wendy Williams & Tony Dovolani

Tony asks Wendy what precious ideas she wants to bring to the dance floor.  She wants to bring how she got started in the media, which began with radio.  Wendy explains that she would sleep at rest areas between jobs, so Tony thinks they need to show off how strong she is.  Wendy feels like a superhero dancer and asks Tony to pose her.  The pair dance the fox trot.  Wendy definitely looks more confident and like she is having a lot of fun.  However, her footwork is not as advanced as some of the others are already dancing.  It seems lackluster.  Before the judges give their remarks, Tom congratulates Carrie Ann on getting engaged and thinks she should be nice with her scores.  Len tells Wendy that he knows she worked hard, but the dance was a struggle and lacked movement and would have been better on the radio.  Bruno agrees with Len that the fox trot needs to be smooth, not putting down roots.  Carrie Ann respects a woman who follows her dreams, but feels that she took a step backwards.  Backstage with Brooke, Wendy likes to do things well and knows she isn’t a great dancer, but feels she has made progress.  All of the judges give her a 5.  Tony hopes to keep teaching Wendy how to dance.

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Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsea asks Mark if they can please both the judges and crowd.  She picks the song “Chelsea” because the song was written for her by her first love, a young man named Bryan.  She blushes as she tells the story.  Chelsea doesn’t consider herself sexy and has a hard time with the hip and butt action.  She jokes that Mark is a better girl than she is.  Chelsea hopes their cha cha cha will show the joy she had with her first love.  Chelsea seems to have gotten over her issues showing off her sexier side in this dance, as it is very flirtatious.  She and Mark dance so cute together.  Bruno feels the excitement running through her.  Carrie Ann is a big fan of their cha cha cha and thinks she looks like a baby Julianne Hough.  Len jokes that his first love was nothing like Chelsea and goes on to say that was her best dance.  Backstage with Brooke, Chelsea thinks it was fun dancing to her song.  Carrie Ann gives them a 7, while Len and Bruno give them 8′s.

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Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

Chris chooses the song “Let it Be” because it encompasses his mom.  He reveals that during wrestling practice, his mom was in an accident.  He wanted to give up wrestling to take care of her, but she wouldn’t let him.  She passed away soon after.  Chris recalls how much she loved dancing, and he wants his routine to be heartfelt for her.  The dance begins with Chris standing next to a desk that has a picture of his mom on it.  Cheryl might be one of the best instructors, as Chris’s dance captures the emotion he hoped to express.  A tearful Carrie Ann tells him it was a beautiful tribute to his mom and is so happy he got to tell a story through dance.  Len doesn’t think he used his arms enough, but overall it was great.  Bruno wants him to be more fluid in his lines, but thinks he told a great story.  Backstage, Chris tells Brooke his mom would have enjoyed his dance.  All three judges score his dance a 7.

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Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Kendra chooses a song about the beginning of her relationship with husband Hank.  She explains they fell in love immediately, but so many other people did not want them to be together because she used to be a stripper and in Playboy.  Kendra thinks it is weird dancing the dance of love with Louis, but likes that he makes her laugh.  Kendra hopes the dance will show that people need to follow their heart.  Hank and her son stop by to watch her dance.  Hank is honored Kendra chose him as her husband.  Kendra and Louis take to the floor to dance the rumba.  Kendra has moments where she looks beautiful and amazing, and then others where she looks lost.  Louis did a great job with the choreography, though.  Len thinks Kendra was unstable at times, but was impressed by her gorgeous leg action.  Bruno jokes that there is nothing wrong with a good stripper and that her dance was hot and arousing.  Carrie Ann exclaims the dance was hot, hot, hot!  Backstage, Brooke asks Kendra how a Playboy bunny struggles with being sexy.  Kendra reveals she closes her eyes and envisions Hank.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Kendra 8′s, and Len gives her a 7.

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Romeo & Chelsie Hightower

Romeo chooses the song “I’ll be there” because he lost his cousins at a young age to tragic accidents.  They hope to convey love and loss in their rumba.  Romeo complains about his shoes, but Chelsie wants him to get over it.  He takes them off and throws them across the room.  The following day, he apologizes that he wants to make the song special and took it out on the shoes.  The dance is sweet, strong and sentimental.  It ends with him holding Chelsie and blowing a kiss to the sky.  Bruno feels that he was connected and involved in the dance, but to watch his footwork.  Carrie Ann thinks despite the funky footwork, there was something special about his dance and appreciates the refinement.  Len thinks the dance was a huge step back from his great performance last week.  Backstage, Romeo feels like he couldn’t go wrong even if he messed up because of the inspiration behind his dance.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give him 7′s, while Len gives him a 6.

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Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Hines chooses the song “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind and Fire for his mother.  He reveals that his mother is Korean and spoke little English, but worked three jobs so he could have every opportunity possible.  Kym wants the dance to be celebratory for his mother.  Hines feels challenged by all of the movements in the samba.  With his mom in attendance watching, Hines delivers a sunny and upbeat performance.  He definitely has the hip action down!  The dance earns a standing ovation from the crowd.  Carrie Ann loves his bounce and boasts that he looks like he has been dancing the samba his entire life.  Len is proud of his performance.  Bruno yells that the samba was an uplifting happy dance.  Backstage, Brooke asks how it was performing in front of his mom.  Hines replies that it was great and he has been so blessed in his life.  Carrie Ann gives Hines a 9, while Len and Bruno give him 8′s.

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Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin

Petra chooses the song “You Raise Me Up” because she listened to it while visiting tsunami victims in Thailand, which inspired her to start a foundation for children.  Dmitry thinks it will be uplifting and that Petra will do well because she can connect emotionally to the song and dance.  Petra struggles with her neck and fluidity in practice.  The pair dance the waltz, and Petra hopes that it will show inspiration that the song brought to her.  The waltz definitely suits Petra better than her jive.  She has long and graceful movements, which are great for the lovely song.  Len boasts that this season is his favorite because every week changes and this week, Petra is the one to watch.  Bruno believes she is an angel from heaven and her heart is beautiful.  Carrie Ann knows her heart was all over the dance.  Backstage, Petra tells Brooke she wanted to share that no matter what difficulties you experience, you can rise up.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give Petra 8′s, while Len gives her a 9.

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Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya

Sugar Ray’s personal story is about beating the odds.  He explains that no one thought he would win a boxing championship.  He wants to do the same thing with Dancing with the Stars.  Anna hopes his determination will show up in the paso doble.  Anna challenges him to show everyone that said no to him that they should have said yes.  He says, “Feet don’t fail me now.”  The dance begins with a traditional boxing announcer who says, “Let’s get ready to paso.”  Ray comes out in a boxing outfit and gloves to the song “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown.  He has the crowd on their feet and seems very determined and confident.  The dance ends with him hitting a punching bag.  Bruno thinks Ray is back in business, but wants him to watch his hips.  Carrie Ann exclaims she saw a lot of improvement and is very proud of him.  Len is proud that he dominated the dance.  Backstage, Ray tells Brooke it was difficult being near the bottom of the pack but feels better after his dance.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give him 7′s, while Len gives him a 6.

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Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Kirstie Alley chooses the song “Over the Rainbow.”  She explains she gave herself one year in Los Angeles to make it as an actress and had just landed her first major job.  While in LA, her parents were hit by a drunk driver, killing her mom and almost killing her father.  It was a period of loss and hope, which she hopes to show in the dance.  Kirstie jokes she can’t be sexy in front of others without a beer.  Kirstie hopes the dance will show the agony and ecstasy of what happened in her life.  Kirstie and Maks dance the rumba.  The dance starts off beautifully, but the pair fall over and Maks injures himself.  He gets up and keeps going despite being in obvious pain, which brings cheers from the crowd.  I love this song and the choreography is beautiful.  I feel so bad for the pair that they had a mishap.  Maks apologizes that his thigh gave out.  Carrie Ann thinks tragedy leads to amazingly beautiful moments and something magical happened and it was touching to see them so determined to finish it.  Len believes dancing is like life and overcoming adversities, which is what they did.  Bruno boasts that once she got up, the dance was better than ever.  Backstage, Brooke says that her heart stopped, and Maks said that the dance had nothing to do with her, and it was his fault because his muscles just gave out.  All three judges give them 7′s.  Maks then wishes his father a happy birthday.  After they get their scores, Tom says, “It’s not about how you fall, but how you get up.”

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Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

Ralph’s song is “So Gold,” which is the theme from his first film “The Outsiders.”  He and his wife also used it for their wedding song.  This week marks their anniversary and Ralph explains that his wife is his soul mate.  Karina orders him to give his sexy face and he jokes, “This is my sexy face and it’s worked for my wife for 24 years.”  Ralph dedicates the song to his wife.  Ralph and Karina dance the rumba.  The dance is much better suited for Ralph than the jive.  It’s a very sweet tribute to his wife and his character Johnny from the film.  The dance ends with Ralph kissing his wife’s hand, as his children cheer next to her.  Len thinks the routine was crisp and clear, but he needs refinement in hands and feet, along with hip action.  Bruno says the dance was beautiful, but to refine his movements.  Carrie Ann feels that is was a sweet rumba and moving.  Backstage, Ralph says that it was a blessing that Karina choreographed a lovely dance for his wife.  All three judges give him 7′s.

Watch their performance video!

Sitting atop the leader board are Hines and Kym and Petra and Dmitry, while Wendy and Tony are in last place.  Who were your favorites?  I have to say that I found Kirstie and Maks to be really inspiring the way they not only continued, but still delivered an amazing dance.  Tomorrow night, another pair will be eliminated.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites.  Tune into Dancing with the Stars Results show for the live elimination.

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  1. Gloria Says:
    April 5th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Last night’s show spoiled it for me for the rest of the season. Sugar Ray Leonard is the obvious favorite of the judges. That wasn’t a Paso Doble! It’s not a box fighter versus bull dance, it’s a bullfighter versus bull. That dance wasn’t even look close! Sugar Ray Leonard’s posture did not even look like the proud, chest out pose required of the male dancer on the Paso Doble and they know it. I would have felt more sentiment over the song pick if he had said it was for Michael Jackson, who originally sang the song and dies. And then the judges took points away from Ralph Macchio even though he was the one trying to dance the dance as it was meant. Instead of having Sugar Ray Leonard try to learn the Paso Doble, they had the Paso Doble changed to accommodate him. The judges took everyone down to put Sugar Ray Leonard up where he did not belong. Cheaters! It was all wrong. This is not a real competition.


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