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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Channel Their Inner Psycho

April 06, 2011 06:14 PM by Allyson Wells

On America’s Next Top Model, the models have had enough of Alexandria.  After she does well on a challenge for Ford and Susan G. Komen, the tension overflows, causing one model to lose it on set.  The drama continues at a photo shoot in front of the famed Psycho Bates Motel.  Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman is on hand to witness the models take psycho to a whole new level.  Which model loses it at panel and walks off the set?  Will the other judges agree with Tyra Banks when she wants to send the model packing?

On the way home from panel, the models congratulate Brittani for winning the best photo.  Brittani is happy about finally winning, but it shocked that Alexandria was not in the bottom two.  Mikaela is frustrated at always being in the bottom of the pack.  She feels like she has more experience than a lot of the other girls and hopes to get some better photos.  When they get home, they see cute little red bags filled with “Warriors in Pink” clothing for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  Molly and Brittani dish about how annoyed they are by Alexandria.  Molly thinks she is one of the worst people she has ever met.  Upstairs, Alexandria takes a bubble bath to relax over feeling attacked. 

The models go to Smashbox Studios where Nigel Barker awaits them.  He informs them that Ford Motor Company is teaming up with Susan G. Komen and designed clothing to capture the warriors of breast cancer.  Each model will have to pick out their own hair and makeup that best embodies their symbol from the clothing.  Nigel advises them it is their chance to be a role model.  Jaclyn picks the warrior of courage and wants to do something for her aunt, who fought breast cancer.  Kasia chooses the heart, while Brittani chooses the dove.  Nigel asks Brittani what she is thinking of and she says she thinks of nothing, she just does.  He advises a tearful Brittani to emote.  Hannah chooses the spiral, and Nigel likes the action but thinks she got too wrapped up in making a spiral rather than owning it.  Mikaela chooses the war paint and wants to be strong, not tearful.  Nigel is disappointed that she does the same thing over and over.  Molly does angel wings, and Nigel directs her to be an angel.  Alexandria chooses the tree of love.  The other models are annoyed when Nigel likes Alexandria’s same pose that she does over and over.  Nigel thinks that Alexandria made the shot her own and was committed in her picture.  Nigel then announces that Alexandria is the winner and will appear in a national ad campaign and shoot a PSA.  He introduces her co-star, a 2012 Ford Focus, which she gets to keep.  The other models are speechless.  Alexandria cries that this will prove she can do it.  Backstage, Brittani vents that Alexandria was the wrong person to be picked and someone else should have won.  Alexandria informs her that she can hear her and Brittani yells that she doesn’t care and that she is fake.  Alexandria retorts that she is not nice, but Brittani boasts that all of the other models feel the same way.  Nigel watches the scene in bewildered amusement.

Back at the house, Mikaela advises Brittani to just laugh off the drama.  Kasia wants to lay it on the line or give Alexandria the silent treatment.  Alexandria comes home and is confused why no one is happy for her.  As the models sleep, Miss J enters at 6:45 am and instructs them to get up because he is taking them on a VIP tour of Universal Studios.  They arrive at the Bates Motel and Miss J claims Psycho scared him as a child.  He gets out to pose for a picture when Jay Manuel emerges and stabs him.  Jay then announces he wants the models to show them how crazy for fashion they are for a photo shoot.  He then introduces them to Miguel Starcevich, an avant garde photographer.  Jay thinks that the more extreme, the better.  Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman is on hand to help style them.  Molly is the crazy for accessories girl.  Jay wants Molly to not be so uncomfortable.  Molly thinks she was too crazy and not enough sexy.  Brittani is the crazy for shoes girl.  Miguel loves Brittani and thinks she came out kicking like the Karate Kid.  Hannah is the crazy for Handbags girl.  Jay thinks Hannah is just a hot mess, and Hannah knows she is getting lost in the theatrics.  Jaclyn is crazy for makeup girl, and has it smeared all over her face.  Kasia is crazy for hair girl, and Jay likes that she wasn’t scared to do things that were different.  Alexandria is crazy for faux fur, but has trouble getting it together.  Jay directs her to do what she feels and she screams.  Mikaela is crazy for sales, and Jay thinks that she doesn’t know what to do. 

Back at the house, the models discuss their shoot.  Mikaela is nervous and thinks she is going home.  Brittani thinks if Alexandria doesn’t go home, she will flip out at panel and that will be bad.  Alexandria thinks she is strong and better than all the rest of them.

The models go to panel, where Tyra greets them for their next judging.  Eric Daman is the guest judge.  Hannah is judged first.  Tyra thinks the photo is fantastic, but her film was not good.  Molly is next, and Nigel loves how interesting the photo is.  Eric notes she was awkward in the beginning, but it came together.  Tyra urges her to keep up the good work she did at the end of her film.  The judges love how edgy Jaclyn looks.  Mikaela is next and Eric reveals how difficult the shoot was for her.  Tyra wonders if she understood the assignment.  Kasia is next and Nigel loves her eyes, while Eric likes her body language.  Alexandria steps up wearing her Ford shirt.  Tyra thinks the narrative is missing from the picture.  Nigel brings up the fight between Brittani and Alexandria.  Brittani speaks up that Alexandria was the wrong spokesperson to choose to be a role model.  Nigel tells Brittani what she did was totally unprofessional and he now has a different idea about her.  Tyra asks her why she is crying, and Brittani is embarrassed for letting Alexandria get to her like that.  Tyra asserts that what Brittani did was one of the weakest things a role model can do and she must shut her lips in front of the clients.  She goes on to urge Brittani to respect herself, causing an upset Brittani to walk off the set.  Backstage, Brittani drinks some water and tries to get it together.  She returns and tells the judges she is having a panic attack. 

The judges deliberate and think that even though Hannah was weak, it still works.  The judges love Molly and Jaclyn’s shots.  Nigel thinks Jaclyn is so on her game.  The judges think Mikaela is missing something.  Andre thinks Kasia is fiercely fabulous.  The judges don’t care for Alexandria’s photo, but like how she handled the drama.  On the subject of Brittani, they are shocked by her behavior on set.  Nigel thinks that Brittani will learn her life’s lesson because she came back and pulled it together.  Andre thinks Brittani deserves a second chance.  Tyra disagrees, but she is outvoted.  Backstage, Alexandria asks the other models what her problem with her is.  She wishes they weren’t fakely nice to her so she could have quit talking to them a long time ago.  They return to panel and Tyra reveals that Jaclyn won top photo.  The runner-up is Molly.  The remaining models are Hannah, Kasia, and Alexandria.  Mikaela and Brittani are in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Mikaela her face is so spectacular, but she is lacking intensity in her eyes.  She tells Brittani she has some of the strongest photos, but her attitude is unattractive.  Tyra states she is not the only one who makes the decisions and she was outvoted.  She reveals Brittani gets to stay.  Tyra tells Brittani she has a serious issue with the judges picking her and she has to figure out what it will take to prove she deserves to be there.  Tyra then tells Mikaela she may have modeled before, but she needs to build a stronger portfolio.  Mikaela knows that her photo wasn’t great, but is still proud she made it so far.

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