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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Season Premiere!

April 06, 2011 09:43 PM by Shayla Perry

Tonight on the season premiere of Tori Spelling’s newest reality show, Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori and her hubby, Dean McDermott try to help a couple plan a pug-themed traditional Jewish wedding to celebrate their unique relationship. But can they pull it off without making the ceremony and reception resemble a kennel?

On the season premiere of Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott  love a good wedding. And after their successful foray into the world of wedding planning with their dear friends, they’ve decided to help other couples achieve their dream weddings as well.

First up is Samantha and Steven.

The young couple met online and knew they were meant to be when they discovered that they were both owners of pugs named Gus.

Now, Samantha wants a pug-themed wedding, but Steven’s not completely sold on the idea.

Samantha and Steven (and the dogs) meet with Tori and Dean to discuss their dream wedding.

Both the ceremony and reception must include their Jewish traditions, but Samantha and Steve are very clear that they want a major party.

Not a problem for the reality TV couple!

First, Tori Spelling takes Samantha dress shopping to find her dream gown. Samantha wants her mom and sister to be there, but when they’re 30 minutes late, she decides to start without them.

The first dress is nice, and it makes Samantha feel like a bride, but her mother’s not thrilled with it, so they move on to the next one.

After two more tries, Samantha begins to get a little discouraged and starts wishing that her mother and sister would keep their comments to themselves.

Finally, the fourth dress is one that they all agree is “the one” and all of the ladies begin to cry.

Dress? Check!

For the venue of the wedding, James, Tori’s friend and Art Director, suggests that the couple consider their own backyard. Samantha sounds as though she might like to consider it, but for Steven, it’s a definite  no-go.


Tori and Dean take them to a hotel in Santa Monica that happens to be…ta-daa… pet friendly! And we have a venue!

Now that that’s done, Tori and Steven hit the road to shop for a wedding gift for Samantha. And what better present for a newlywed than lingerie? The two agree on a piece that they think Samantha – who’s more of a sweatpants kinda girl – will like, and head out.

Back at the McDermott house, while Tori is busy fashioning some miniature yarmulkes for the couple’s pugs, Dean searches online for rescue pugs that they can have at the reception in the “pug lounge” for guests to adopt. As they work, the couple talks about their own relationship and how they should “bicker” more like Samantha and Steven, since Dean often gives Tori the silent treatment when he’s angry.

Samantha, now looking for a little something for her groom, is with Dean McDermott getting a new ring for Steven. The couple had another band for the groom, which was titanium, but after some discussion, Samantha agrees that he needs something with a little more bling, and picks out a red gold ring that she knows he’ll love — mostly because Steve mentioned wanting red gold before.

Putting together all of the little details, Tori, Dean, and James are busy spray painting dog biscuits silver and gold, when Tori sees the boxes that she ordered for her pug toss (no, not real pugs — miniature stuffed pugs that guests will toss as the bride and groom leave, instead of rice) are way too large. To improvise, they consider filling the boxes with kibble, but the thought of the bride being pelted with dog food doesn’t exactly sit well with anyone. Flower petals would be too expensive, so instead, they decide to scrap the boxes altogether and just put tags on the pugs with directions for the toss.

Crisis averted.

But … As Tori and James check out the rest of the venue to see that all of the tables and chairs are in order, Tori realizes that they  never ordered an aisle for the bride to walk down!

No probs! Samantha says that she never really wanted a fabric runner, and they decide to cover the cement walkway with flower petals and line it with candles.

While the groom is getting dressed, Dean McDermott arrives with a little surprise — for Gus….the yarmulke and tux. Gus is so thrilled that he throws up on the bed. (Just a little pre-wedding jitters!)

When Tori Spelling walks in to see Samantha, she begins to panic when she sees that the bride is in tears. Luckily, Samantha assures her that they’re happy tears, and Tori then presents her with the gift from Steven, which she loves.

Since they’re having a traditional Jewish ceremony and will see each other before walking down the aisle when signing the ketubah, Steven and Samantha opt to have their pictures done before the ceremony as well.

When Steve turns around and sees his bride for the first time, he immediately bursts into tears and struggles to compose himself. So sweet!

After the signing of the ketubah, the wedding party heads to the ceremony and tears flow as the bride is walked down the aisle by her mother and father.

The couple listens to a few words about marriage from the rabbi and they then exchange rings. When Samantha pulls out the new ring, Steven is beyond surprised.

Following Jewish tradition, Steven breaks a glass and as the newly married couple walks down the aisle with their pugs, their guests toss the stuffed dogs into the air.

At the reception, the couple and pugs make their grand entrance and Steven and Samantha dance the traditional Jewish hora, with Tori and Dean getting in on the fun too.

Tori and Dean present the couple with a portrait of their pugs, and Steve and Samantha express their gratitude for the couple’s help in planning their special day. And bonus…Three pugs were adopted, so yeah, we think they can chalk this one up as a success!

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Photo Source: Oxygen

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  1. roxanne Says:
    April 8th, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    u just lost me… I will not watch such a stupid show. i fell in love with tori and dean… not ev other stupid couple…. tori mite like to make ev wedding a fairy tale. But i watch the show for her fairytale!!! not someone else..bye bye dumb_zz.


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