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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Eric Powell Says Chipotle Was His Inspiration

April 07, 2011 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ

This week on NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant we watched as the contestants had to endure a photo shoot as well as design a uniform, but ultimately it was Eric Powell’s lack of change that led to the demise of his concept “Meltworks”. In a post elimination interview, Eric Powell shares that his inspiration was Chipotle and that he is not ready to give up on his grilled cheese concept. Keep reading for more details!

America’s Next Great Restaurant’s simplest concept holder Eric Powell watched as his dream was put to rest this past week when the judges decided not to invest in “Meltworks” – but does that mean it’s over for Eric? Not according to Eric who says he will continue to work on “Meltworks” as his “concept may not have ultimately been the correct fit for this group of investors, I was enlivened by the enthusiasm that the patrons of the various challenges showed for Meltworks. While I have had my moments of doubt in the past, I was sure that I could succeed in this business after winning the first challenge.”

Eric also gushes that Chipotle was the inspiration behind “Meltworks” for him as he added “In all honesty, my love of Chipotle was a big part of the initial inspiration behind the Meltworks concept. I loved the elegant simplicity of what they do and wanted to find another avenue to create something along those lines. I had always been a grilled cheese fanatic and saw that as a perfect way to create something that was simple, yet allowed many different ways to explore different flavors. So, me and a friend went straight to the kitchen and started working on sandwich ideas for the concept. That was four-plus years ago now, so it’s been quite a journey and yet it still feels like it’s just beginning.”

But that isn’t the only thing keeping Eric busy these days. If you recall when he left he said he was going home to his pregnant wife and now Eric also has a baby girl. “Avery Quinn has been an amazing addition to my life and her arrival certainly capped a very eventful year for me” Eric said of his new daughter. Congratulations to Eric and family on their addition, and best of luck to you, we look forward to seeing “Meltworks” out there someday!

For more om Eric’s thoughts, be sure to check out Eric Powell Elimination Interview, and then comment and share your thoughts with us. Be sure to tune in tonight for this brand new episode of America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC!

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