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Shedding For The Wedding: Tips For The Perfect Wedding Cake

April 07, 2011 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: wedding planner Brian Worley shares some tips on how to get the most out of your wedding cake!

Brain reveals in his blog below how to stretch the budget when selecting you cake for the big day.

As someone who really enjoys a great piece of cake or maybe two, wedding cakes have taken on an entirely new look on the outside, but there has also been a flavor explosion on the inside. While the traditional white cake is delicious, try mixing things up a little and have your cake made with a different flavor for each layer. Maybe some sort of chocolate with a raspberry filling for the top, a marble chocolate and vanilla for the second with a chocolate chip filling and red velvet on the bottom layer. I say mix things up, the choices are endless!

Now that we covered the sight and taste portion of the cake, here are a few options when trying to stretch the budget portion of your wedding. In my experience and I have seen this happen numerous times. The wedding cake is a beautiful centerpiece at the reception and they are not inexpensive, but dinner will last way too long or “The Business” as I like to call it takes over and the cake somehow becomes an afterthought. A cake is typically priced as a per person item, so here are a few tips to make the cake dollar go further!

1) Work with the bakery and have the larger bottom layers of your cake made out of foam and decorated to look like the top tiers. I know this may sound weird, but trust me; you have been to many weddings where this has been done. A tall cake looks impressive, but a tall cake also costs more, so stick with a layer of foam and watch your budget and cake grow.

2) If your guest count is constantly growing, use TIP #1 to make the cake larger, but rather than paying for the decorated cake to be based on a per person price, have the bakery create a couple of sheet cakes with same flavors or even a few different flavors and when they are cutting the cake in the kitchen, have the sheet cakes served along with the decorated cake. Once you cut into the cake, all the slices look the same.

3) Rather than serving a dessert with dinner, use the cake as the dessert. I have had many clients who insisted that we serve dessert as well. Last time I checked, cake is dessert! I don’t see any reason to double up. If you serve dessert with dinner, then your guest are usually full by the time the cake is cut and you just wasted a lot of money.

4) At a wedding, there are the things that I like to call, “The Business” that have to be completed. The ceremony, first dance, the toasts, etc. and if “The Business” takes too long then you start to lose your guest. You can only keep your guests captive for so long, and even if they are there to celebrate you, they will grow tired and start to leave. When this starts to happen, that beautiful cake barely gets tasted. I suggest getting all “The Business” out of the way as soon as possible and cut the cake right after dinner, serve it for dessert and then get the party started.

5) This last tip is a bit of an ODD one, but I like to always give options. There are now companies that make entire cakes out of foam, decorate them and leave just a slice that is made of real cake for you to cut into. This is a combination of TIP #1 and TIP #2. You cut into the real cake, they roll it away and there are sheet cakes in the kitchen that are cut for your guest to enjoy! The idea behind the cake cutting has been a tradition for a long time. It symbolizes the first task that you will do together as husband and wife, so I say, stick with the tradition, keep the cake as part of the reception and “Let them eat Cake”! Weather you decide to feed each other like civilized adults or smash the entire thing in each other’s faces, the photo opportunities are endless and who doesn’t like to eat a delicious slice of cake.

Shedding For The Wedding airs Wednesday night at 9|8c on The CW.

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