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Survivor: Redemption Island — Sarita Dishes On Duel

April 07, 2011 04:23 PM by Ryan Haidet

Eliminated just before the merge.  A tough pill to swallow.  It came as Sarita White fell victim to Matt’s duel winning streak on Survivor: Redemption Island.  In a conference call with reporters today, Sarita revealed her frustrations with the bandage production gave to Matt for the cut on his foot, discussed why she doesn’t want David to win the game and explained how she was selected to be on the show.  She also declared she was certainly not being a drama queen with an infected tooth even though some of her tribemates thought otherwise.

Question: What can you tell us about your challenge at Redemption Island?  Did you think you had a chance to beat Matt?

Sarita White: I definitely thought I had a chance to beat Matt.  It’s so much harder than it looks, I can’t even tell you.  I was cracking up last night when I saw it though.  I hear all these things about how his foot is cut; it was the tiniest scratch.  The fact they gave him that big bandage, I swear that bandage did provide leverage.  That was a big, good bandage.  If I had a bandage like that, that would have been nice.  It was the tiniest cut. …  I thought that I could hang on longer than him.  I really did.  I thought it was the perfect challenge for me.  I was stoked I ended up with that one.  I was calm.  I was cool.  I was just like mind over matter.  Getting my zen on.  Then something in your body, when it’s just like your foot is breaking in half, it takes care of you more than you will take care of yourself.  It just says, “You know what?  I’m done.”  As much as I wanted to hang on, it’s hard to watch, but my body wouldn’t let me.

Question: How long did Phillip’s samurai speech last during that duel on Redemption Island?

Sarita White: For like 10 years.  It was just so long.  It went on forever.  Actually, my heart goes out to Phillip because I think he’s a good guy who is doing the best he can with what he has.  I think he’s kind of getting a bad rap.  I think it really is him, and I think he is a bit kooky of an individual.  But he’s a character.  He’s just letting it all hang out and just doing the best he can.  I don’t really want to give him a hard time for that.

Question: Did Matt talk about religion with you on Redemption Island?  Was that getting tiresome?

Sarita White: I had Krista who was crazy crazy Bible girl.

Question: Is that irritating?

Sarita White: It’s not irritating to me.  I totally respect religion.  I would never push my beliefs on anyone as the final word.  I just think it’s a little bit disrespectful.  I don’t know what other peoples’ religions are, but I was sensitive to the fact that there are many religions being worshiped here. …  There were times where everyone would get together for group prayer and hold hands, and it was like, “This is interesting.  This is really really interesting.”  But of course in times of stress, you do go to something comforting like that.  While I respected it and appreciated talking to Matt about it, it almost became such a crutch that I wanted to be like, “You know what?  God probably wants you to stand on your own two feet.” …

Question: When we look at the end result of last night’s episode, what was your reaction to Matt getting sent back to Redemption Island?  Did you feel pity for him or did you find it comical?

Sarita White: It was so comical.  I would have felt pity if he hadn’t gone to Rob.  He put his head on a silver platter.  Then, to take it back to God, just own it dude!  It’s your decision.  Just own it.  Don’t say, “Oh, I feel like I’m going to be so good.”  Don’t come play the game.  If you ask anyone who has played with me, I wanted to play a noble, honorable game.  I tried to always keep my word.  I did always keep my word. …

Question: Is Matt deserving to win if he returns to the game again?

Sarita White: I think anyone who is stepping foot on that island is deserving to win.

Question: What was it like watching the show as your tribemates said that you’re basically a drama queen because of your tooth?

Sarita White: I didn’t feel anything bad about it just because it’s totally editing.  I actually ended up having an emergency root canal, so my tooth was in really bad shape.  It’s either you suffer through it or you actually get removed from the game.  So I’m proud that I was able to stick it out with a crazy, infected tooth.  It really was only a couple moments of that, and they really highlighted those.  But my team loved me and was super supportive of me.  I think in the end they will regret more than probably anyone that they let me go instead of David.

Question: Looking ahead at the game, had you made it on the jury who is the one person you would never cast your vote for?

Sarita White: That would be David.  I really want someone to win that I feel like would do good things with the money; who kind of may not have another shot at having money like that. …  I’d really like to see the money go to someone who has worked their ass off their whole life and played just the heck out of this game and could come out of it proud.

Question: Let’s go back to the Tribal Council where you were voted out.  You didn’t have any of your belongings with you, which David pointed out by saying you shouldn’t have been too cocky.  What was that moment like?

Sarita White: It just shows exactly his true colors where I say something kind about him and then he gets another dig at me because he’s so ironically the overconfident one.  It wasn’t overconfidence, it was just that I thought that I had strong alliances. …  The really sweet part about it actually is Mike had brought all of my things in a little satchel for me so I had everything to go to Redemption Island with. …  They were an amazing team, they’re really sweet.  David is just a mean-spirited little man.

Question: Jeff Probst commented several times how much he liked you during casting.  How did you get involved in the casting process?

Sarita White: I was recruited, but I am a fan of Survivor.  I think it’s definitely the most genuine real deal reality show that there is out there.  They do a tremendous job.  They’re really honorable in terms of telling a true storyline.  It’s not just trying to make people look bad.  It really is just an amazing cultural experiment that they’re doing.  The deeper I got into the interview process, I felt the same way as Jeff.  I was kind of a little bit hesitant because it is so overwhelming.  I’m not even on Facebook.  I’m like the most private person.  To open myself up to this, I would only do it for something incredible.  Life changing.  It was after talking with Mark Burnett, talking with Jeff Probst, I’m just sitting there going, “These guys are awesome.  They’re just awesome.  I trust in what they’re doing, and I’m going to give myself over to this process.” …  I am stronger for it, and I’m grateful they invited me to play the game.

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