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The Real Housewives of New York City: Season Premiere!

April 07, 2011 08:30 PM by Shayla Perry

They’re baaaack! Finally! The ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City are back for a fourth season of mayhem and drama in the Big Apple. What did you miss on the Bravo reality show’s season premiere?

Okay, let’s get it off our chests…. So, Bethenny’s not here, but Ramona Singer, Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord and the rest of the ladies of New York City are all back for another season of Bravo’s RHNYC.

And after getting the season premiere pushed back to air a short (read: boring) season of the newest installment of the Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Miami, fans are expecting a LOT in season 4.

How did things start off?

Renewed Ramona Singer is hosting a party and Jill Zarin, who didn’t exactly end things on a high note with Alex McCord, is a little apprehensive about seeing her and her husband, Simon, again.

Simon is very warm and welcoming with Jill, but Alex — not so much. Alex gets irritated with Jill for walking around acting as though nothing ever happened between the two of them, and mostly keeps her distance throughout the night.

Later, Alex announces that she and Simon are on the board of a march for equality and invites the ladies (including Jill) to walk with her in their wedding gowns, and they all agree to attend.

The next day, Jill Zarin meets with Kelly Bensimon for some advice on what to pack for her upcoming trip to Australia. Jill asks Kelly why she wasn’t at Ramona’s party, and Kelly explains that she didn’t feel like getting “Ramona’d, ” especially after their last meeting when Ramona basically diagnosed her as certified crazy.

Kelly Bensimon also brings up Alex and her iciness, and tells Jill that Alex wants her to speak to her first, which Jill isn’t sure she wants to do.

On a mission to amend all of her relationships, Jill admits that she’s still heartbroken over the end of her friendship with Bethenny Frankel, claiming that she was like a family member to Bethenny when she didn’t have one; but once that role was filled in her life with Jason, Bethenny didn’t need her anymore.

Ramona, on the other hand, still maintains that their relationship ended because of Jill and Jill alone.

With Simon having left his job at the hotel to start a social media company, he and Alex are now working at home together, which is already proving to be quite difficult when Simon’s more interested in breaks than anything else.

Alex McCord has just been signed with a modeling agency and is in need of a new portfolio to present to clients. The modeling is a business for Alex, who’s not at all shy about letting people know how privileged she is to have such great genes.

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer are out attending an art show hosted by newbie Housewife, Cindy Barshop. Cindy is the owner of Completely Bare Spas, which has several locations on the east coast. Her brother, Howie, is her business partner, who helps her manage it all.

Cindy is also a single mom of twins, which she decided to have on her own, after undergoing IVF.

Jill Zarin is introduced Cindy and suddenly, her twins are marched in by their nannies. Cindy gives the babies a quick hug hello and then sends them off again.

Kelly Bensimon and Alex and Simon arrive next, and again, Alex does her best to stay away from Jill.

After getting involved in the art, stomping their painted feet on the canvas, the ladies all wash off their feet and Jill Zarin asks Kelly about Cindy’s baby “situation.”

Cindy Barshop then comes over and Jill asks her about the babies and their father, and Cindy explains that she raises them on her own because she chose to.

Ramona Singer, who’s just released her own wine label, is looking for an assistant to help her juggle her business and personal life and interviews a few individuals for the position. She’s looking for someone who can think like her, which we’re guessing is going to be a little difficult. Ramona takes the opportunity to critique the applicants on everything from their presence to their personality, and even suggests that one of them use her beauty line to take care of her problem skin. Ouch!

Sonja Morgan and LuAnn de Lesseps are on a double date, and Sonja is being her usual, sensual self. When Jacques starts gushing about LuAnn, Sonja gets a little jealous, and Jacques points out that her date, Brian, can’t keep his eyes off of her. But as Sonja says, things are complicated, with her divorce not yet final, so she’s hesitant to really get too involved at this point.

Ramona, Alex, and their husbands are all together in the Hamptons, staying at Ramona’s so they can attend a friend’s wedding. Ramona tells Alex that she’s excited to see Jill Zarin’s face when she sees her at the wedding, and Alex is too.

Alex says that she received a message from Jill, thanking her for inviting her to the march, but letting her know that she couldn’t make it because she’d be out of town for a wedding.

There’s only a few things wrong with that.

1. Alex is going to the same wedding and plans on driving back for the march.

2. While working on the march, Alex found out that Jill Zarin is also on the committee…so shouldn’t she be there? And why didn’t she seem to know about the march when Alex invited her?

Jill Zarin arrives at the wedding with her husband, Bobby, and shortly after, Ramona pulls up with Alex and Simon.

Jill is visibly horrified, but says her hello’s and tells Alex that she didn’t realize she was going to be there. Alex brings up the march and confronts Jill about being on the committee but not going. Jill says that she’s on an “honorary committee” full of people lending their financial support to the event, but not necessarily attending. When Alex says that she’s on the same committee and that a lot of other people on the committee are making the effort to be there, Jill simply says that she and Bobby plan on staying in the Hamptons for the weekend and not going back to the city.

After the ceremony, Ramona walks up to her husband who’s standing with Alex and Simon and tells them all about her awkward experience with Cindy Barshop’s brother, Howie. According to Ramona, Howie had a cigar in his mouth, and when Ramona asked him about it, he said that it belonged to a friend of hers that had died. Just as Ramona’s remarking about how much of an ass Howie is for bringing up her dead friend, they realize that he and his wife are right behind them!

Howie’s wife is beyond angry and walks off, doing her best not to yell at Ramona.

How embarrassing!

Later at the reception, Jill talks to some friends and complains about Alex and her confrontation. She then calls Alex a “bitch,” says that she doesn’t belong with the group of people at the wedding, and calls her and Ramona out for wearing white to someone else’s wedding.

Ramona and Alex then walk over to chat, and Alex asks Jill why she said that she knew she was coming to the wedding a week ago, yet she also texted Ramona that morning to find out if she would be there.

Jill can’t understand why Alex is so concerned about when she knew she’d be at the wedding, and Alex says that it’s because Jill is contradicting herself.

Agreeing to just get over it (for the moment), the ladies decide to enjoy the beautiful reception.

Tell us… What did you think of the first episode of The Real Housewives of New York City?

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