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Shedding For The Wedding: Exercise Tips To Look Great In Your Dress

April 08, 2011 08:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: trainer Jennifer Cohen shares some tips on how to sculpt key areas before your big day!
In her blog below, Jennifer tells you how to get the upper and lower body you always wanted for your wedding.

As you saw in Episode 1, for brides, it’s all about looking good in the dress. All of our brides chose dresses that are sleeveless & accentuate the waist. For Brian, that means coordinating complimentary colors; for me, it means cardio, core & abs! Here are a few easy exercises you can do at home to work on these key areas.

For cardio, the move is simple and burns a ton of calories. Lay down on your back on a yoga mat, floor or carpet. Get up and stand straight. Then lay back down again. Repeat this 50 times and you’ll get your heart pumping at home, trust me! Do this 4 days a week.

For arms, my favorite invention for a rockin’ upper body is a pull-up bar. Put it in a doorway you always walk through, do a couple whenever you walkthrough. It’s going to be hard at first, but stick with it and soon you’ll find that you can do an actual pull up. It’ll get you those amazing sculpted arms you want for your wedding, AND a strong upper body keeps your boobs lifted. Do this every day – when you start out, attempt 5 full pull-ups throughout the day.

For your core, trim your waistline with a pile squat with a twist. Position your feet a little wider than hip width apart. Get about make sure to tuck in your pelvis, and keep your back straight. Next, get into a squat position – lower yourself about a foot from your normal standing height. Remember to keep yourself tucked in and your back straight. Next, hold your arms out in front of you, and twist from side to side. Turn from your waist, engaging your ab muscles – this will strengthen and slim your obliques, sculpting your waist. Add intensity by holding something heavy – weights are great, but you can use anything heavy that can be held easily, like laundry detergent or a dictionary. Do this 3x per week, 15-20 reps.

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