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The Real Housewives of New York City: Jill Zarin Reveals Why She Almost Didn’t Return for Season 4

April 08, 2011 12:00 PM by Shayla Perry

There’s no denying that season 3 of  The Real Housewives of New York City was a rough one for Jill Zarin. After losing her BFF, Bethenny Frankel, and a rocky relationship with both Ramona Singer and Alex McCord, Zarin reveals that she didn’t plan on returning to the Bravo reality series for season 4. So why did she decide to stay? Read on to find out!

“There’s always a Housewife or Housewives who ‘take a hit,’ as I like to call it,” Jill Zarin told the New York Daily News.

After watching the end of her friendship with former co-star and BFF, Bethenny Frankel, on the small screen, and being on the receiving end of a tongue lashing from both Ramona Singer and Alex McCord on the Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Special, Zarin admits that she wasn’t in any rush to get back into the ring for season 4.

“I was ganged up on by Alex [McCord], Bethenny [Frankel], and Ramona [Singer],” said Jill. “It’s so last year and it’s so over that I don’t want to talk about it anymore… But let me tell you, it’s hard to fight three against one,” she added. “One-on-one is one thing. Three on one, not so even.”

Despite her troubles with Bethenny Frankel, who’s no longer on the show, and the other cast members, Jill says that she had a change of heart. And she has one person to thank for that.

“I asked my husband, Bobby, ‘What should I do?’ And he said, ‘Don’t leave,’” shares Zarin. “My family felt that I wasn’t portrayed accurately, that I needed to come back, to have another round at it. Then, if I wanted to leave, I leave with my head held high.”

In season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin buddies up with Bethenny Frankel’s replacement, Cindy Barshop, who she credits for helping her get her “mojo” back.

Fans will also see Jill in the process of developing her shapeware line, Skweez Couture, which will be in stores this summer.

As for her future on the show, that’s not certain. But for now, Jill says she has no regrets.

“I’m proud to be a Real Housewife,” says Zarin. “I would never be less than proud of doing something I chose to do.”

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4 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New York City: Jill Zarin Reveals Why She Almost Didn’t Return for Season 4”

  1. Linda Says:
    April 10th, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Three against one?!?!?! This is nonsense and just shows that Jill still “doesn’t get it”. Jill treated Bethenny like a piece of junk and Ramona and Alex saw it and stood up for Bethenny. At the reunion show Jill kept saying how she had learned so much and was going to be a better person, but, based on this article, that was obviously a phony act. And episode 1 of season 4 also showed that Jill is worse than ever. It’s sad really, that a woman with so much potential and opportunity, can’t figure out a way to elevate herself without putting other people down and stepping on them, and all the while complaining that the person she is stepping on is doing some terrible thing to her. After reading this article and watching epidode 1 of season 4, I like Jill even less than I did before, which I did not think was possible.

  2. Abby Says:
    April 10th, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I seriously doubt Jill had plans of not returning to the show. She enjoys the camera too much. She also appears to be the same old Jill. She definitely has a mean streak – to the point of being a bully. imo

  3. Linda Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 11:21 am

    This being ganged up on by 3 people concept is totally nonsense and just proves that Jill hasn’t learned a thing and still isn’t taking responsibility for anything.

    Jill was a terrible “friend” to Bethenny, Ramona and Alex saw what was going on and stood up for Bethenny, that’s all. Episode 1 of Season 4 further illustrated how Jill is still a phony liar.

    After reading this article about what Jill is saying now, and after watching the most recent episode of RHONY, I like Jill even less than before, which I did not think was possible.

    In order for Jill to change what people think about her, she would actually need to change into the great person she thinks she is.

  4. Janis Says:
    April 18th, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Jill is back for one reason and one reason onlyMONEY. She has a clothing line and what better way to promote it than the show. Nobody said she was dumb, just nasty.


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