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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Taking It To The Streets

April 10, 2011 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ

So far on NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant we have watched the contestants design a mini restaurant, design a menu, design a uniform, and tonight they would have design a food truck. And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge they would also have to create one new dish to take to the streets of LA. How did the remaining finalists do this week? Keep reading for all the details!

America’s Next Great Restaurant is back tonight and the remaining six contestants were immediately greeted by Bobby Flay and Curtis Stone who informed them that this week they would be designing a food truck to go along with their concept. Upon completion, they would have to create a new menu item and take it to the streets of LA in an attempt to see who could make the most profit in what would be their first business venture since competing on the series.

This week we also saw some changes being made with some of the finalists. First up was Sandy, who was debating the idea of getting a new chef after the judges advised her that she should last week. She finally got up the nerve to bring her chef in, who she had become very close to and give her the bad news – luckily her chef was very understanding and only wanted to see Sandy succeed. Now the question was how would her new chef be? Hopefully they could cook better!

Another change we saw tonight on America’s Next Great Restaurant was Joey’s decision to axe his “Saucy Balls” name as he was finally realizing that it was just not appealing to the public, nor the judges. When Bobby and Curtis stopped by to see how he was doing on his design he mentioned the name change and how he had come up with a new name: “Joey Meatballs”. That one did not go over well with the judges either who sat with him and helped him come up with another name: “Brooklyn Meatball Company” which Joey loved.

After all the trucks were designed it was time to go shopping for the ingredients for their new menu item. With only $300 the contestants had to get enough to feed the crowd for 3 hours. A few of them made some critical mistakes by purchasing canned items versus fresh. Jamawn could not seem to find fresh green beans so he substituted canned in his green beans and bacon side, while Stephanie decided to use canned chick peas in her salad. Meanwhile, Sandy was having other issues – her new chef was like a madman and she couldn’t control him, all she could do was hope that he could cook good, but it was definitely not working out in her favor.

When they hit the streets, it did not seem that many of them got many customers. But that did not stop the judges from stopping by to look at the trucks and taste the food. A few of them had the overall package together tonight such as Gregg and Krystal, who had a great truck design and delicious food, but when they couldn’t figure out how much it cost to make, Steve began to worry. Both Jamawn and Stephanie got reprimanded for using canned beans instead of fresh and both of their trucks were a little iffy with the judges.

Joey’s truck was by far the gaudiest of them all with photos of meatballs, the Brooklyn bridge and a cartoon grandma. The judges were also not impressed with his sandwich, menu or with the display sandwich he had sitting on the front of the truck – the only thing the did like were the meatballs themselves. Sandy’s did not go over well either…they loved her truck but thought the food was horrible. Sudhir got an okay for the truck, but the judges loved the fact that this week he put his delicious Indian cuisine into a taco which really impressed them.

When it was time for judging on America’s Next Great Restaurant Jamawn had the most sales, therefore earning him the win for the week. Gregg and Krystal as well as Sudhir were also safe this week. In the bottom were Stephanie, Joey and Sandy. Despite how horrible Joey did this week and the fact that Stephanie could not seem to bring all the components of her new concept together, the judges decided that they would not be investing in Sandy’s restaurant and she was let go.

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