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Celebrity Apprentice: “Australian Gold”

April 10, 2011 08:39 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, now that the men’s winning streak is over, team A.S.A.P. is gaining momentum, but will problems between NeNe Leakes and LaToya Jackson land the ladies back in the boardroom facing Donald Trump for the fourth time? Keep reading for everything you missed!

Tonight, on an all new episode of Celebrity Apprentice…

Still celebrating their amazing win in the fundraising challenge, team A.S.A.P. enjoys a toast with Backbone, who also raised a significant amount of money.

But LaToya Jackson is upset that no one acknowledged her contribution to the team during the task, and Gary Busey, who sat and listened to every one of his team members say that he’s holding the team back, says that he’s now motivated to do better.

After delivering her million dollar check to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Marlee Matlin and the rest of the contestants meet with Donald Trump for the details on their next challenge.

This week, their task will be to market Australian Gold suncare products within a 10×10 glass display case. They will be judged on creativity, originality, brand messaging, as well as their marketing efforts outside of the box, and the winning team will win $40,000.

Project Manager for A.S.A.P. will be LaToya Jackson, with Mark McGrath serving as P.M. for Backbone.


Immediately deciding to “fight cleavage with cleavage,” the men decide to paint a bunch of beautiful women gold and have them inside the box, while they dress as pirates for the outside presentation. Gary Busey doesn’t think that pirates are exactly the ones to sell sunscreen, drawing on his knowledge that he gained from watching his friend, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean, but Mark McGrath takes charge as the Project Manager and makes an executive decision to go with the pirates, saying that he’ll take the fall in the boardroom if it goes wrong.

Over at A.S.A.P., La Toya Jackson is having some trouble being as decisive as Mark McGrath. After assigning tasks for her team members, LaToya invites ideas for their theme, but isn’t able to contribute anything herself.

Before they can make any kind of decision, the Australian Gold execs come into the room and give them some more information on their product, emphasizing that message of “Live the Gold Life.”

When they visit team Backbone, the team is mortified when Gary Busey tells the executives – which include women – that the product makes him feel sexual.

Mark McGrath is thrilled to hear the Australian Gold people use the word “treasure” many times, since they’re using pirates. John Rich, who’s not sold on the pirate theme, asks if they’ve used pirates in they’re marketing before, and they say no. But when he tells his team mates that pirates may not be the right way to go, they all disagree.

Making some progress, team A.S.A.P. decides to look on the Australian Gold website to see what they’ve done in the past. After seeing a sensual, bikini clad couple, LaToya Jackson immediately says that she wants to do something along those lines, painting the models gold. Hope Dworzcyak, who’s known for modeling in a swimsuit and was recently named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, offers to model in the box, but LaToya tells her that she’d rather hire someone else, and have Hope focus on the money.

Star Jones, who’s in charge of graphics, has found banners, but they’re too expensive. When she tells LaToya that there’s no way they can afford buying all 12 banners with their budget, LaToya refuses to listen, telling her to try to figure out a way to make it happen.

Lil Jon, who’s been tasked with babysitting Gary Busey, is at the costume shop purchasing items for their display. There is a koala at the shop, but knowing how sensitive companies can be about their logo and/or mascot, he decides not to buy it, since it’s not the same color as the Australian Gold Koala.

The ladies, on the other hand, think it’s a great opportunity to represent the brand and purchase the costume with plans of NeNe Leakes wearing it and interacting with people on the street.

Which strategy will pay off?

All alone and meeting with the crew, La Toya Jackson has trouble trying to come up with what she wants them to do with the display, and her team mates, who are supposed to be buying supplies, are just as confused about what they’re actually doing.

Team Backbone is busy trying to think of more things to add to their project when Ivanka Trump walks in to check on their progress. Impressed with how well they’re working together, Ivanka is also happy with the chant that the men have written.

Over at A.S.A.P., Ivanka’s less impressed about the ladies’ beach theme, which she feels is a little too literal, which makes LaToya start thinking about ways to make their theme unique.

Star Jones is working on designing the team’s banners, while the rest of the team is at Lowe’s looking for items; including 125 50-lb. bags of sand, which LaToya Jackson has requested. Wondering what they’ll be doing with over 6,000 pounds of sand, the team decides to just get what they’re told.

With the construction of their display underway, team Backbone starts working on their pitch.

Meanwhile, Star Jones and LaToya Jackson start helping out with the construction, which surprises Marlee Matlin and the rest of the team, who didn’t know that the box and all of the scenery had to be built from scratch.

NeNe Leakes is particularly angry because it’s late at night and no one – including La Toya – seems to know what’s going on and what they’re going to be doing the next day.

On the morning of the event, LaToya Jackson makes a last minute decision — to add snow. No one understands her reason for the switch, and they’re all upset that instead of looking for snow the day before, they’re now doing it hours before the event begins.

With 45 minutes to go, Mark McGrath starts worrying that he needs more help, and luckily, his team mates, along with the rest of the pirates and models participating in the event, arrive to lend a hand.

During the event, Donald Trump, Jr. is confused with team A.S.A.P.’s theme, but thinks that they’ve done a good job with brand messaging. He asks NeNe Leakes  for her thoughts on the task, and she minces no words telling him that LaToya’s been a horrible leader, and that she’d be surprised if they won.

Over at the men’s event, Donald Trump, Jr. is impressed with their idea, but concerned that the Australian Gold execs may not go with the pirate theme.

When the executives visit A.S.A.P., LaToya Jackson speaks to them about their theme and as usual, seems to be very knowledgeable about the product.

At Backbone’s event, the execs are all smiles when they see the experience the men have created. Meat Loaf greets them, but surprisingly, Gary Busey takes them away  to talk to them. When one of them asks to see more, Gary refuses to let them walk away. The team members try to avoid having him ruin everything and all break out into their chant. But when Mark McGrath tries to talk to one of the execs, Gary pushes him away, and starts offering himself as a spokesman for the product!

Donald Trump meets with the Australian Gold executives and they give their input on the teams’ performances. Though they loved the men’s ability to engage the crowd and their chant, they were disappointed that they didn’t include the koala, which they said they emphasized during the Q&A, and that they didn’t play up the “Live the Gold Life” theme. They were, however, impressed with the ladies’ display, though they felt they missed a huge opportunity with Hope being fully clothed instead of in a bikini.

In the boardroom, NeNe Leakes says that LaToya did “okay” as a manager, and when Trump asks her if she has a problem with LaToya, LaToya herself says that she feels that NeNe doesn’t like her. When Ivanka Trump and Donald, Jr. mention that this isn’t the first time that NeNe has said something negative about LaToya, she admits that she does not like her business-style, despite Trump saying that the executives thought she did very well.

Donald Trump then asks LaToya why Hope wasn’t used, and she says that it was because she needed Hope to help in other ways. When Mark McGrath starts to tell Trump that he would’ve gone to the ladies’ presentation if Hope was in a bikini, Donald Trump is sidetracked when he sees a tattoo on the rocker’s wrist. Mark defends his decision, explaining that in his industry, they’re much more common and acceptable than in the business world, and Trump let’s it slide.

The Trumps then ask the men about their gamble with their theme again, and Mark McGrath says that it’s something he stands behind — so much that if his team loses, he will eliminate himself from the competition, taking full responsibility.

Ivanka asks Mark who the most creative person on his team is, and Marks says that it’s a tie between Meat Loaf and John Rich, with Gary Busey offering “nuggets” here and there.

The men are then asked about their decision to not include the mascot, which they staunchly defend. Then, both teams are presented with pictures of their competitors’ events, and Marlee Matlin expresses that she doesn’t understand the pirate theme or how it relates to the product.

So what did the executives think?

The winner of the challenge is team A.S.A.P.. When Trump tells NeNe Leakes that she should apologize to LaToya Jackson, NeNe refuses.

Outside of the boardroom, NeNe Leakes yells at LaToya Jackson for waiting to say that she doesn’t like her in the boardroom instead of talking to her about it. NeNe then tells LaToya not to think that the team won because of her leadership, telling her that she “worked her ass off” while LaToya did nothing, and claiming that she only got as far as she has in life because of her last name. Ouch! LaToya refuses to engage and walks out of the room.

Inside the boardroom, Mark McGrath says that he should be fired, but his teammates disagree. Meat Loaf begins to defend Mark, taking issue instead with Gary Busey and his performance in the task and on the team as a whole. When asked about Gary Busey, John Rich says that after Gary’s admission that he likes to “keep people off balance” in the boardroom last week, he realizes that Gary Busey’s “craziness” is an act and that each week, he’s able to act completely rational in the boardroom, which Star Jones also notes. Meat Loaf then brings up the comment Gary made in the meeting with the executives, which everyone on the team thought was disrespectful, but Gary says he never said anything remotely close to what he’s being accused of.

After more discussion about Gary’s behavior, which Busey denies, Trump asks Mark to bring two people back to the boardroom, and Mark says that he only wants one — Gary Busey.

In the boardroom, Trump immediately asks Gary about the sexual comment he made to the Australian Gold exec, he denies it. Donald Trump then asks Mark McGrath about his earlier statement, offering to send himself home if the team lost. Mark says that he stands by that if his team lost on theme alone, but that Gary Busey definitely contributed to the team’s failure.

Because the executives were turned off by the pirate theme more than anything else, Donald Trump fires Mark McGrath, warning Gary Busey to get himself together.

How will the team take the news?

Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays at 9|8c on NBC.

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One Response to “Celebrity Apprentice: “Australian Gold””

  1. Laura Says:
    April 12th, 2011 at 10:10 am

    I think NeNe shouldn’t of said what she said to La Toya, about living off the name. It’s disgusting and disrespectful, and i feel sorry for people who go for the hurtful jibes when it wasn’t needed…NeNe most likely said that because she wanted to hurt LaToya personally. LaToya, as far as I’m concerned, the only classy person there out of the women. If you think about it, LaToya made an observation, which i think is correct(did you see NeNe going right up to Don Jr.- Just couldn’t wait to trash her did she) NeNe didn’t like what was said, fine but don’t go deep and personal to fight back..

    It is unfortunate that NeNe would probably go on to be famous because of this. It’s a shame, cause i really liked NeNe, but NOT anymore.


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