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Survivor: Jeff Probst Wants To Host X Factor?

April 10, 2011 01:00 PM by Ryan Haidet

Some interesting comments came from host Jeff Probst himself regarding his future on television as he was busy tweeting live during last week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island.  The rumor mill began churning once again when the never-ending speculation continued that he may choose to co-host alongside Kelly Ripa when Regis Philbin leaves his seat this summer.  While Probst was answering questions from fans, he created a whole new swirl of speculation when he mentioned his interest in hosting Simon Cowell’s The X Factor.

It started when one of Probst’s Twitter followers asked: “Are you going to replace Regis?”  Probst had a simple response by writing: “I love my life in California.  thanks for asking.”

Live! With Regis and Kelly tapes in New York City.

Shortly after that, another person asked Probst: “If you could host any other show along with Survivor what would it be?”  Probst resonded with seven letters: “X Factor.”

TVGuide.com picked up on Probst’s tweets and wrote an article titled: “CBS Tweet Week: Jeff Probst Wants To Host X Factor, Won’t Replace Regis.”  Within that article, TVGuide.com declared that Probst had just put an end to all the speculation that he would be replacing Philbin.  Then toward the end of their article, it says they knew Probst “was kidding” because he had just signed on to host two more seasons of Survivor.  But the damage had already been done.  For those casual readers who simply glaze over headlines, it certainly looked as if Probst was gearing up to join with Fox for The X Factor.

Shortly after that TVGuide.com article was published, Probst posted this follow-up tweet: “just read that TV Guide is reporting I want to host X Factor. Let me be clear. I was kidding when I tweeted that. Well kinda.”

Well kinda?!?!

So while he tried to make it appear he was just joking, Probst left the door wide open for more speculation.  Then, the following tweet from Probst kept the ball rolling: “thinking about it more… If I did host the X Factor, would I have 2 do it like @RyanSeacrest does? ‘This.. is…. X Factor?’”

Despite all of these remarks, Probst also said, “Never!” in response to another fan’s question on Twitter when they asked if he would ever give up Survivor for The X Factor.

Is Probst just being goofy to create more speculation, or is this a creative way for him to have networks compete for his talent?  Let the constant speculation continue!

You can follow him @JeffProbst.

Images courtesy of CBS.

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