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The Amazing Race: The Racers Travel To The Holy Streets Of India

April 10, 2011 06:24 PM by Allyson Wells

In Kolkata, India, seven teams remain.  Flight Time and Big Easy must recover from a last place deficit.  The cowboys make a error that costs them an hour of time.  Can they catch up?  Both Gary and Mallory and Ron and Christina hope to be the first parent and child team to win the race.  Yet, one of the teams struggles with a road block and puts them in the back of the pack.  Which team is in jeopardy of being eliminated on The Amazing Race

Gary and Mallory are treated to a festive Indian dinner for finishing first on the last leg.  They depart first at 1:18 pm.  They must fly to they holy city of Varanasi, India to the Ganges River.  They really want to be the first parent and child to win the race.  Jet and Cord depart second and hope to keep up the momentum they have going and make no errors.  Zev is annoyed to still be in India, but sucks it up for a chance to win one million dollars.  Kent and Vysxin opt to go to a travel agency instead of buying tickets at the airport.  Gary and Mallory, Ron and Christina, Zev and Justin and Kisha and Jen book tickets that get them in at 10:45 am.  Kent and Vyxsin get the same flight at the travel agency.  Jet and Cord get on a connecting flight that gets them in at 11:45 am.  Flight Time and Big Easy are the last team to arrive, and also get on the flight that will get them in at 10:45 am.  Ron wants to go get food since they have some extra time.  He explains he is happiest when he has food in his belly.  Ron is happy to spend time with his daughter before she gets married.  Everyone wonders where the cowboys are, as they wonder where everyone else is.  The cowboys realize everyone else made it out an hour earlier. 

The racers land in Varanasi, India.  Kent throws a fit when he hits his head on the trunk of their taxi.  All of the teams tell their drivers to go as fast as they can.  Zev and Justin get delayed when their driver stops for gas.  Ron and Christina’s driver takes them on a detour.  The racers are amazed at all of the wildlife, such as elephants and pigs, walking on the streets.  Flight Time and Big Easy get a fast driver who passes everyone.  The Road Block is about the meaning of life.  The racers must use pictures of traditional Indian holy men and find the six men among the crowd in the Tonga Stand Intersection to piece together their next clue.  As all of the racers are completing the road block, the cowboys finally land.  Flight Time helps Jen find a man.  Kent follows Gary.  Justin thinks the men look like anorexic Santa Clauses.  As Zev waits for Justin to complete the road block, he gets annoyed by the loud sounds.

Jen finishes the road block first.  They make their way to the Swaminath Akhara, a wrestling conditioning club.  Big Easy and Justin finish and get Flight Time and Zev and leave.  The cowboys arrive and Mallory, Vyxsin and Christina get nervous because the cowboys are very efficient at completing tasks.  After Kent and Gary find the last holy man, Kent ditches Gary and takes off running.  The cowboys end up finishing before Ron and Christina.  Christina hopes that Ron is keeping calm.  Ron begins to backtrack his steps.  He realizes he has over thought the challenge and finally completes it.

Flight Time and Big Easy and Zev and Justin arrive at the detour first.  They can either feed the fire or feed the buffalo.  In feed the fire, they must travel the Ganges, and make patties out of cow manure and then put them in the fire.  In feed the buffalo, the teams travel the Ganges to pick up hay and return it to its destination.  Both teams do the buffalo detour.  Kisha and Jen arrive third and do the fire challenge.  They realize they must work with cow manure and Jen jokes they are playing with poop.  They both gag as they do the challenge.  Kent and Vyxsin and Gary and Mallory choose to feed the fire as well.  Gary and Mallory see people being cremated on the banks of the river.  The cowboys choose to feed the buffalo.  They joke that they came to a different side of the world to haul hay like they do at home.  Mallory wonders why she always has to deal with manure on the Amazing Race and flashes back to having to deal with it in Russia on her previous race.  Kent and Vyxsin and Gary and Mallory finish at the same time.  When Kent and Vyxsin get in their water taxi, they get upset at how slow they are going.  Vyxsin gets annoyed and wants a new boat so she jumps into the water.  Kent asks her if she is insane and orders her to get out of the water and tries to pull her out.  He tells her to calm it down and, “Get a grip sis.”  They try to find a car taxi.  Ron and Christina finally arrive at the road block and choose to feed the buffalo.  After they finish, they choose to take the water taxi and think it will get them to the pit stop the quickest.

Zev and Justin finish their challenge first.  They learn that Ramnagar Fort is the Pit Stop for the race.  Phil tells an excited Flight Time and Big Easy they went from last place to first place.  They win a trip for two to Hawaii.  Zev and Justin finish second.  Zev doesn’t think he could have dealt with India a few year ago, and is proud of himself for taking it in.  Kisha and Jen finish in third place.  Gary and Mallory are thrilled to be in fourth place.  Jet and Cord finish in fifth place and are happy they were able to stay in the race despite their error.  Kent and Vyxsin end up making it in sixth place.  Ron and Christina arrive and are hopeful, but are bummed to learn that they are the last team to arrive.  Ron remarks that they had a grand ride and it was a gift to come back for a second time.  Christina thinks that The Amazing Race is about more than winning and will always cherish the memories she made with her dad.

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