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Dancing With The Stars: Week Four Recap

April 11, 2011 07:32 PM by Allyson Wells

In week three on Dancing with the Stars, only five points separated the top couple from the bottom couple. To make the competition even stiffer, the dancers will be dancing to classical music for the first time ever. It will be ambitious and grand, but some of the dancers have a difficult time with the challenge. Which dancers move to the top and which ones fall flat?

Before the dances get underway, the Dancing with the Stars troupe shows off their interpretation of Paso doble to set the mood. The violins sound amazing in Beethoven’s Fifth. I definitely like this classical version, as opposed to the disco one. Although, it might be fun to see John Travolta make an appearance.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower

Last week Romeo’s footwork took him backwards. Romeo loves being pushed down because it urges him to fight. He is excited about the classical music because he listens to all types of music. Chelsie urges him to nail the aggressive character for the Paso doble and not be timid. The song begins with a violin solo. Romeo comes out very determined. Their dance also contains fire in the background at times. Romeo shows off his improved footwork, he just needs to watch his posture. Great way to start the show! The audience loves it, too, and gives them a standing ovation. Len loves the passion and attack, but urges him to get more precise. Bruno loves Romeo’s six pack and appreciates how he got it right amidst the difficult music. Carrie Ann loves the Paso with swagger. However, she warns them there was a little bit of a lift. Carrie Ann gives them a 7, while Len and Bruno give them 8′s. Romeo tells Brooke that he is happy he put 100% effort into his dance.

Watch their performance!

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Kendra is nervous about dancing a traditional dance to classical music. Louis helps her get into character and she imagines that it is mafia music. Kendra is really nervous about the tricks in their dance, but Louis wants to show everyone she is a true contender. Kendra laughs that she is the godmother of the Viennese waltz. Their song is set to the Italian opera song “Por ti Volare.” Kendra looks gorgeous in her mafia inspired outfit. Kendra is definitely improving week-to-week, but it looks like she got lost a few times. Kendra hangs her head after the dance. Bruno tells Kendra she messed it up and she knows it. Carrie Ann sees that Kendra is trying very hard to tough choreography, but elegance is not different from sexy and she held back. Len understands that she is a beginner, and believes the dance had good flow and movement. Backstage, Brooke asks Kendra asks if the music was the problem, but Kendra claims she was in love with the song by the end of the week. All three judges give them 6′s.

Watch their performance!

Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya

Their waltz is set to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker. Ray wants to do more boxing, but she orders him to come into her Russian world. They only have a few days to get their routine good and Anna tells him they don’t have time for her to be nice. Anna takes Ray on a field trip to ballet school. Ray enters in his ballet tights and hopes he will get a high score for donning them. Their dance begins very much like a ballet dance, complete with Anna wearing ballet inspired heels. Ray really does enjoy himself and seem to put his all into the dancing. I really like this more elegant dance than the one they did last week. Carrie Ann loves Ray’s sparkle, and thinks even though he has some issues with technique, he’s so charming to watch. Len jokes that Ray is the Sugar Plum Fairy. He levels that the dance was entertaining. Bruno boasts that the dance was not technically perfect, but was excellent entertainment. Backstage, Brooke asks him how tough it was to do the ballet dance. Ray thinks he is going to start taking ballet now. All of the judges give them 7′s.

Watch their performance!

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin

Petra is still on a cloud from her high marks last week. Dmitry challenges her to work hard to stay in first place. Their dance is the Paso doble, which Petra struggles with because she is not aggressive. She giggles anytime she has to look angry. He sets up a photo shoot session for her to model and get into character. Their song is from the opera Carmen. I love when Dmitry pulls her along by her skirt. Petra’s technique has improved greatly from the awful jive a few weeks ago, but still lacks the aggression. The dance ends with Dmitry pulling off her dramatic red skirt to reveal a sequined outfit. Len feels the dance was so-so. Bruno boasts Petra is a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Carrie Ann thinks Petra is on a roll and her confidence is showing. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 8′s, while Len gives them a 7.

Watch their performance!

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

Ralph wants to get his mojo back with the waltz. Karina tells him the theme is Romeo and Juliet and thinks it will be hot and romantic. While practicing, Ralph jokes his big butt up in the air is not sexy. Ralph wonders what is wrong with his hands, but is still motivated to deliver a night to remember and not forget. The dance begins with Ralph crying over a still Karina. He lifts her up to dance with him. He seems much more in command this week than he did last week. I absolutely love the music for them and the choreography is beautiful. The dance ends with the two of them collapsing and holding hands together. This was such a lovely dance and I think Ralph got his mojo back! The crowd loves him and gives him a standing ovation. Bruno loves the beautiful romantic story. Carrie Ann thinks he really believes the dance and is beautiful to watch. Len boasts that Ralph is back. Brooke asks Ralph if being a nice guy is going to hinder him and Ralph assures her he is in it to win it. Carrie Ann and Len give him 8′s, while Bruno gives him a 9.

Watch their performance!

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Hines is challenged this week because he is busy with other events, and also does not understand classical music. Hines times all of his steps to the lyrics, so he struggles while practicing the Paso doble. Kym assures him he is ready for her tough moves and wants to keep pushing him. Their Paso is very commanding and begins with bold movements and fire going off in the background. Hines is very aggressive in his moves and very commanding. I think he has a more challenging time hiding his smile. Some of his fellow Steelers wave the terrible towel in the audience. Carrie Ann says that he nailed it. Len agrees and thinks that he is the most determined in the competition. Bruno knows that he has the killer instinct and was truly explosive. Backstage, Brooke asks Hines how tough it was to bring his game face. Hines admits it was tough, but that he loved it and added the song to his iPod. Carrie Ann gives them a 9, while Len and Bruno give him 8′s.

Watch their performance!

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsea wants to be pushed and not be in third place anymore. She struggles with their waltz and says she wants to kill Mark when he crushes her pride. Mark wants their dance to be traditional, but also young and fresh. Their waltz is to the Harry Potter theme. The choreography is interesting, slightly eerie. I love that Chelsea is really challenging herself. Mark’s wizard hat is adorable. Len thinks Mark and Chelsea are great, but wonders what it is about them that he does not like. Len wanted them to interpret a traditional dance and not distract with fluff. Bruno disagrees and thinks that it was magical and her technique was the best of the night. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno and thinks Chelsea was fantastic and hit her stride. Backstage, Brooke asks how they feel about Len’s comments. Chelsea had a blast and is happy with their dance. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 9′s, while Len gives them an 8.

Watch their performance!

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

Chris is excited to perform the “bullfighting” Paso doble. Cheryl thinks that Chris will be able to get into character and be arrogant. Chris tries to use his wrestling arrogance on the ballroom floor. This dance is perfectly suited for Chris with his wrestling acting skills. He actually has great lines in his dancing. I love how arrogant he is! I think out of all the Paso dobles, he sold the attitude the best. Cheryl’s choreography is fun and creative. Bruno loves all the accents with the music. Carrie Ann thinks his technique and form were great. Len thinks the music conquered him, but still enjoyed it. Backstage, Brooke asks Chris if he wants to be on top. Chris replies that is always the goal. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 8′s, while Len gives them a 7.

Watch their performance!

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Maks admits that he got scared during their fall last week. Kirstie laughs that they came, they fell, they conquered. For the waltz, Kirstie wants to try harder. Maks lectures her, but she counters that he is handsome and every girl’s dream and they continue to practice. Her hip begins to hurt a little and she has to take a break. Maks reveals she has a muscular hip injury, but they will deal with it. Kirstie doesn’t want him to choreograph a grandma’s dance, and wants to do the real deal. Their dance is very elegant. Kirstie’s lines are so beautiful. However, in the beginning of the dance, Kirstie’s shoe comes off and their is a brief pause in the dance for her to get it back on. Kirstie also seems to be a bit emotionally removed from the dance. Carrie Ann tells Kirstie she is the Queen of the unexpected mishaps, but she still didn’t miss a beat. However, she feels that Kirstie was just going through the movements. Len thinks everything is just okay. Bruno thinks she got a lot right, in spite of what happened. Carrie Ann and Len give them 7′s, while Bruno gives them an 8. Backstage, Kirstie tells Brooke it is crazy that her shoe came off.

Watch their performance!

After the classical night is over, Chelsea and Mark are in first place, with Ralph and Karina and Hines and Kym in a close second. Kendra and Louis are in last place. What did you think of the classical-themed night? I thought the dances set to classical music were absolutely stunning and beautiful. It was a nice departure. This competition is very close and it will be interesting to see who goes home tomorrow night during the elimination show.

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Week Four Recap”

  1. Bonnie Says:
    April 11th, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Did not like the format of the show tonight. Too much orchestra and not enough of the stars dancing. I hope it changes back.

  2. Debbi Says:
    April 12th, 2011 at 8:25 am

    OK, I admit I had to laugh when they told Hines Ward to bring his game face. Obviously, they don’t watch a lot of Steelers football, because that grin *is* his game face. Knocking down linebackers…grinning. Picking himself up…grinning. :)


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