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The Biggest Loser: New Zealand Part One

April 12, 2011 07:34 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC the contestants, along with Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Cara Castronuova and Ali Sweeney head to New Zealand in the first part of this two part special. But if the contestants think the trip is all fun and games, they are in for a huge surprise! This week we see some action, drama and more sacrifices as well as one of the worst weigh in‘s to date. Keep reading to find out what happened in New Zealand!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight as Ali Sweeney surprises the remaining nine contestants by telling them to pack their bags because they are headed to New Zealand. On the flight, Austin gets an upgrade in his seat for correctly answering a question by the flight attendant – all the contestants were asked but he had the closest answer. Upon arrival, the contestants seem surprised to learn that the trip is not all about fun as they are given their first challenge – climbing over 1,000 stairs to the top of a sky tower.

When they get to the top of the sky tower, the contestants are amazed at the breathtaking views, but the amazement is quickly turned to shock as they witness Jillian bungee jumping right before their very eyes. Bob, who met them at the top of the tower gives everyone the option to take the stairs down or bungee jump. Rulon and Moses are forced to take the stairs as they are over the weight limit for the bungee by a few pounds, while Jay also had to sit it out as he has a heart condition.

All of the other contestants have decided to do the bungee jump with the exception of Ken. In an attempt to help Ken overcome his fear of heights, Bob must overcome his as well. As it turns out the only fear that Bob Harper has is also of heights, but despite being terrified to do the jump, he assures Ken that he will jump if Ken does – all the while secretly hoping Ken does not want to jump. Ken agrees to jump if Bob does, and then we see Bob’s face covered in fear but he gets ready and does the jump, much to Jillian’s amazement. At the last moment it looked as though Ken was going to back out but he didn’t and he felt great once he actually jumped!

Next on The Biggest Loser was a confrontation tonight as Ken was upset over his loss at last week’s weigh in, so he decided to confront Cara about it. Cara and Ken got into a heated debate and he admitted that he may be better off with a more experienced trainer. Meanwhile, Jillian and Bob asked Kaylee and Austin to join them since they noticed the argument going on with Cara and Ken. After Ken finally admitted that he needed Cara to be more “in his face” when working out, Cara was infuriated and determined to win the weigh in, knowing she could very well be the next trainer sent home as Brett was last week. Cara spent a lot of extra time on Ken this week during workouts, but we’d have to wait until the weigh in to see if it paid off.

The contestants were treated to a sailboat ride this week, or race I should say as they had to work the racing sailboat to eventually beat another boat in the race. Then it was time for a challenge in which the contestants would have to compete in a 5k, New Zealand style – complete with hills, sand, and the beach. The winning team would receive a helicopter ride around the city and then a lunch date. The blue and green team were neck in neck by the end of the race, as the black team fell behind because Jay felt like he had hurt something in his leg. Ultimately, it ended up being the blue team to take the win and the prize. Olivia and Irene decided though that would let Kaylee take their places in the prize so that she could spend the day with her dad.

New Zealand as it turned out was special to Moses, yet another reason the girls gave Kaylee their spot. Moses’ grandparents chose his father out of all their children to send to New Zealand to get an education and make a better life, which ultimately paved the way for Moses and his family. Moses called his father when he got there just to let him know, and then he spent the day enjoying the scenery and meals with Kaylee. But when they returned it was time for more workouts and a last chance yoga workout with Bob Harper. And then it was time for the weigh in and here is how they did this week:

Green Team
263 to 255 for a total loss of 8 lbs

253 to 247 for a total loss of 6 lbs

168 to 172 for a total gain of 4 lbs

Total team loss of 10 lbs (1.46%)

Blue Team
286 to 286 for a total loss of 0 lbs

174 to 172 lbs for a total loss of 2 lbs

164 to 161 for a total loss of 3 lbs

Total team loss of 5 lbs (.80%)

Black Team
318 to 311 for a total loss of 7 lbs

168 to 164 for a total loss of 4 lbs

270 to 272 for a total gain of 2 lbs

Total team loss of 9 lbs (1.19%)

With that said, it was indeed Bob’s blue team who lost the weigh in, giving Cara an added confidence boost that she needed at this point. When it was time for voting, Irene was the only one safe with the highest percentage of weight loss on the team so it fell between Moses and Olivia. When they pleaded their cases, Olivia had me and everyone else in tears as she told the story of being a 35 year old women who is yearning for children but still needs to finish her weight loss journey first. When it Moses’ turn he decided he would sacrifice himself for Olivia and he asked that everyone vote for him to go home. Moses’ wishes were respected and he was eliminated tonight.

At the current time, Moses weighs 267 lbs and is still going strong. After the episode, he decided to take a trip back to New Zealand with his dad. During his trip, he finally got to bungee jump like he could not do when he first came out due to his weight. Good luck to Moses, we will see you at the finale!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC as Brett Hoebel returns!

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