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America’s Next Top Model: The Go-Sees Make Or Break The Models

April 13, 2011 06:25 PM by Allyson Wells


On America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks reveals that five of the six remaining models will be traveling to Morocco based on their go-see efforts.  Some of the models do great, while other do not book jobs.  One model impresses designer Lana Marks with her modeling skills, but her cold personality costs her the job.  Will it also cause her to be eliminated?

Brittani claims that the last panel was pretty much the worst night of her life.  She cries that she can’t go home because she knows she deserves to be there.  On the bus, Brittani apologizes to Alexandria and wants to start with a clean slate.  Alexandria doesn’t trust any of the other models, but forgives them.  Kasia notes that everyone is breathing better because it is all out in the open.  Molly still thinks Alexandria is a big phony.

The models go to an art gallery, where their photos are displayed as works of art.  Tyra explains the importance of portfolios because it is how you book jobs.  She then gives them instructions on how to properly assemble their portfolios.  Tyra announces that the models will be going to Morocco.  The giddy models are so thrilled to be traveling abroad.  Tyra explains that it is one of her favorite places that she has visited in all of her travels and boasts that the models are some of the luckiest in top model history.  However, only five of the six models will be going.  They will be going on go-sees and this challenge will weigh heavily on who goes home and who gets to go to Morocco.

The models return home to see Jaclyn’s picture displayed.  She thinks she is doing very well and has grown as a model and a woman.  Kyle Hagler, a representative for ING, comes to visit the girls.  He gives them the instructions for the go-sees.  They must go to four go-sees by 3 pm and pack only one bag.  Each model has their own driver, who cannot help them with directions.  Alexandria is from Los Angeles and knows she is going to do well.  Alexandria easily finds the first go-see.  Molly is not good with directions and wanders around.  All the other models make it quickly, while an annoyed Molly gets there last.  She decides to skip it and go to the next one.  At Frankie B, Alexandria makes a good impression.  She also loves Brittani’s edge and Hannah’s body.  Molly goes to House Casting where she has to memorize a commercial.  The director wishes Molly was friendlier, but loves Alexandria.  The director also does not like Jaclyn’s accent.  Kasia and Brittani make the couture go-see.  Molly does not come prepared for the athletic casting, but improvises and the photographer says that she exceeded his expectations.  The models slowly convene at the required meeting stop, Lana Marks.  Alexandria arrives with thirty seconds to spare.  Kyle steps out to tell them that the three winners are:  Molly, Alexandria and Kasia.  They made it to the most go-sees and got the best feedback.  Therefore, they get to do a go-see for Lana Marks.  The winner gets to be in Lana’s international ad campaign, as well as the clutch Angelina Jolie carried to the Oscars.  Lana reveals that Alexandria is the winner because she is a natural and beautiful girl.  Molly is angry to lose again. 

Tyra Mail arrives and says “A modeling career is a terrible thing to waste.”  The models travel to the Olinda landfill.  Nigel and Jay greet them and order them to get used to the smells.  They explain they will be wearing magnificent eco-friendly couture by Michael Cinco.  Brittani feels like the pressure is on, but wants to turn it all around.  Nigel thinks Kasia struggles with her range.  He loves Jaclyn’s endearing personality.  Hannah second-guesses herself on some of the shots, but gets it together.  Nigel tells Brittani that he has faith in her before the shoot, which relieves her.  Alexandria feels like a queen in her outfit.  Molly hates standing in the trash and complains between takes, which upsets Nigel.  Brittani crawls through the garbage, which makes for a great shot.

At panel, Lana Marks is the guest judge.  Alexandria is judged first.  The judges are impressed with her go-see efforts and winning Lana Marks’ campaign.  Tyra reveals Alexandria booked every single job.  The judges love her high fashion shot.  Jaclyn is judged next.  She explains she had a lot of difficulty with the map and only made it to two go-sees.  Tyra says that she did book both her jobs.  Her photo is considered so-so.  Molly is judged next.  Tyra tells her she only booked two jobs because she came across cold when not on camera.  Lana admits if she had just smiled, she would have chosen her.  Her photo is considered amazing and dramatic.  Andre urges her to take their advice and do better behind the scenes.  Kasia is next, who only booked two of the jobs because she seemed to rehearsed and forced.  Her photo looks mystical, but lacked movement.  Hannah only booked two jobs because she seemed inexperienced.  Her photo looks great, but Tyra wants her to believe in her confidence.  Brittani is up next and apologizes to the judges for her behavior last week and admits she apologized to Alexandria.  Brittani only made it to two go-sees, but did book both jobs.  The judges love her photo, but Tyra advises her to not work it too hard because she comes across stiff. 

The judges deliberate and think Alexandria was impressive this week.  Lana feels like she has what it takes.  They do not love Jaclyn’s photo and lack of go-sees and think Kasia is hit or miss.  They worry about Hannah’s fragile state.  Nigel doesn’t like the lack of Brittani’s body control.  Nigel thinks Molly’s photos are the strongest of the bunch, but worries she won’t book the jobs.

The models return for the verdict.  The top photo goes to Alexandria.  Hannah is the runner-up.  The remaining girls are Kasia and Brittani.  These leaves Jaclyn and Molly in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Jaclyn she only made it to two go-sees.  Tyra tells Molly that she didn’t book the jobs.  She reveals that Molly gets to stay.  A tearful Molly breaks down.  Tyra tells her to she needs to do some soul-searching and to be positive.  Tyra hugs sweet Jaclyn and advises her to read a map.  Jaclyn thanks her.  She feels blessed to have had the opportunity and sees it as the beginning to her career.

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