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Secret Millionaire: Season Recap

April 13, 2011 08:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

Secret Millionaire: on ABC followed six of America’s millionaires as they traveled to impoverished areas in the country to gift their own money to deserving people and organizations. Keep reading to take a look back over the season.

In the series premiere, viewers met successful entrepreneur Dani Johnson, who left her family and luxurious lifestyle behind to spend six days in one of the most impoverished areas of Knoxville, Tennessee. While there, she donates to The Joy of Music School giving them $40,000 for the school. The teachers, volunteers, and students are in shock and extremely grateful to Johnson. As a mother herself and very touched by Daisy’s story, Johnson decides to give the family $10,000. They are so surprised and can’t find the words to express their thanks. Next, Johnson meets with the crew from Special Spaces and hands them a check for $30,000. The organization was on the verge of closing and now can transform many more rooms for children in need. Finally, Johnson returns to the Love Kitchen and presents Helen and Ellen with a check for $20,000.

Next we met Marc Paskin, the president of Paskin Properties, a division of The Paskin Group, a privately owned real estate investment and management company. He went to Detroit, Michigan. Paskin ended his time in Detroit by gifting $10,000 to the Man Network. Bishop Tony, his wife Valerie and volunteer Randy are shocked and overjoyed. Next Paskin stops by the Young Detroit Builders program and presents them with a $40,000 check. Paskin also visits Really Living and gives them a check for $40,000. Finally, Paskin meets with Courtney and hands her a check for $20,000.

The third secret millionaire, James Malinchak, traveled to Gary, Indiana. He gives Add an Eye organization, $20,000. He also buys Eric and his crew leaf blowers and other essential equipment they need but have gone without. Back at Urban FaithWorks, Malinchak gives them $10,000. Malinchak then returns to the Baylor Youth Basketball foundation, to present them with a very special gift. He says he is so excited to give them a donation. He presents Ms. Baylor with $50,000, she is so happy and the girls start hugging each other in amazement. Malinchak made a special connection with the girls’ basketball coach and has learned of his struggles, so Malinchak gives Coach Tony $25,000.

Next, John Ferber travels to a section of Los Angeles called Skid Row. He presents Armine with $25,000 and Armine is so happy that now he can do more for others. Then, John gives the 3 on 3 Street Ball League a check for $25,000 and the group is elated. John also saw a mural that had been very special to the community but now has graffiti all over it. John tells them that he sees how important it is to the community and tells them he will pay for the restoration. Last, he gives Judy a check for $45,000. John also brings a minivan packed with toys and computers for the children. The women and kids are so happy and very thankful.

Diane and Gary Heavin go to Houston, Texas. On the final day Diane and Gary reveal their true identities. First they visit the Lazarus House and present the organization with a check for $100,000. Next they return to No More Victims where they give Momma G a check made out for $50,000 to keep the program going. Diane and Gary give Warren $10,000 to help him with his education. Finally, Gary and Diane go back to the Sean Ashley House and hand them a check for $250,000.

Finally, Ali Brown travels two miles from her home in Venice Beach, California. While there, she goes to The Beauty Bus and gives them a check for $10,000. Next she returns to Common Ground and presents them with a $30,000 check. Brown stops by Bread and Roses and presents them with a check for $10,000. Finally, she makes her last visit to the Harvest House where she gives them $50,000.

Did you watch Secret Millionaire? What did you think of this season?

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