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Survivor: Redemption Island — Phillip’s Feather

April 13, 2011 07:38 PM by Ryan Haidet

As I was meditating tonight, my great-great grandfather appeared.  He told me that I should giggle at every goofy thing Phillip has to say throughout Survivor: Redemption Island.  I did just that, but without a feather strapped to my forehead.  I don’t understand how anybody can be watching this season without enjoying every second crazy Phillip is on screen.  He certainly was the center of attention in both of tonight’s Tribal Councils as two more people had their torches snuffed out.

The Mob

After cutting Matt loose for the second time, the former Zapatera tribe members were very impressed with Boston Rob’s controlling strategy.  David even compared the move to a mob hit.  Julie said it was simply cold-blooded to send Matt back to Redemption Island so quickly, but it was proof that the Ometepe tribe was under Rob’s power with a tight bond that is hard to break.

She was right.  Boston Rob is in complete control of the Ometepe six.  They have a separate shelter.  They eat separately from Zapatera.  “It’s us versus them, and we’re better than them.”  He continued saying in a confessional that he wants his allies to hate Zapatera.  That way, he can continue to keep his group loyal.  That continued loyalty was displayed as Natalie approached Boston Rob to explain what happened with Ralph just a few minutes prior.  Ralph had approached both she and Ashley to ask if he was on the chopping block.  They didn’t give him the time of day, which should make it clear that you’re in danger.  Ralph continued chipping away at them hoping for information before he revealed that he would give Ashley her vote if she made it to the final three.  After Natalie revealed all of that info, Boston Rob said he now knew he needed to vote Ashley out before the finals.  His goal was now to take Phillip and Natalie.

Phillip’s Feather & Boring Battle

When Murlonio arrived for the Immunity challenge, Phillip showed up with a feather strapped to his forehead.  He said that he had been asking for a sign when a feather appeared out of nowhere.  Ummmm…  OK…

Anyway, the challenge consisted of three parts that were far from exciting.  At the end of the lackluster battle, Grant was victorious and claimed the Immunity necklace.

Back at Murlonio’s camp, Mike was getting worried about Boston Rob’s rule over the former Ometepe tribe members.  Hoping to find the hidden Immunity Idol, Mike and David started digging around the tribe flag since it looked as if one of the poles had been shifted while they were away at the challenge.  But as they were tossing sand aside in their hunt, Boston Rob noticed what they were doing and rushed over there with Phillip.  They grabbed shovels and started digging in front of everybody else.  Nobody found an Idol.

Another Heads To Redemption Island

At Tribal Council, Phillip was still wearing the feather on his forehead where he offered an explanation behind it.  He told everybody that his great-great-grandfather, a full-blooded Cherokee, had visited him during a meditation.  That great-great-grandfather also told him that the former Ometepe should “live long in Survivor lore.”  Everybody laughed him off.  As the discussion deepened, Julie said she looks at the Ometepe six and sees there is one player at the bottom — Phillip.  In response, Phillip said it’s a nice place to be since you can always look up and see what’s going on.  Ralph mocked Phillip’s feather as the chat continued.  Phillip snapped back saying, “It takes courage and determination and know when to hold your tongue to get a feather.”  As far as the feather is concerned, Mike said it was simply a confidence issue.  Phillip became defensive again as David said he was starting to sound like a lunatic.

After the votes were tallied, five fell against Phillip — or according to Ralph, “Philite.”  But that wasn’t enough to take him out.  The Ometepe six held strong and easily chopped Mike out of the competition with a ticket straight to Redemption Island.

To Eat Or Not To Eat

When the tribe arrived at the next Immunity challenge, they saw a huge pile of cheeseburgers off to the side.  Before the challenge was set to begin, host Jeff Probst had each player make a decision if they wanted to eat the burgers or compete for Immunity.  Only two chose to gobble down the food — Phillip and Steve.  Once everybody was situated, the competition began, which involved hanging from a horizontal pole above a pool of water.  The last person standing would be victorious.

Several players dropped off early, and after 20 minutes the remaining contestants were only allowed to hang on by their legs.  Phillip was sitting on the side antagonizing David being very critical of everything he was doing.  Despite Phillip’s constant nagging, David was the final Zapatera member left in the contest against Andrea, Ashley and Natalie.  The pain clearly became too much, and as David was reaching for his feet, he fell off the pole and splahed down next.  Within a minute, Andrea asked her tribemates to fall off and give her Immunity since she really wanted to have it.  Ashley and Natalie didn’t take much time to think about it and splashed out next giving Andrea the necklace.

Fish Fight & Stealth R Us

Back at camp, Ralph discovered a bunch of dead fish inside one of their nets.  He was extremely happy he had found this new food supply.  But Boston Rob warned everybody not to eat the fish because it had already gone bad since they were dead for so long.  The Zapatera tribe didn’t care and ate the fish anyway.  Although Boston Rob told the Ometepe six not to eat any of the fish, Grant didn’t follow the orders and swallowed some of it down.  Early signs of dissention?

When the Murlonio tribe showed up for the next Tribal Council, Phillip openly talked about his alliance known as Stealth R Us.  He went deep into how their alliance operates by explaining how he is the specialist, Boston Rob is the mentalist, Grant is the assassin who destroys aspirations as the women are the three degrees.  After the rant, all Probst could say was “Wow.”  Obviously frustrated with his crazy rants, Ralph turned the tables on Phillip and his feather.  Ralph asked if Phillip’s great-great-grandfather also told him to sit on the bench to eat cheeseburgers instead of competing in the challenge.

After the votes were tallied, the Zapatera tribe all voted against Boston Rob.  David wrote Rob’s name down four times even asking if they could count it as four.  But their attempt to get rid of Rob fell short as the Ometepe six showed their dominance once again with David getting all of their votes.  David had his torch snuffed and walked into the darkness toward Redemption Island.

With that, Ashley turned to her group and mouthed, “And then there were three.”

Images courtesy of CBS.

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