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The Amazing Race: Ron And Christina Discuss Their Second Race

April 13, 2011 06:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Father and daughter Ron and Christina were the most recent team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race. The duo returned to the Unfinished Business Season, where Ron struggled with his temper again. However, the two seemed to be enjoying their time together before Christina prepared to get married. The duo discuss Ron’s healthy appetite, getting stumped in India, the famous fanny pack incident with Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy and the slack penalty that Kent and Vyxsin received.

Question: Ron, did you really eat that much more than everyone else on the Race, or were the editors just having fun with you?

Ron: I do enjoy eating, because that’s one of the things I wanted to show Christina. She enjoyed eating as well-but the main thing is-the point that I was trying to make was that each country has its local cuisine, but more importantly, in the super legs, you don’t get all the food that you need. I wasn’t losing focus on just trying to get food during the Race, but after the racing, we made sure that we were replenished. We basically had a super leg where no food was available because we would be still racing, so I wanted to make sure we were replenished.

Question: What was the best food you ate on the Race?

Ron: The steamed buns the morning we arrived in Lijiang were delicious! The fresh local mushroom just enhanced the flavors. Food is a universal language, so I’m always interested in what the locals eat because it’s a way to learn about their culture. What I ate in a country becomes such a memorable part of travel that I try to find the food item when I return home.

Christina: I think my dad should go on Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. He has a knack for finding and tasting interesting local foods.

Question: Ron, what happened to you during the Roadblock on last night’s episode?

Ron: I took the wrong road. I didn’t see any racers on that road and I didn’t see any sadhus, but when I went down to the Ganges River, I saw one. So that reinforced my original thinking that holy men are near the holy places, particularly the Ganges River, which is considered a sacred river by the holy men there. People wanted to be there so they could cleanse themselves. So I went from one end of the Ganges to the other, and that was my downfall of going through this arduous leg there, the Ganges River, when I should have just turned back to my starting point and went on another street.

Question: You guys were involved in the incident when Flight Time and Big Easy moved your fanny pack and producers gave them a time penalty for it. Can you talk about that a little bit? Did you guys bring the incident up because you were looking for a time penalty to be assessed, or how did that come about?

Christina: No, that’s a good question, because we were just as surprised as the viewers watching it. We watched the episode and we thought it was really odd and oddly entertaining the way it all came out. What happened is when my Dad and I hit the mat initially, we just checked in. We didn’t-we were happy-we made it to the mat. We had planned-because Flight Time and Big Easy are our friends-we planned to talk with them afterwards. But then we were pulled back to the mat and that was when we were told they got a penalty and we were asked to talk about our experience. There was nothing, no way, we would have ever wished a time penalty upon them. Flight Time and Big Easy are our friends before the incident and after the incident. Even though it did cost us a lot of time-watching Flight Time look for it up on the top of the mountain-we knew it was just a mistake or a misunderstanding. We know Flight Time and Big Easy, so yeah, we didn’t seek out a penalty. There was none of that.

Question: The other big controversy this season was how Kent and Vyxsin only received a 30-minute time penalty when they missed the mandatory flight from Japan to China and took another flight instead of waiting a full day for the next flight of the mandatory flight. What was your take on that?

Christina: My Dad and I, I think we were asked earlier about this. We both felt like-okay, so what happened was-all the teams, I guess, they all obeyed the rule. They took the required flight. There was actually a better earlier flight that we all found and we all wanted to take. We chose to forego that flight, that better earlier flight, because we wanted to obey-we didn’t want to violate the rules. I think if we had known the penalty was only going to be 30 minutes, we would have all violated the rules and all got on the earlier flight. We’re all racers, you know? So, I think what Jaime and Cara’s sentiments are about the other teams being similarly upset is first of all, I think we just didn’t appreciate the blatant deceit, but secondly, they violated a rule that traditionally would have been a longer penalty.

Question: It seemed like the teams this season all got along pretty well. Are there any teams you’re rooting for?

Christina: We’re rooting for everyone who is still in it because we know everyone is just as passionate about the Race as we are. We have a good bond with the Globetrotters who we think are “infectious happiness,” but we’d be happy if any one of the teams took the victory home.

Question: Do you think your relationship was portrayed accurately on the show?

Christina: Although the show focused on times when we were frantic, we also had a lot of times of levity and comedy. We laughed at and with each other a lot. The Amazing Race has brought us closer, and our bond since Season 12 has only strengthened.
Ron: We understand from the onset that our goal was to enjoy this Amazing Race experience with each other. Although I’d prefer our happy lighter moments shown, I understand they choose clips based on what makes good entertainment.

Question: Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?

Christina: We always had our eyes on the grand prize, but our ultimate goal was to have an incredible experience together and we reached that goal. Despite our elimination, watching last night’s episode brought back fond memories of our time traveling together. We played the game without compromising our values and had so much fun racing again. So we’d have to say that the only Unfinished Business we have-if any-is not finishing in the final three so we could have the opportunity to see more of the world together. We’re very grateful for this experience.

Question: Do you have plans to travel together again?

Christina: Oh, yeah that’s not even a question! My parents raised me with a love for traveling and my dad certainly has such an adventurous spirit. We don’t see each other that many times a year, but when we do, we try to go abroad for a trip.

Ron: Right, and I will look forward to even traveling with her kids!

Question: The race gave you both an opportunity to spend time together before Christina got married to season 12 contestant Azaria Azene. Has the wedding taken place?

Christina: Yes! We’re so happy and I was so proud and blessed to have my parents walk me down the aisle.

Question: You and Azaria have traveled to so many amazing destinations-where did you choose to spend your honeymoon?

Christina: We went to South East Asia for our honeymoon and just loved it. We definitely have been so lucky to travel all around on the race but there are many countries on our list to go to that we haven’t seen left. Azaria and I would both love to go to Peru and climb Mount Machu Picchu one day. The list goes on and on!

Question: Would you do the race for a third time?

Ron: Oh, without hesitation. I’m training for the next one!

Christina: We have just grown together and become so close and have all these fond memories. It’s pretty remarkable and I think we would go back in a heartbeat.

Ron: Christina told Phil once that it is exhilarating torture. You get to the pitstop and even though you are physically exhausted you are still exhilarated to have survived another leg.

What did you think of their comments?  I think it is so great that they cherished their time together and made the most of their experience.  It is interesting that Ron brought up editing and how a bulk of his moments shown were the negative ones. 

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  1. Ozzy Chen Says:
    May 12th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Love Ron and Christina! So colorful and real. It’s great to see a father and daughter with so much affection, editing aside. Who among us wouldn’t have some crazy moments in adrenaline fueled competition. Clear from their interview and the race that they have a strong bond. Bring them back! Or invite Christina and Azaria to race!


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