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Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings – Hollywood Nightclub Wedding

April 13, 2011 09:19 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott help a young dancing duo plan their Hollywood nightclub themed wedding. But in addition to creating costumes for pet rats, the reality TV couple also has to address one other tiny detail…the bride has never met her groom’s parents!

Tonight on Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have decided to help dancers Emily and Levi plan their dream wedding. The young couple met on the dance floor, instantly fell in love and got engaged before Emily had the chance to meet Levi’s family.

Of course, his parents feel like he’s rushing in to things, and there’s been a lot of tension between Emily and Levi’s mother — something Tori and Dean can completely relate to, since they only dated for nine months before getting married themselves.

The couple meets with Tori & Dean at their home and tell them about how they first met at a ballroom dancing class that Emily was teaching. Levi explains that his mother is having a hard time coming to terms with the wedding and the fact that Levi and Emily didn’t come talk to her before their engagement. Though Emily would like to have a relationship with her MIL to be, Levi’s mother hasn’t spoken to Emily at all, and since his parents live in Illinois, the first time they meet will probably be on the couple’s wedding day.

So, Tori and Dean have a lot of work to do…in addition to the wedding planning itself!

The bride has several ideas in mind for her big day, including the couple’s first dance, which will be the rumba (the first dance they ever danced together), and her mother will be making the costume for their routine.

For the location of the reception, the couple wants to go with a hotel, so Tori suggests a hotel rooftop in Hollywood for the ceremony, which, ironically, is where Emily & Levi shared their first kiss (as did Tori & Dean).

When Tori and Dean ask about their rings, Levi reveals that he actually sold his first guitar to buy Emily’s engagement ring (awe!) and that he has yet to pick out his wedding band.

Next, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and Emily knows exactly what she wants — short, fuchsia, leopard print dresses — since she and her friends refer to themselves as “the tigers.”

Oh, and one other thing… They also want to include their pet rats — Butters and Sparkles — in the big ceremony.

Excited to bring together all of the elements the couple wants, Tori and Dean get busy planning.

They meet with Emily and Levi, and their pal James, at the London Hotel to check out the venue, and once Emily hears that the hotel will allow their rats to be a part of the ceremony, she’s sold. Everyone then goes down to check out the hotel’s ballroom where the reception would be held, which is extra important since the bride and groom are both ballroom dancers. Tori and James try to explain how the room will be set up, but Emily has a few suggestions of her own– an area for body shots, and the room lit in all fuchsia. When Tori asks how extreme they can get on a scale of 1 to 10, Emily says 20! Hold on to your hats!

With the venue set, it’s time for the other details.

Levi meets with Tori Spelling at her house and talks to her about his parents and their involvement in the ceremony. Levi’s father will actually be officiating, so they decide to give him a call to talk and see how they might be able to make things a little easier on his mother. His father explains that they were concerned because they never met Emily and saw a few pictures of her on Facebook that made them question whether or not this was the right girl for their son. But wanting to work everything out, Levi’s dad agrees to set up a Skype meeting with Emily, Levi, his parents…and Tori Spelling!

When Levi spoke to his dad about the wedding planning and how it was coming along, one thing stuck out to Tori…what he was describing was nothing at all like what they were planning, which let her know that everything so far had been all about Emily. Since it’s his big day too, Tori asks Levi what he wants to see at the wedding and his request is that there’s a lot of greenery. Sounds simple enough.

The next day, as Tori is designing a costume for Sparkles the transgendered rat, she and Dean discuss Levi and his request. They’re concerned that the day doesn’t reflect his personality at all, and even more worried that Levi seems scared to mention to Emily that he’s not crazy about some of her ideas. Dean offers to make Levi some rat-shaped topiaries to give the poor guy some greenery.

On to the dress…

Tori and Emily meet at the dress shop with Emily’s mother, one of her “tigers,” and the rats. Emily’s friend brings along some “tiger juice,” or what others refer to as champagne, and while Emily tries on her first gown, Tori and her mother try to get the rats’ measurements.

Though the first dress isn’t quite right…

The second one is perfect!

The next day, Dean McDermott takes Emily to pick out a new guitar for her groom as a gift, and they find just the right one.

Now, it’s time for the hard part…talking to Levi’s parents for the first time. But no worries, Tori brought along some “tiger juice” to help calm everyone’s nerves.

Unfortunately, Levi’s parents haven’t had any of the juice, and it’s very clear after the five struggle through the very awkward conversation. Luckily, Tori helps break the ice by showing Levi’s mom some of the things they’ve picked out for the wedding, but she doesn’t look too pleased about the sequined tablecloths. After the call, Emily feels slightly better, but is still nervous about meeting the MIL face-to-face.

With only hours left before set-up, Tori, Dean, and James are up late working on last minute details, but Dean McDermott gets angry when he feels shut out by James and his wife, for which James apologizes.

It’s wedding day!

As Tori and James panic about an off-centered aisle, Levi has a chat with his parents and asks his mother for some words of wisdom. She tells her son to savor every moment of the day so he can remember it forever. Though she isn’t happy about how things happened, Levi’s mother understands that he’s old enough to make his own decisions, and as his mother, she’s going to do everything she can to make the best out of the situation.

While Emily and her tigers start getting ready for the ceremony, Dean presents Levi with his guitar, and he begins to cry as he reads the loving note from his bride.

Meanwhile, Emily presents her tigers with the animal print dresses she got for them to wear at the reception, and names Tori Spelling as an “honorary tiger,” giving her a dress as well.

At the ceremony, the couple listens to some words from Levi’s father before the groom breaks out his new guitar and sings a song that he wrote for Emily. Afterward, the two read their vows, holding back tears, and are then presented for the first time as Mr. & Mrs..

The guests gather in the stunning ballroom and the tigers sashay onto the dance floor in their animal print dresses with a choreographed routine.

Next, Emily and Levi are introduced and dance the rumba before joining their guests for a wild, Hollywood-style party.

As they pose for pictures, Levi’s mother walks up to Emily and officially welcomes her to the family.

Quite the sTORIbook Wedding!

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