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Shedding For The Wedding: How To Workout As A Team

April 14, 2011 12:00 PM by Veronica Dudo

Shedding For The Wedding: the reality TV competition on The CW is swiftly approaching the end when a winner will be selected. Trainer Jennifer Cohen shares her advice on how to workout as a team from her blog below.

Whether you’re committing to fitness for life like our Shedding couples or just looking to get motivated with a friend, there are three things you need to keep in mind when working out with a partner.

1. SCHEDULING can be hard when you’re past that glued-at-the-hip stage of the relationship. Work schedules, doctors appointments, and even just your daily mood can make it hard to find the time together, let alone stick to an actual plan. it’s usually shoved to the bottom of the list. The key here is to realistically schedule what time works best for both of you and commit to it. Schedule working out like you’d schedule any meeting. Couples: consider this quality time. You may be surprised what you learn about each other by working together!

2. FITNESS LEVELS differ between people, especially when you’re first starting out. Good thing you don’t have to be at the same level with someone to be their workout partner (or their life partner!) if you both work out at your personal optimal intensity. The best way to tell if you’re working at this level is to use a heart rate monitor and measure your progress by time spent in your optimal heart rate zone, not overall time spent working out. I like the Polar heart rate monitor; it’s accurate and easy to use. This way you and your sweetie can do the same activities at different intensities and still make progress together.

3. GOALS are important in any partnership. Before your wedding you talk about homes, kids, money; everything you’re going to be sharing. When starting a commitment to fitness, talk about what your health goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Gain muscle? What happens when you reach that goal, how will your fitness routine change? Discuss your goals and issues at the beginning of the plan.

Committing to health is a challenge that will change your lives for the better. Use fitness as a way to make your body and your relationship stronger!

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