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The Biggest Loser: Moses Kinikini Elimination Interview

April 14, 2011 11:00 AM by Lisa Princ

The Biggest Loser on NBC fans said goodbye this week to Moses Kinikini as he sacrificed himself and ended his journey in a land that meant so much to his family. In a post elimination interview Moses Kinikini shares his thoughts on the show and how now he is all about building muscle. Keep reading for more details!

The Biggest Loser said goodbye to Moses Kinikini this week as Bob’s team had the lowest percentage of weight loss. After we all teared up hearing Olivia’s plea to save her so she could continue her journey and ultimately her goal of having children, Moses asked the remaining contestants to let him go. In a post elimination interview, Moses discusses his decision and why it felt right to him. Here are some of Moses Kinikini’s thoughts.

Question: How do you stay motivated at home?

Moses Kinikini: My whole motivation has always been my wife and my girls, and now I am actually home with them and they keep me going – that is what I work so hard for.

Question: Kaylee has come so far this season, you must be so proud of her?

Moses Kinikini: I was always proud of Kaylee from the time she was born and I had this opportunity to go through this with her and that just gives me even more reason to be so proud of her. Watching her grow from within has been the greatest experience of all.

Question: What did you think of Ken calling out Cara this week – do you agree with him?

Moses Kinikini: I guess everybody responds to each other differently. I didn’t agree with Ken, at least for me. I appreciated being able to work out with all 4 trainers, I love them all to death. My favorites are Brett and Cara since I started out with them and if I had to choose one trainer responsible for all my weight loss it would be Cara. I really wish Ken would have handled that a little differently. Cara is the very best for me.

Question: We saw Kaylee have a gain this week, was she still expressing a desire to go home?

Moses Kinikini: Kaylee put that behind her. If you noticed that was my lowest weight loss ever, I had a zero. I believe every one of us all dealt with traveling and we tended to retain a lot of water. I was relieved that I got a zero because I had so much in me and I was able to get it out. Kaylee worked hard but was unfortunately unable to get all that water all out.

Question: Were your diets different in New Zealand and could that have affected your weight loss?

Moses Kinikini: You know, it’s a tropical island, we had a lot of fish available which is very healthy and I was able to eat that. It was more the shopping, everything there we had to deal with learning their conversion because they didn’t deal with calories. For the most part eating wasn’t so bad, I think with Kaylee she found herself eating a little more than normal. It was not as well followed in our diets as it is on the ranch.

Question: How much did you enjoy that experience with Kaylee this week?

Moses Kinikini: I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter ride, especially to be able to do it with Kaylee. I was so grateful to Olivia and Irene for allowing me to spend that day with Kaylee, especially in a place that was so important to my father and my family.

Question: Have you made any plans to return to New Zealand with your whole family?

Moses Kinikini: Not yet, nothing is in the works but I would love to do it, my home country is Tonga and in the process of going to Tonga I would love to spend a week in New Zealand. I’d love to take my whole family and bungee jump [chuckling].

Question: How has your support system been at home?

Moses Kinikini: My support at home has been absolutely wonderful. Honestly from that first 2 weeks we went home earlier the only reason my weight loss was minimal was because I took a break and I just wanted to enjoy my family. Everything is working well now, I’ve got the support at home.

Question: Earlier this season, you received a shocking death date by Dr. H. How does it feel to have that gone?

Moses Kinikini: When I received that it was an eye opener, if you remember in the episode it brought tears to my eyes. It made me realize I was living the life of my uncles who died early because of their weight. Again, I am in debt to The Biggest Loser because my health is so much better, my blood pressure is better. In just 10 weeks I have gained 19 years to my life back. My future and my family is looking very bright.

Question: You had the potential to go all the way to the finale, why did you sacrifice that for Olivia?

Moses Kinikini: Yeah, you know, first of all the money to me does not mean anything. The real winners are those that have been able to take off the weight and figure out the right lifestyle. I knew the reason why Olivia came to the show, so before she even said that – and I wish the rest of the country would understand this but I got everything I needed off the show and I want to give her every way possible to get that dream of hers to have a child. She did not make me feel guilty, I already thought of that before she even said it. I was at peace with everything.

Question: What is the most important thing you have learned on the ranch?

Moses Kinikini: There’s a lot of things I have learned. I would probably say that this whole experience is about health and it comes down to nutrition and exercising, but if I had to chose one it would be nutrition. It’s all about what we put into our bodies. One thing you need to do is be responsible for what you eat and it will change your life.

Question: What is your weight now and what is your goal weight?

Moses Kinikini: Because I don’t care about the money, I want to come back with muscles, I’ve been a very powerful man my whole life. I don’t want to bulk up but my whole goal is to become very lean and very strong. Right now my exact weight is at 286 but I have leaned out and added muscle also.

Best of luck to Moses Kinikini, we look forward to seeing you at the finale! Be sure to tune in Tuesday for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC!

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