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The Real Housewives of New York City: “March Madness”

April 14, 2011 09:11 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on The Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies manage to band together in support of gay rights, but as we know, drama is always on the horizon. What happened on tonight’s episode of the hit Bravo reality series?

The ladies are all getting ready for the Marriage Equality March, for which Sonja Morgan is serving as Grand Marshall. But when Alex McCord arrives at Sonja’s where Kelly Bensimon and LuAnn de Lesseps are getting into their gowns, it seems that she and Sonja are more concerned about celebrating themselves, rather than supporting the cause.

Sonja is especially demanding, telling the women that they’re there as her friends to support her during her speech, and that she wants everything to go well.

When they get to the march, Alex and her husband find out that as part of Sonja’s agreement, she asked that she be the only one in the group that would speak in front of the crowd. Unfortunately, Simon, who came all dressed up in his rainbow sequined jacket, was expecting to speak as well, but he was cut, from the line-up to accommodate Sonja. As Sonja Morgan’s preparing to take the stage, Alex and Simon repeatedly tell her that this day isn’t about her, and that all of them were supposed to speak (which LuAnn confirms was the arrangement that she was informed of), but Sonja isn’t willing to give up any of her time.

Kelly Bensimon steps in as the voice of reason (yeah–we said it!), telling the women that they’re all embarrassing themselves and need to stop.

Surprisingly, Jill Zarin shows up, which only adds to the drama when she tells Alex that she didn’t appreciate how she approached her about the march at the wedding and tells her to just stop bugging her.

Sonja Morgan gets on stage for her big speech, which is a bit of a let down if you ask Alex McCord–and most of the members of the crowd who didn’t quite understand why she was focusing on love and acceptance instead of changing the laws, which was the point of the march.

Despite her flubbed speech (and all the drama), the turnout for the event is great, and the women all had a wonderful time.

Newbie Housewife, Cindy Barshop is at home with her brother, Howie, and they begin to talk about the wedding that he attended along with Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, and Ramona Singer. Howie tells Cindy his side of what happened outside of the ceremony…. Apparently, Howie’s wife, Carol, was married to the friend that Ramona was talking about, who died. Carol had given Howie the cigars, which belonged to her husband, and when Ramona asked him about the cigar he was smoking that day, he told her where he got it, which Ramona found disrespectful to HER, since she was friends with the guy. As Ramona was telling her husband, Alex, and Simon about what happened, Carol overheard her and was enraged.

Cindy doesn’t want to get involved, but is upset with all the negative things she’s been hearing about Ramona lately.

After the march, the other Housewives head to Alex and Simon’s house in Brooklyn. Alex takes Jill aside and says that they need to talk, but they both agree that now isn’t the right time. After a few drinks, Alex says that she wants to hear Simon’s speech.

He says that when he came to the country 11 years ago, he had only planned on being here for three weeks, until he met “an Alex.” Wait, what?

He explains that it could have been an “Alexandra,” or an “Alexander,” but it was an Alexandra, and if he hadn’t met and married her, he wouldn’t have been able to get his green card.

At that moment, Sonja Morgan is thinking the same thing we are, “Did Simon just come out?!”

Later, Sonja is planning an art party with her newest boy-toy, Brian, who’s painting a portrait of her. She’s greatly disappointed when he shows her the rough sketch, which she says makes her look 80, but Brian assures her that it’ll look much better painted.

LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja meet for lunch and chat about Alex over some pink champagne. They agree that Alex was annoying during the march and LuAnn says that now that Alex has found her voice, she needs to be quiet.

Meanwhile, Ramona Singer and her new bestie, Alex, are at a charity event hosted by Gucci. Ramona invited a few of the Housewives, but not Kelly Bensimon, because she says she paid a lot for the table, and didn’t want Kelly there. When Ramona tells Alex that Sonja will also be there sitting at their table, Alex tells her everything that happened at the march. Ramona suggests that Sonja was “having a moment” because she was nervous about the speech, trying not to take sides.

Suddenly, Sonja Morgan arrives with Kelly Bensimon, who was invited by the Gucci family. Ramona is outraged when she hears that Sonja is with Kelly, assuming that Sonja invited her as her guest, and after a minor freakout, says that she’ll try to make it work and find a seat for her at the table. Little did she know, Kelly only planned on staying for a few drinks. Once Kelly tells her that she’s leaving, Ramona wonders why she let herself get so worked up over nothing.

When they sit for dinner, Ramona asks Sonja about what happened with Alex, and Sonja tells her that she didn’t appreciate Simon yelling in her ear five minutes before she was set to speak, and that she demands to be treated with respect.

It’s time for Sonja’s art party, and all of the girls (including Alex McCord) are coming to her house for the event. When Alex arrives, Sonja pulls her aside and tells her what Ramona told her at the Gucci event, and says that she’s over everything, but wanted to make it clear that she doesn’t want Simon (being sure to add — “Is that your husband’s name, Simon?”) in her ear again.

Alex is offended and tells Sonja that the only thing horrible about that day was Sonja “highjacking” an event that was supposed to be about marriage equality and not her. Sonja says that Alex was making the day about her, and that she was contacted to speak not as a part of the group, but as an individual, despite Alex’s claim that her name was also listed on the event’s website as a speaker.

When Alex says that she will tell her exactly what happened that day, Sonja says that this is not the time to talk about it, and that this night was supposed to be about her and Brian, not Alex.

Alex insists on continuing to talk, and Sonja finally tells her to get out of her house. Alex doesn’t go quietly. All the way to the door, Alex follows Sonja trying to get her point across until Sonja finally just walks into another room just as the other Housewives walk through the door.

LuAnn agrees that Alex was rude, but says that Sonja should have kicked Alex out for what she was wearing in the first place.

In shock out on the sidewalk, Alex McCord calls Simon to tell him what just took place at Sonja’s and asks him to have a bottle of champagne waiting for her at home.

After all the drama, Ramona Singer arrives fashionably late, just in time for the unveiling of Sonja’s portrait, which the other ladies don’t exactly think looks as good as Sonja does in person (sorry Brian!).

Which Housewife was more out of line — Alex McCord or Sonja Morgan? Let us know your thoughts!

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One Response to “The Real Housewives of New York City: “March Madness””

  1. Linda Says:
    April 16th, 2011 at 10:32 am

    used to really like Luann, but now I’ve realized she goes around putting people down to try to lift herself up. She gossips and meddles and her interfering makes situations worse, very not-classy.

    The reason Alex was addressing the subject of who was giving speeches at that given moment was because that was the only time the situation could have been remedied. And even on episode 2, Alex tried to communicate the truth and Sonja didn’t listen to a word. I think Alex should keep speaking her mind and eventually a woman who has a brain (in addition to Ramona) will surface and engage in a dialogue with Alex.

    Sonja has turned out to be a disappointment, and I agree that the show was better without her. She is another Jill, all about herself and putting other people down and not being interested in other people (unless it is a chance to elevate herself or put people down). She doesn’t seem to care at all about the truth, and she seems to think that if she lies long enough people will believe her and she doesn’t realize that the only one who believes her, is her.

    And Jill, worse than ever. At the end of last year, she was so full of “I’ve learned so much and I’ll take these lessons and apply them in the future”. Now, she is saying that the 3 women ganged up on her last season and she has started off this season accusing Alex of picking on her all the time. This phony victim act is ridiculous and is making her even less popular. But it does not seem likely that Jill will face the truth about herself as long as she has her lap dogs Luann and Kelly buttering her up and telling her how great she is.

    I completely disagree on the subject of making men marrying men legal, because I don’t believe they were “born that way”. It is against nature and is sexual perversion. As far as these people being discriminated against, if they just stopped trying to force everyone else to hear about and see their sexual perversion, that would solve it. They say they want a life of freedom, well, I want a life of freedom from sexual perversion and sure don’t want having to be around it forced on me legally. Sure they should be able to do what ever they want in the privacy of their own home just like everyone else.


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