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Exclusive Interview! Chad Rogers Talks About His Vegas Birthday Party

April 15, 2011 05:30 AM by Christine McDow

Chad Rogers is definitely not bored since leaving the hit Bravo reality show Million Dollar Listing. He is still a star real estate agent in Beverly Hills, CA and still very busy. He however made time last weekend to celebrate his 34th birthday (34? Really???) in Las Vegas, NV with his closest friends. After he got home he answered some questions for us and sent us a bunch (LOTS!) of pictures. Keep reading to see our latest interview with Mr. Chad Rogers and see the pictures of his big day!

RTVM: Happy 34th birthday! Do you feel any older?

Chad Rogers: Thanks! I celebrated with dinner at the Sugar Factory before heading over to Chateau. I bumped into Jenna Jameson who was also celebrating her birthday with Tito Ortiz. Jenna and I both agreed to party as if it were our 21st! I truly feel that age is just a number. People are constantly telling me that I look 20! I do feel older mentally but physically I still feel like I’m in my 20s!

RTVM: Tell us about your Las Vegas Birthday Bash

Chad Rogers: My actual birthday was 4/5 but I celebrated with friends on Saturday (4/9) at Sugar Factory and Chateau. I’ve never had more fun celebrating my birthday! I mean, an Oompa Loompa brought out my birthday cake! Chateau kindly gave me the owner’s table to celebrate with 13 of my closest friends.

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It was really fun to see fans walk past my table shouting stuff like, “sell me a house!” I even jumped on the loud speaker to chat with the crowd. Everyone was pretty pumped and it really touched me that people enjoyed connecting with me in person as opposed to on TV. For the rest of the night we danced and did Vegas the way Vegas was meant to be done. I didn’t want it to ever end! My 34th birthday topped any childhood fantasies I’ve ever had.

RTVM: You took a lot of pictures with “fans”. Who is following you around taking pictures for you? What do you do when you have had enough and just want to be left alone?

Chad Rogers: I like taking a lot of photos with fans because I want to remember them. Usually when someone asks to take a photo I’ll have someone take one with my iphone. I really enjoy connecting with my fans. I never mind when they come up and say hi. That’s really what it’s all about and I appreciate their support.

RTVM: What is the story behind the rubber ducky cake?

Chad Rogers: Sugar Factory asked me what my favorite type of cake was and I told them red velvet. The rubber ducky cake was a total surprise. I told everyone that the ducky really wanted to party so I was happy he decided to join!

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RTVM: Tell us about Ben the “Oompa Loopma”. A friend of yours or just someone you met in Vegas?

Chad Rogers: Ben the “Oompa Loompa” was actually booked through an agent. I knew that I wanted to have a birthday celebration my friends would never forget. Because the Sugar Factory is also a candy shop and had that “Willy Wonka” vibe, an Oompa Loompa was perfect for the occasion. Ben was definitely the highlight of the night!

RTVM: How many friends of yours made the trip to Vegas?

Chad Rogers: I shared my birthday with my friend Scott Levenson who’s birthday was a few days after mine. He invited his friends and so did I. We had about 13 people in our group.

RTVM: What is the best memory you will take away from this birthday?

Chad Rogers: My best memory from this birthday is that I was able to share my 34th with an amazing group of friends who’s only mission was to make it a truly special weekend for me.

RTVM: Did Starla go with you to Vegas?

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Chad Rogers: Vegas is definitely not the best of cities for a Chihuahua. Starla doesn’t like to gamble or stay out late. I left her with a dog sitter who she loves! I’m sure Starla was having her own party. You know the saying, “when the cats away…..”

RTVM: What happened over the weekend that you are still laughing about today?

Chad Rogers: Most of my friends left Vegas on Sunday, so I decided to go back to Chateau with my friend Victor (AKA Victor Fabulous). Let’s just say that Victor got his groove on with a tourist from New Jersey and it was the best entertainment. The video is on youtube. It’s too funny! Check it out!

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RTVM: Your fans miss you and clearly want you back on TV. Do you miss TV at all? Any message for your fans?

Chad Rogers: My fans are very important to me. I message and tweet them constantly. I was tweeting them throughout my Vegas weekend so they could feel like they were there with me. It’s only the beginning!!! Stay tuned…. :)

RTVM: You were looking at getting another Chihuahua. Did you and Starla ever to add to your family?

Chad Rogers: I haven’t added to the family yet cause I enjoy bringing Starla to work with me and it would be too difficult to have both dogs. Starla is really easy to take anywhere as she doesn’t bark and weighs less than 2 lbs. She’s the ultimate side-kick and I want her to always know she is my #1 chi!!

More of Chad’s favoite pictures below!


Photo credit: Chad with Jenna Jameson and Chad with birthday cake with permission from Getty.

Photo credit: All other pictures with permission from Chad Rogers.

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