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America’s Next Great Restaurant: The Final Four Are Revealed!

April 17, 2011 07:10 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant the contestants will be asked to design once again and we watched as one chef ruined his restaurant’s food. This week the competition grows fierce as the remaining five contestants will have to battle it out in an attempt to make the final four! Keep reading for all the details!

America’s Next Great Restaurant kicked off the battle to the final four tonight with the toughest challenge yet – children! Bobby and the gang announced that the contestants must create a kid friendly, yet healthy meal as well as a toy to go with that meal, all while remaining true to their concept. Since the fast casual dining experience is extremely important to families with children, the contestants knew that they had to make this work or they could be eliminated.

Before they decided on their new menu item, the finalists were sent to a toy shop where they met with a design team to create their toy. They all came up with some pretty creative toy concepts that flowed well with their restaurants…almost all of them anyway. Stephanie created a neat little pita that could be stuffed with vegetables, while Joey created a toy that was similar to the game connect four but it contained mini meatballs and buns instead of chips. Sudhir created a coconut and when smashed open it contained a spice card defining the spice, while Jamawn’s was a muffin that yelled “Soul Daddy” when it was opened and contained crayons.

The only one that did not seem to fit well was Krystal and Gregg’s which was a little toy bug with no real information or purpose. But that wasn’t the only issue that Krystal and Gregg were having – their chef was a whole different story. Krystal could not get their chef to agree to anything she wanted to make, and being a daycare worker for some time, Krystal knew more about kids than anyone there. When they finally decided on an item, it turned out to be a kabob in which Krystal knew was not going to go over well. But the worst part came when they had everything ready to head to restaurant row and their chef dropped half of the meals, leaving them with no time to cook anymore.

But how did the kids like the food? Bobby Flay actually brought his teen daughter Sofie with him to taste the food and give her thoughts. Everyone, including Sofie loved Joey’s smashed turkey meatball sliders and his toy went over well also, although Steve thought it may be too expensive to make. Sudhir for the first time in quite a while did not impress anyone with his attempt at a healthy burger, although his toy was cute. Stephanie’s pita dish went over extremely well with the children and her toy was a huge hit. Jamawn got mixed reviews on his waffle stuffed with turkey bacon and chicken, but Bobby attested that it was much healthier than one he would create at home. Gregg and Krystal’s kabobs did not fare well and neither did their toy.

In the investor’s suite, for the first time this season, Joey had won the challenge as he won over 50% of the coins from the families, and it came in perfect timing because he needed it after a few bad weeks. Stephanie was also safe because her food and toy were a huge hit with the families as well. Jamawn, Gregg and Krystal and Sudhir were in the bottom three tonight and when they spoke to each of them, they were not impressed by Sudhir’s lack of energy to change his meal to something more kid friendly, but they saw passion in Jamawn’s tears as he spoke of his children.

Gregg and Krystal, however were told that they would be leaving tonight as the investors could not get over the lack of leadership between the two of them and their chef. So with two weeks left, our final four are Joey, Jamawn, Sudhir and Stephanie – best of luck to them all! Tune in next week to see which of the contestants will make it into the finale!

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