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Celebrity Apprentice: “Raising the Steaks”

April 17, 2011 08:40 PM by Shayla Perry

After a crushing defeat and the loss of Mark McGrath, team Backbone is determined to avoid the boardroom this week on NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice. But with Gary Busey at the helm, will the men be able to pull off another miraculous win, or will A.S.A.P. once again reign supreme?

This week on Celebrity Apprentice, the men are shocked and upset to see Gary Busey walk out of the boardroom instead of Mark McGrath. The ladies, however, couldn’t be more delighted.

Gary tells his team that he plans to do better and takes John Rich aside to ask him if he has anything to say to him. John tells Busey that he’s on to his game, and that he no longer believes that Gary’s crazy at all, and is only out to sabotage the team, but wishes him luck in the competition anyway.

After delivering a total of  $65,000 (including the $25,000 she won for her hat design) to AIDS Project, L.A., LaToya Jackson meets with Donald Trump and the rest of the contestants for the details on their next task.

This week the contestants will be tasked with producing 15-minute cooking demonstrations for Omaha Steaks that feature three occasion specific meals, as well as the Omaha Steaks Variety Pack, for which each team must create and name. Both teams will be judged on brand messaging, the name and contents of their original Omaha Steaks Variety Pack, and their overall presentation, with $20,000 going to the charity of the winning team’s Project Manager.

Project Manager for team A.S.A.P. will be Hope Dworaczyk, with Gary Busey serving as P.M. for team Backbone.

Right off the bat, Gary Busey assigns Meat Loaf with the task of chef, despite the fact that Meat Loaf has no cooking experience at all. Lil Jon, who does know how to cook, suggests drunken crab legs as one of their recipes.

When the Omaha Steaks reps enter the room, Gary Busey interrupts the Q & A to ask them if they get their cattle from ranches, then questions the company’s “suspended animation” flash freezing process.

Over at team A.S.A.P., Hope Dworaczyk tries to give tasks to her teammates, but surprise, surprise, Star Jones takes over. When the Omaha Steaks reps arrive, the team (starting with Star, of course) begins asking questions to help them get a little direction.

Team Backbone has begun developing their script, but Gary Busey impedes the process by offering cah-razy suggestions. When the team decides that they want one of their occasions to be Father’s Day, Gary suggests that they somehow incorporate the father receiving a kite as a gift into the demonstration. And here we go…

Trying to find more information on the company, John Rich decides to call the customer service reps at Omaha Steaks, but his plan goes horribly wrong when Gary confuses the poor man on the line.

John Rich and Lil Jon both voice their concerns over Gary Busey’s management style, with Lil Jon pointing out that Gary has yet to give him a task for the project, but they agree to let Gary do what he wants, in hopes that it will get him sent home.

After Hope assigns meals to her teammates, Marlee Matlin suggests that they make the theme of their Variety Pack, “Poker Night,” and the ladies all love the idea.

Meat Loaf suggests to Gary Busey that he should go to the Test Kitchen to talk to the chef, and asks if Lil Jon can go with him. When Gary leaves the room, John Rich tells Meat Loaf and Lil Jon that they better not leave him with Gary, and says that they should ALL go to the Kitchen.

At the Test Kitchen, A.S.A.P. makes a late decision to change LaToya Jackson’s dish from steak to a hamburger, which she feels is the team’s way of trying to make things difficult for her.

When they arrive at the Test Kitchen, team Backbone tries to come up with their Variety Pack theme. Gary Busey is dead set on creating multi-flavored steak packs. The only problem– that’s not something that Omaha Steaks does. After several attempts at trying to explain that to Busey, Meat Loaf suggests that they call their product the Ultimate Celebration Variety Pack and include several of the company’s products.

While Meat Loaf gets tips from the chef at the Test Kitchen, Lil Jon and John Rich spend their time goofing off, which makes the rocker a bit angry – and we already know what happens when he gets angry!

Meanwhile, NeNe Leakes watches as LaToya Jackson is given instructions on how to cook a hamburger and seems irritated that La Toya says that she doesn’t cook, having grown up with people that cooked for her family.

Star Jones and Hope Dworaczyk work together on the brand messaging for their task, but things get slightly awkward when Star tries to get Hope’s opinion on the positioning of the logo on the aprons, since she doesn’t seem to notice that she’s grazing the chef’s crotch.

While they are in the middle of rehearsing their demo, Hope sends Marlee Matlin and NeNe Leakes to get their groceries and pick up the aprons that Star designed. This bothers NeNe because once again, Star has managed to spend all day on graphics and nothing else. When Donald Trump, Jr. enters the room, Hope tells him that everything is going great and that she’s in love with the tagline that Star came up with — but doesn’t remember it.

Star is more than happy to tell Trump the tagline, “Time to discover what delicious really is,” but as he points out, if she continues to try to take over every project, eventually, she’s going to have to take the fall for a decision she’s made.

Back at Backbone, Ivanka Trump asks the team members how things are going, and Lil Jon asks her to take him with her. Afterward, she speaks to Gary and the actor tells her that he’s having trouble with Meat Loaf, who refuses to look him in the eyes when he speaks, but otherwise, he’s doing well.

Later, Gary Busey decides that during their presentation, they will share food with the audience, and FINALLY assigns Lil Jon a task — cutting up pieces of paper to distribute to the audience members so they can select who will get to taste the food.

While they’re on their way to the store for supplies, John Rich tells Meat Loaf that off-camera, Gary Busey practically scolded him, calling him “boy,” which the country star doesn’t appreciate. Rich says that Gary actually does some work off-camera, but he’s angry that when the cameras are around, he starts to act like, well – Gary.

After getting everything on their list, Marlee Matlin and NeNe Leakes get a call from Hope telling them that they have to make another stop, despite the fact that they still have to rehearse.

When they get back to the Test Kitchen, everyone on team A.S.A.P. gets working on their dishes, which they’ve decided not to cook during the actual presentation to save time. As they rehearse, Hope gets frustrated with LaToya Jackson’s “baby talk,” because it’s hard to hear her. NeNe Leakes is dealing with some frustrations herself, because as she’s trying to answer one of Marlee Matlin’s questions during their presentation, Marlee interrupts her with another question. Hope tells NeNe that she and Marlee will have to work things out to get their presentation done in the allotted time, but NeNe says that their situation is not as easy, with Marlee having to sign to her interpreter, then the interpreter having to tell NeNe what she’s said.

In the Backbone kitchen, Gary Busey struggles getting tissue paper into a box, so he enlists the help of…Lil Jon. With not much time left before their live presentation. Meat Loaf worries that he’s not prepared. When Gary Busey tells Meat Loaf that he’s supposed to be working on cooking something else, he tries to blame John Rich for the mix-up on the menu. John immediately tells Gary not to put the blame on him, especially since he made sure to have Busey sign off on the menu so everyone knew that it was Gary’s decision and not his. He then tells Gary not to ever call him boy again. Busey apologizes, but for John Rich, it’s too little, too late.

During their presentation, team A.S.A.P. seems to be doing well, but the Omaha Steaks reps are not happy that the ladies keep referring to the company as “Omaha,” and not “Omaha Steaks.” Another thing that may work against the team? The only person who actually cooked during the “cooking demonstration” was NeNe!

Not feeling ready at all, Meat Loaf walks on to the set for his demo. Meat Loaf does a great job of engaging the audience and mentioning the name of the company as he cooks, but between each dish, Gary Busey tells a story (and yes, the kite makes it into the story) that detracts from the presentation and confuses the audience. After just standing in the background during the demo, Lil Jon and John Rich tell the audience about the numbers inside of their menus, and randomly select 3 or 4 audience members to taste the steaks. One of the audience members happens to be one of the Omaha Steaks reps, who says that Meat Loaf did a great job cooking the product.

When meeting with Donald Trump, the reps say that while both teams did well, and they LOVED Meat Loaf, they didn’t understand why Lil Jon and John Rich had nothing to do during the demo, and found Gary Busey’s narratives between the dishes to be creative, but a bit long. Though they felt that the women were very organized, the reps expressed their concerns about NeNe Leakes not saying Omaha Steaks, and the team not doing too much cooking.

In the boardroom Donald Trump asks Gary Busey about his leadership during the task, and he says that he made the right decision making Meat Loaf the chef. Meat Loaf then tells Trump about his issues with Gary, and that he felt that he shouldn’t have been the only one cooking. John Rich says that it was Gary Busey’s lack of time management skills that hurt the team during the task. When Meat Loaf tries to explain his frustrations, Ivanka Trump points out the glaring spelling errors in the team’s menu, and Meat Loaf tells her that the menu that’s printed isn’t even the right one!

Donald Trump asks Gary Busey to tell the Father’s Day story that he told during the demo. After he does, everyone in the boardroom is beyond confused, but at least they get a taste of what the men have been dealing with. When asked about his teammate’s leadership skills, Lil Jon says that Gary was not here on Earth with the rest of the team, and was “orbiting out of space for the last two days,” mentioning that the only thing Busey told him to do was cut up paper like a Kindergartner.

When asked about her first time as Project Manager, Hope Dworaczyk says that she enjoyed her time and that everyone did exceptionally well. At first, NeNe Leakes says that Hope was great, but quickly changes her answer to “good.” Marlee Matlin says that the Playboy model was excellent as a leader.

Donald Trump points out the unity amongst the women, which the men seem to have lost, and then asks LaToya Jackson who she felt were her “friends for life” on the team. LaToya says that she thinks if she called any of her teammates, they’d be there for her — except for NeNe.

After telling the teams what the Omaha Steaks reps thought about their demos, Donald Trump announces that the winning team is A.S.A.P. for the second week in a row. Not only will Hope’s charity, Best Buddies, get $20,000, but they’ll also get part of the proceeds from the sales of the Omaha Steaks Variety Pack.

While the rest of the team celebrates their win, NeNe Leakes is upset that once again, everyone is trying to label her as a mean person. Star Jones tries to console her, but NeNe says that she’s not buying the things she’s telling her.

In the boardroom, Meat Loaf uncharacteristically trips on his words as he tries to tell Donald Trump why he’s so upset with Gary’s performance. Lil Jon tells Trump what he would have done if he were Project Manager, and John Rich tells him about Busey’s comment to him (“Sit down and listen to me boy!”). Trump understands why John takes issue with being called “boy,” but says that it would have been a bigger problem if Gary had said it to Lil Jon, and the rapper agrees with a “Hellll yeah.”

Gary argues that he said, “ca-boy,” which to him (and apparently only him) is like saying “cowboy.”

Trump asks Gary Busey to choose two people to bring back to the boardroom with him, but Gary says that he’s not sure because everyone did so well. Again, Donald Trump says how much he likes Gary’s personality, and Meat Loaf and the others agree — to a degree.

Trump then asks who came up with the idea for the Variety Pack, and Gary says that it was Lil Jon. (Whaat?!) The rapper immediately corrects him and tells Donald Trump that Gary Busey was the brainchild behind that idea. Seeing the hurt on Meat Loaf’s face, Trump tells him that he’s going to do him a favor, and after saying how brilliant and talented he is, fires Gary Busey.

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    I am in Love with John Rich. He is a no bones about it kinda Guy and Meat was a great cook. I felt so bad when he was so upset he couldn’t speak.


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