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The Amazing Race: The Racers Head To Austria For Freudian Slips

April 17, 2011 06:04 PM by Allyson Wells

On The Amazing Race, only six teams remain and it is anyone’s game.  In the previous episode, the cowboys almost got themselves eliminated with a mental error, but managed to catch back up.  Flight Time and Big Easy went from worst to first.  As the teams travel to Vienna, Austria, some get held up on the detour and wind up having to do both legs.  Who falls behind and can’t catch up, causing them to be eliminated?

In the religious center of India, Flight Time and Big Easy depart first from the banks of the Ganges.  The learn they are flying to Vienna, Austria.  Upon arrival, they will choose a Ford Focus and get their next clue.  Flight Time and Big Easy begin doing their Terminator voices and are happy to depart India.  Zev and Justin catch up with the Globetrotters at the airport.  Kisha and Jen leave next and are happy to be racing together.  Gary and Mallory depart and note this is the leg they were eliminated on during their last race.  The cowboys depart and hope to not make any more errors.  Kent and Vyxsin depart last and comment that they are the only dating couple left.  Flight Time and Big Easy, Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen and Gary and Mallory get on a flight with connections that should get them in at 5:35 am.  The cowboys choose one with less connections to arrive at 6 am.  Kent and Vyxsin arrive and bicker with one another as they get on the 5:45 am flight. 

The first flight arrives on time and the teams quickly rush to their cars.  They learn via video clue from Phil Keoghan, that they will follow his directions and clues from the Ford MyTouch System.  The teams must make their way to the Schloss Schallaburg Castle for their next clue.  Gary and Mallory struggle with their navigation system.  They finally figure it out, but Gary is upset at their bad start.  The cowboys arrive and quickly figure out their clue.  The racers stop in to a service station for directions.  Zev and Justin arrive at the castle first.  A princess gives them a clue asking them to proceed to the national library.  The cowboys arrive last and know that no one is behind them.

On the way to the library, Kent and Vyxsin fight again.  She mutters for him to quit behaving like a chick.  Zev and Justin arrive at the library first.  The detour is long hard walk or quick and easy meal.  In long hard walk, the racers must go to a Sigmund Freud museum and transfer a couch to the University.  In quick and easy meal, the racers must go to a giant Ferris wheel and pick up two local meals.  Accompanied by traditional music, they must finish the meal within twelve minutes.  Zev and Justin and Kisha and Jen do the meal.  Gary and Mallory arrive next and also choose the meal.  Gary tells Mallory he will help her eat some of her food.  Zev and Justin belch and begin to lose steam.  Kisha and Jen do not finish their food in time and opt to do the couch challenge.  Zev and Justin are also unable to finish and also leave for the couch challenge.  Gary and Mallory can’t finish their food.  They race off to do the couch challenge. 

Kent and Vyxsin and the Globetrotters get turned around at the library.  The Globetrotters finally find the clue and choose to move the couch.  The goths arrive shortly after and choose to move the couch.  The cowboys arrive not far behind and do the couch challenge.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive at the museum first.  Big Easy asks Flight Time what Freud did.  Flight Time laughs that he had dreams about sleeping with his mama.  Kisha and Jen arrive to move the couch and worry they are going to throw up on it.  Zev and Justin get there next and begin to move on their full bellies.  Vyxsin gets annoyed with Kent as they lug their couch.  The cowboys are relieved to see Zev and Justin moving a couch and feel like they have hope.  Gary and Mallory arrive last to move their couch. 

After finishing the couch challenge, Flight Time and Big Easy learn they must drive to Salzburg for their next clue.  Kent and Vyxsin drop their couch off second, and Kisha and Jen arrive moments after.  The cowboys drop off their couch next, and pass Zev and Justin.  Zev and Justin finally drop off their couch, after getting some bad directions.  Gary and Mallory realize they are in last place after they drop off their couch.

On the drive to Salzburg, Zev and Justin pass the cowboys.  Vyxsin gets annoyed with Kent when he doesn’t listen to her directions.  She angrily tells him she is tired of his psycho behavior and if they get eliminated she will never speak to him again.  Flight Time and Big Easy arrive at the box first.  They learn that one of the racers must dress as a chimney sweep and clean a chimney.  Big Easy does the road block.  He quickly finishes the road block.  Zev does the road block for his team.  Kisha and Jen and the goths arrive not far behind them.  The cowboys are next to arrive, and Cord takes on the road block.  Gary and Mallory arrive after everyone else has already completed the challenge, and Gary takes on the challenge. 

The Globetrotters learn that the Villa Trapp, the real home of the Von Trapp family is the pit stop for the race.  They get lost looking for it.  Zev and Justin are the first to arrive at the pit stop.  They learn they both get a 2012 Ford Focus.  The Globetrotters arrive second.  Big Easy is bummed to not be in first, but happy to still be in the race.  Kent and Vysxin finish in third place.  Kisha and Jen finish fourth, only seconds ahead of the Cowboys.  Gary and Mallory arrive and know that they are in last place.  Phil happily informs them that they are in a non-elimination leg, and they will have to do a speed bump in the next leg.  The relieved father and daughter think their third time in the race will be a charm. 

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