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Dancing With The Stars: Week Five Recap

April 18, 2011 06:57 PM by Allyson Wells

Previously on Dancing with the Stars, Sugar Ray Leonard was knocked out of competition. This week, the dancers will pledge allegiance to the mirror ball by celebrating America. At the half point, no clear leader has emerged. Each week has seen a new star shooting to the top.  Last week it was Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas.  Who will take and keep the lead?

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

Ralph and Karina are happy to be climbing back to the top. They are dancing the samba to “Sweet Home Alabama.” Ralph finds it amusing as a New Yorker. He wonders how people wear cowboy hats. He doesn’t remember from his My Cousin Vinny experience? While their outfits are adorable, Ralph’s hands are looking a little crazy again. I do love the choreography. I always love watching Ralph dance, but I worry that this week isn’t his best. Len worries that Ralph is not consistent, and lacked rhythm. Bruno agrees that the samba needed fire with the hip action. He begs, “Give me sex, man!” Carrie Ann reminds the judges it is Americana week and it was entertaining and energetic. Carrie Ann awards them an 8, with Len and Bruno give them 7′s. Backstage, Ralph tells Brooke he hopes to continue to work and get better. He jokes that maybe he needs to take Bruno to dinner. Tom retorts back, “Bruno wants more than just dinner.” Bruno and the crowd laugh hysterically.

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

Chris Jericho wants to get better than a 7 from Len. Cheryl points out the only way to do that is with technique. Chris then imitates Len giving criticism, and quite well! Chris thinks the pressure is on to do a waltz to America the Beautiful, such an important song. Chris begins the dance by saluting the audience. I think Chris continues to improve and shows a lot of grace. Their waltz ends with fireworks. Bruno agrees with me, and found Chris’s dance wonderful and strong, yet sweet. Carrie Ann feels they have underestimated him and he is a real contender. Len jokes it is nice to see Cheryl show off her Rocky Mountains, which causes Cheryl to remark that she feels violated. Len thinks his dance was a bit flat-footed, and he’ll get an eight when he deserves an eight. Brooke asks Chris if he thinks he’ll finally be atop the leader board. Chris feels good and can’t believe they are halfway through the competition. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 9′s, and Len gives him an 8. The pair is thrilled.

Petra Nemcova & Dmitry Chaplin

Petra thinks it is surreal they are halfway through and Dmitry admits he didn’t think they would make it this far. For their quickstep dance, they salute Vegas and Elvis. Petra admits she never knew who Elvis was growing up. Petra struggles with the bounce of the quickstep. Petra hopes to thank America with her dance, for all of the dreams the country has fulfilled for her. I like this dance much better than the paso from last week. Petra looks very regal, and her height doesn’t seems to be as distracting with this dance. Carrie Ann loves watching Petra, but feels she got out of sync and took a few stumbles. Len believes she coped well with the speed of the dance, but just to fine tune little things. Bruno thinks she was the golden goddess of speed and has beautiful lines. Backstage, Petra tells Brooke she is disappointed in her steps, but thanks America for supporting her and her Happy Hearts Foundation. Carrie Ann and Len give them 7′s, while Bruno gives them an 8.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower

Romeo is ready to move out of the middle of the pack with his foxtrot. He wants to be number one, and Chelsie loves his dedication. Romeo hopes to show off swagger in the dance. They dance to “New York, New York.” Romeo’s top hot is super cute. He looks so elegant this week, yet confident. It’s a really fun dance with lots of energy. It’s amazing how much more sophisticated he looks. Len thinks that overall, Romeo is on the right road and always comes out doing a good job. Bruno thought this foxtrot was so cheeky. Carrie Ann loves how he is embracing the ballroom. Backstage with Brooke, Romeo thinks the judges have been tough but he loves it. He dedicates his dance to his friend Cindy, who was just diagnosed with cancer. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 9′s, while Len gives them an 8. This ties them for first with Chris and Cheryl.

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Hines wants to beat Ralph this week with his rumba. He wears his headband like the Karate Kid. Kym decides to make their patriotic dance more romantic. Hines feels like a caveman with the rumba, but Kym thinks if he puts his heart and soul into it he will be okay. He is dressed as an officer. I love Kym’s choreography. Hines really tries to nail every dance each week. He always looks like he is having so much fun. Their dance ends with Hines sweeping Kym in his arms and her taking his hat to wear. Bruno loves the dance and how he makes the ladies swoon. Carrie Ann thinks he has the best hip action she has seen in a long time, but also thought the dance was romantic. Len likes that Hines has a natural ease to his dancing. Backstage, Kym and Hines tell Brooke it was actually a very unromantic week in rehearsals. All three judges give them 9′s, putting them in the lead.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Kirstie can’t believe that she survived after losing her shoe in her last dance. She wants to be the frontrunner and win it. Maks tells her she is his frontrunner and she hugs him. She wants excellence going forward and tells him she brought in a dance doctor to help them. John Travolta enters and jokes that they need to wear sneakers. He then asks them what is going on romantically and orders them to go get busy to sell it to the audience better. The pair dance the fox trot. They dance to America Woman. Maks rips off his shirt in the beginning while Kirstie does her best pole dance impression. I adore this pair and their risks. I love Maksim’s flag tattoo and their sexy hip action. Carrie Ann felt the dance was bold and ambitious and suited Kirstie perfectly. Len loved the attitude, but didn’t think the dance was his cup of tea. Bruno loves the American woman and the Russian gigolo. He believes the Cold War is over and loved it. Backstage, Brooke asks if the mishap spell is broken. Kirstie points out that Maks lost his shirt. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 7′s, while Len gives them an 8.

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Kendra is still reeling from disappointing the judges and low scores last week. Kendra cries that she felt attacked by Carrie Ann when she told her she was afraid of elegance. She feels like trash. Louis wants her to understand that the judges are trying to help her. Kendra feels better after talking it out with Louis and knows she needs to work on her confidence. She hopes the foxtrot will be a fresh start for her. It is revealed that the landmark 1,000th dance on Dancing with the Stars will be performed by Kendra and Louis, and confetti falls from the ceilings. Their song is performed to “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Kendra does look she is having more fun out there, but she looks kind of stiff. It is good to see her coming out and giving her all. Len thinks her dance was entertaining and she enjoyed herself. Bruno congratulates her for doing better, but to stop over thinking. Carrie Ann assures her that her comments are always to help them, and it is the most confident she has looked. Backstage with Brooke, Kendra is surprised at how emotional the competition is for her. Carrie Ann gives them an 8, while Bruno and Len give them 7′s.

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsea can’t believe they topped the leader board last week and wants to work even harder to stay there. For their samba, Chelsea is really excited to to dance to Miley Cyrus. She wants to break the rules, but Mark actually wants to keep it straight edge and traditional. Chelsea has really come on strong in this competition. She looks great with her technique and is super confident. Bruno loves her positive energy and sizzle. He can’t believe how clean her lines are. Carrie Ann agrees that they dance so well together. Len smiles that she has a great bum and their dance was well-done. Backstage with Brooke, Chelsea says that they always dance each dance like it is their last because everyone is so good. Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 9′s, while Len gives them an 8.

At the end of the night, all of the performers are in another close race. Hines and Kym sit atop the leader board. In the bottom, there is a three-way tie between Ralph and Karina, Petra and Dmitry, and Kendra and Louis. Who were your favorites tonight? Don’t forget to vote and then tune into tomorrow’s elimination during the Dancing with the Stars Results Show.

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  1. sandie Says:
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    I think it is time to get rid of Bruno, his body movements and his hand jestures are revolting, and disgusting to watch. Maybe he should think about returning to Elton John’s back up. I have been watching your show since it has started, but I am seriously thinking of dropping your show. Thanks, I was a devoted fan.


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