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Kitchen Nightmares: Kingston Cafe

April 18, 2011 10:36 AM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares and Chef Gordon Ramsay returned this week after a break to take on Kingston Cafe in Pasadena California. What will Gordon Ramsay find when he gets to this Jamaican restaurant? Keep reading to find out if Gordon can save this place and it’s hard headed owner before it’s too late!

Kitchen Nightmares returned this week as Gordon Ramsay headed to Pasadena to check out the Kingston Cafe, known for it’s Jamaican cuisine owned by Dr. Una Morris who happens to be a radiologist and three-time Olympian. But before he can even get to the place, Gordon is called for a private meeting by Una’s son, Keone. After agreeing to meetup with Keone, Gordon is shocked to hear Keone tell him that his mother runs the place with an iron fist, not listening to any of his ideas and always trying to micro manage his way of doing things. When Gordon drops Keone off and heads to Kingston cafe, he almost misses it with the barely there outdated sign.

When he finally finds it, Gordon is shocked at the set up of the restaurant as it looked more like an office building than an eatery – come to find the Dr works right door! Upon meeting Una, Gordon is also shocked to find out that she makes everyone call her Dr. Morris at the restaurant. Gordon lets it go and decides to have a taste of the menu, but as usual he is not pleased with he tastes. Their signature “Jerk” sauce he calls absolutely dreadful and he asks that he not be brought anymore since apparently they serve it with everything. All of his food comes out barely warm and Gordon is extremely disappointed in his $20 oxtail dish that contains far more fat than he would like to see on a plate.

Then he heads back to the kitchen of Kingston Cafe on Kitchen Nightmares and is dumbfounded by what he finds…not only does the head chef Daniel have no say in the menu, but Keone has no say in that the food should be cooked to order. Gordon finds frozen chicken and when he confront Una about it, this hard headed woman battles back at him and says she is being disrespected. But it only goes downhill from there as Gordon then finds all the food, right down to the rice in the cooker in plastic baggies and Gordon once again confronts Una, who thinks she is doing nothing wrong but Gordon assures her that she is and that he would never come in to her doctor’s office and tell her how to do her job.

The next day, Gordon decides to surprise Una at her office to get to the bottom of what is going on. Una admits to Gordon that she is very far in debt and will not be able to run much longer the way things are going. She also breaks down and tell him that her son is not telling the entire truth and how hurt she is feeling like her servers care more than he does. Gordon also learns that Una lost her mother at a young age and she wants to mend the relationship with her son before it’s too late. Later Gordon has a chat with Keone to try and get him to be more supportive of his mother and to fill him in on what she is really going through.

That night at dinner service Gordon decides to switch it up a bit and does an outdoor Caribbean style grill which will operate alongside the inside dining. The grill, which is being run by Keone is a huge success while diners inside are not having the same experience, so Gordon knows he has to take up another notch. The next day, after completely remodeling the restaurant – even giving them a bright new sign, Gordon also completely revamps their menu. Una seems concerned at first but when she tastes the food she decides to give it a go and agrees that the menu needs to be fresh and cooked to order.

That night dinner service gets off to a great start and appetizers are flying out of the kitchen, but then the chef gets confused and starts to send out duplicate orders. Una has taken a step back and let Keone handle things and he proved to her that he can do it. Chef Daniel quickly recovers from his bad start and gets out all the proper meals in a timely fashion, giving Kingston Cafe the best dinner service they have ever had. Una walks around to chat with customers and learns that everyone loved the new look and new menu! When Gordon checks in with Una a few weeks later, it turns out that though she had let Keone focus more on his school and less on the restaurant, she has taken a more hands on roll but in a positive way. The restaurant is doing great and Gordon is thrilled to see such a successful save!

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