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Survivor: Jeff Probst From The Future

April 19, 2011 10:00 AM by Ryan Haidet

It’s coming in the summer of 2033.  “The biggest, the baddest, most-extreme competition show ever,” Survivor host Jeff Probst says.  “Seven people from different walks of life come together to live and work in a 24 x 24 foot cube as they compete to win $1 zillion.”  Obviously, this isn’t real, but it’s the latest spoof on reality television by FunnyOrDie.com — “Reality Mashup With Jeff Probst.”

The two-minute video (watch it below) showcases Probst wearing a laughable “futuristic” costume reminiscent of Dr. Evil from “Austin Powers.”  And his pants — if you can even call them pants — are so droopy they could hold 12 adults.  Let’s hope the future is nothing like this!  With his hair slicked back, Probst stiffly stands there describing the concept of the “upcoming” hit, which combines various aspects of current reality shows — including The Bachelor.

Reality Mashup with Jeff Probst from Jeff Probst

“I’m not gay, but for a zillion dollars I might accept that rose,” one male contestant says during a confessional in the spoof.

“Then, without warning, they’ll have to lose 200 pounds in two hours,” Probst continues.  “And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more extreme, they’ll have to design an evening gown, dressed in drag, strike a pose while trying to catch killer dolphins from outer space.”

The video, which honestly isn’t that funny, then shows the contestants competing in those various tasks as Probst described.

Probst says the winner of the show is to be determined by their “random and uniquely unqualified” judges, which include Vienna of The Bachelor, Trishelle of The Real World and a pair of women from The Gastineau Girls.

What would a show like this be titled?  According to Probst in the FunnyOrDie.com spoof, it’s called: “Planet’s Most Extreme Model Designer Chef Lover Dancer Drag Queen Alien Fish Wrangler From Outer Space!”


The funny meter, which measures the opinions of those who viewed the video, shows that only 33 percent find the spoof comical.

Images screen captured from the video on FunnyOrDie.com.

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