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The Biggest Loser: New Zealand Part Two

April 19, 2011 07:10 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC the contestants, along with Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Cara Castronuova and Ali Sweeney are still in New Zealand but they will be joined once again by Brett Hoebel! But which contestants will have enough weight loss to send them back to the ranch? Keep reading to find out what happened in the second part of the New Zealand special!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight with the second half of the New Zealand special in which almost immediately the contestants see something flying from the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Brett Hoebel! That’s right Brett Hoebel is back as the contestants will be going back to singles tonight as well. Brett decided to make up for what he could not do with Courtney by jumping right into helping Kaylee since she had been in such a weight loss slump lately and he knew after losing her dad last week that she needed to overcome this. Kaylee proved to be much stronger this week as she realized that not having her dad around was going to help her.

The trainers pushed the teams on some adventures this week as well. Cara took both Hannah and Kaylee bungee jumping in which she, herself had to overcome her fear. Bob paired up Irene and Rulon to take them bungee jumping as well, and despite Rulon’s best attempt to avoid it, Bob talked him into it. Rulon admitted that he was afraid as he had been in a plane wreck four years earlier on the exact day, but he jumped anyway – oddly enough though we did not see Bob jump again! Brett took both Austin and Jay mountain climbing and the endurance that these guys had was amazing, neither of them seemed to struggle a bit.

When it was time for their challenge on The Biggest Loser, Ali informed them that they would be rafting down a river, on individual boards for five miles with the winner gaining immunity at the weigh in. Ali then decided to join the adrenaline rush and took a bungee jump of her own! During the challenge, Olivia was determined to win and both she and Hannah decided that they would not allow Rulon to win, because despite Moses feelings last week, Rulon still voted for Olivia to go home. It was tight but eventually Olivia worked hard enough to get ahead, until the end when Kaylee was gaining on her. Olivia was able to keep fighting however and ended up winning the challenge and immunity. She also got to take a helicopter ride as well, with her sister Hannah of course.

Later we saw Hannah break down to Cara about how she was scared to go home – I swear this girl has more and more issues with the more weight she looses. Cara, who seemed to be a on roll went to work with Kaylee alone as Brett did earlier to try and get her to overcome her plateau. Then it was time for a full out last chance workout and the trainers, Bob especially, worked the contestants into the ground. We did not see too much of Jillian tonight and we were informed at the weigh in that she had a family emergency and had to leave so she did not attend the weigh in. Speaking of the weigh in, this is how the contestants fared this week in New Zealand.

255 to 250 for a total loss of 5 lbs (1.96%)

247 to 243 for a total loss of 4 lbs (1.62%)

168 to 163 for a total loss of 5 lbs (2.98%)

172 to 168 lbs for a total loss of 4 lbs (2.33%)

161 to 157 for a total loss of 4 lbs (2.48%)

311 to 301 for a total loss of 10 lbs (3.22%)

164 to 161 for a total loss of 3 lbs (1.83%)

270 to 265 for a total loss of 5 lbs (1.85%)

This means that both Ken and Hannah fell below the yellow line tonight leaving the other six contestants with a tough decision. Obviously, Austin voted for Hannah while Olivia voted for Ken. Kaylee voted Hannah as well while Irene voted for Ken as did Jay. We didn’t need to hear from Rulon, because even if he voted for Hannah, it would be a tie and in that case the person with the lowest percentage is automatically sent home – that was Ken. So we said goodbye to Ken this week but Ken is doing great at home and is down to 238 lbs with a total loss of nearly 140 lbs! Best of luck to Ken, we’ll see you at the finale in a few weeks!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC as someone walks off the ranch!

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  1. joyce Says:
    April 20th, 2011 at 4:23 am

    keep the skinny ones send the fat ones home. Olivia and Hannah are so selfish time for them to do the right thing!


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