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American Idol: Top Seven “21st Century Songs” Performances!

April 20, 2011 06:50 PM by Lisa Princ

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest are back tonight on American Idol on FOX as the top seven take on music from the 21st century. How did the remaining seven do tonight? Keep reading for more details!

American Idol kicks off this week with the eliminated contestants of the top 13 this season – Paul McDonald, Thia Megia, Naima Adedapo, Karen Rodriguez, Pia Toscano, and Ashton Jones hitting the stage for a performance of Pink’s “So What”. Then it was straight into the top seven performances of songs from the 21st century. What did your favorite perform and how did they do? Read on to see how everyone did this week!

Scotty McCreery
Our country crooner decided to take on “Swinging” by LeAnn Rimes this week and he hoped to add a “rock” twist – really?
Scotty looked really comfortable up there and even worked the crowd a little. His performance, in my opinion was perfect as usual but the judges were a little harder on him on this week as Steven told him that he loves Scotty and his voice but would have loved to to see him “boot scoot” a little more. Jennifer told him that she loved his story telling quality but at this point in the competition she thought he should have chosen another tune. After the crowd booed Jennifer, Randy said he agreed with her by telling Scotty that he played it too safe this.

James Durbin
Our resident rocker chose a more contemporary tune tonight as he chose to perform “Uprising” by Muse. James looked like he raided Adam Lambert’s closet before he hit the stage. James blew the song away and of course added his rock twist and hit the high notes perfectly. When the crowd was finally done cheering the judges expressed their love as Jennifer started off by telling James that even though he was only the second performance of the night he was going to be the best of the night. Randy told him how amazing he was and said that he “slayed it” while Steven told him to stay out of his closet.

Haley Reinhart
Haley decided to go current tonight on American Idol with Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” and she rocked it! We are finally seeing Haley’s true potential. The crowd loved her and the judges loved her as well. Randy compared her to Adele by saying he see’s something in her just like Adele and that it was a great performance. Steven told her although it started off slow, it was a great and beautiful performance. Jennifer loved it as well claiming that during parts of the song she forgot it was an Adele song because it was so “Haley”.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob, who was described as a “diva” by his fellow finalists took on Luther Vandross and chose “Dance With My Father” for his performance as the song hit close to home with him. The performance was not his best but it was great and I had chills listening to him sing and watching the emotion in his eyes while he performed. The crowd loved him and Steve told him that he is so good, he reminds Steven every week why he loves music. Randy thought it was a great emotional performance but he feels like Jacob was holding back. Jennifer said she knows how hard it is to perform when a song means so much to you and went on to tell Jacob that emotionally it was beautiful.

Casey Abrams
Casey decided to perform “Harder To Breathe” by Maroon 5 tonight for his 21st century song performance. Casey came out with guitar in tow this week instead of his normal stand up bass. Casey rocked it tonight and worked the crowd, I almost like this one better than the original. He ended his performance by serenading Jennifer and gave her a kiss! After the crowd finally stopped cheering the judges chimed in. Jennifer started by saying Casey wasn’t playing fair, but then she got serious and told him she loved it. Randy told Casey that he loves that Casey is always about surprise and went on about how much he enjoyed it. Steven couldn’t keep up with his promise not to swear as he was bleeped numerous times telling him how good he was.

Stefano Langone
Stefano tackled NeYo’s “Closer” for his 21st century song choice. After his fellow contestants went on about what a flirt Stefano is, he tried to get “sexy” going during his performance with his eyes, but it was kind of creepy to me. Although there was no real Stefano twist on it, his vocals were very good and consistent, he seems to be making progress. Randy said although he thought it was going to sound karaoke Stefano surprised him. Steven commended him on his dancing and Jennifer said it was very good, he had his swagger going on, and that she felt like she was at a concert.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren closed the show tonight with Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly” and she proved her nervousness during rehearsals when Jimmy brought in some people to see how she would react. Lauren said she needed to pull off the big notes as she felt she was falling behind the other contestants. Her performance was beautiful and everyone seemed to love her, but we didn’t see any big notes tonight. Randy told her that we know she can sing big notes, and she needs to challenge herself. Steven told her she was so good naturally and that she has such a good swagger, while Jennifer encouraged her to take on the big notes and that she has such a colorful voice.

Make sure you go vote, vote, vote and then tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST to see who gets eliminated on American Idol on Fox!

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