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Survivor: Redemption Island — Island Madness

April 20, 2011 07:23 PM by Ryan Haidet

“I think we are witnessing island madness.”  That was a text message I received from a friend of mine as tonight’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island was airing.  That is honestly the best way to summarize what happened as a battle between Phillip and Steve boiled over the edge, which all sparked because of a contaminated container of rice.

Phillip’s Chants

The dislike between Phillip and Steve was teased early in the episode.  Steve was watching from the shelter as Phillip sat a few feet away chanting some weird words as he worked to improve the head strap holding his magical feather.  Steve said in a confessional that he wasn’t sure if Phillip is even a good guy or not.

Later on, Phillip watched Julie, Steve and Ralph as the trio stuffed their faces with rice left over from the dwindling Zapatera tribe.  He couldn’t believe how much food they were able to eat because the Ometepe six have been rationing their rice so carefully.  Because he felt like the food was owned by the entire tribe, he believed that he and the other Ometepe members had every right to have some.

This was just the kindling to the big blaze about to ignite.

A Redemption Island Three Way

At Redemption Island, it was a three-way duel with Matt, Mike and David all competing for a chance to stay alive in the competition.  Before the challenge took place, Matt said he never realized that strangers could hurt him so deeply.  As everybody from the Murlonio tribe sat on the sidelines as witnesses, the three guys worked to build a house of cards with 150 wooden tiles.  The first two players to reach eight feet high would stay alive.  The loser would get the good ol’ boot becoming the first member of the jury.  This almost seemed easier than the previous times we’ve seen this challenge (Gabon and Heroes Vs. Villains — see picture below).

I’m sure it had everything to do with editing, but Mike nearly hit the eight-foot mark shortly after the challenge began.  He did have some struggles getting his final tiles placed, but he stabilized his makeshift tower and became the first person to complete the task.  When it came down to Matt and David, it wasn’t even a contest.  David didn’t stand a chance as Matt topped the eight-foot mark next.  With that, David took off his buff and tossed it into the urn as his life in the game was turned to ash.

Rice Wars

Back at Murlonio’s camp, Andrea opened Ometepe’s rice container and found maggots inside.  So they took out all of the rice, placed it on a blanket and sorted through all of it.  They tossed the contaminated rice into the ocean, but had no clean place to put their good rice.  Andrea asked Steve if they could possibly place their stash inside Zapatera’s container.  But Steve wasn’t having any of that.  He didn’t think it was a good idea at all.  When Phillip caught wind of Steve’s concerns, he was instantly irritated.

And this is where the fight really took flight.

Phillip approached Steve and told him that the rice is for the entire tribe arguing that there should be no division when it comes to the food.  Steve continued to disagree, which sent Phillip into another one of his typical rants.  Phillip then threatened to hide the Zapatera rice container when they weren’t looking, which eventually ended with Steve calling the self-proclaimed former federal agent a crazy person.  Phillip took offense to the comment thinking Steve was turning this into a racial dispute.  “Now you’re making it a black thing?” Steve asked.  In typical Phillip fashion, he took the fight into weird territory.  “I’m the chief of counter intelligence,” Phillip said.  “Wang-chung kung fu expert here.”

And Phillip wasn’t done there.  “I’ve never been to jail.  I’ve never been arrested.  I’ve never been detained.  But suddenly I’m crazy on a little island with a couple of dudes because I’m telling them, ‘Hey man I’ve got some bad rice I want to put it in the good container.’”  This is when Phillip brought the “N” word into the mix.

Later on in the day, Boston Rob reflected on Phillip’s fight.  “Phillip somehow managed to make a war about white rice racial.  I don’t know where it came from.”  Grant compared the drama to watching Divorce Court.

Phillip’s Shorts

After competing in the Immunity challenge, which Boston Rob won, more drama arrived when the tribe returned to camp.  While he was walking around the beach in his granny panties, Julie grabbed Phillip’s swimming suit and secretly buried it.  As Phillip came back to grab his swimming trunks, he started questioning everybody asking them where his shorts were.  He thought it was Steve who stole them, which ignited another small argument.   “I want you know that I can play that game.”

To cover himself up from the nasty pink panties since everything hangs out of them, Phillip took his buff and made a loin cloth out of it to cover up his junk.

Tribal Therapy

Naturally, nearly all of Tribal Council surrounded the racial battle back at camp.  Julie and Steve tried to tell their side of the story, but Phillip interrupted and tried to explain why he felt it was a racial situation.  Phillip argued that when Steve called him “crazy” it was equal to the “N” word.  Then it just got really weird when Phillip looked directly at host Jeff Probst and asked him if he knows what it’s like to be a woman.  Probst clearly answered that he does not, which is exactly the point Phillip was trying to prove by saying that nobody else there knows what it’s like to be a black man either.  Still slightly confused about where the racial war started, Probst kept asking questions so he could try to fill the gap in Phillip’s logic.  This is when Phillip told a story about an experience when he was at a grocery store and a clerk called his father “boy.”  When Steve finally was able to speak up, he said that he’s played in the NFL where many of his teammates are black men.  He vowed there were no lines of black or white in his heart.

Despite the story completely surrounding these two guys, neither of them were voted off.  Instead, it was Julie on the bad end of the ballot.  As she stood to grab her torch for the ceremonial snuffing, Julie turned to Phillip and said, “Guess you’re not gonna ever find your shorts.”  Gee thanks, Julie!  Now we have to watch Phillip prance around in his nasty panties for the rest of the season.  Let’s all pray that he’s able to find those swimming trunks ASAP.  The good news is that I think Phillip actually has another pair of trousers with him from the start of the game.  Whew.

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