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So You Think You Can Dance: Cat Deeley Interview

April 21, 2011 07:00 AM by Lisa Princ

So You Think You Can Dance on FOX returns next month for its’ eighth season and in a press conference Cat Deeley shares some of what we can expect out of the new season. Keep reading to hear what the host of the hit dance show had to share!

The new season of So You Think You Can Dance is set to air on May 26th right after American Idol’s season ends. So what can we expect to see this season aside from the return of legendary Mary Murphy? Cat Deeley shared some details in a press conference for us – read on!

Question: What are your expectations for season 8?

Cat Deeley: My big expectation is that I want to see something different. Every year we raise the bar and we need to see the dancers personalities as well. We are looking for uniqueness and I think the dancers have properly grasped that this year as well. When somebody takes your breathe away and uses their imagination that is always something I look forward to seeing.

Question: How do you feel about covering the upcoming Royal wedding?

Cat Deeley: I am nervous because there are going to be so many people watching. It’s gonna be a big day but it’s definitely not a challemge I would run away from.

Question: Nigel has so many things going on, can you share some thoughts about him?

Cat Deeley: He is crazy, sometimes I see him and think he is 60 years old and he’s running around, doing a transatlantic flight every week and I don’t know how he does it. He is definitely busy by success of American Idol this season. You know when Simon left he didn’t know how it was going to be and I talk to people and they love Steven Tyler and then I talk to more people and they love Jennifer Lopez. It’s just great television and that’s purely Nigel Lythgoe – he had a vision and saw where he wanted to go with it and he did. I can only say that I hold him in such a high regards.

Question: Speaking of the Royal wedding, although you were only four at the time, did you watch the last Royal wedding?

Cat Deeley: I did, we had a big party in the backyard and we watched it. I just remember…there are certain bits I remember like images that are engraved in my mind. I remember how much fun it was and this feeling of hope and joy and and it was like a fairytale and I hope it is the same way this time around.

Question: Since there are so many more dance competitions out there now, does that make it easier for you to spot true talent?

Cat Deeley: It clearly shows this format isn’t going anywhere. People always ask if it is intimidating with more dance shows and we say absolutely not. I love that these formats keep coming out because it shows the audience wants them. One thing we have gotten better at it spotting that star quality. It’s like when you see somebody and you cant quite take your eyes off them – I think we have been pretty good at doing it this season.

Question: How have the dancers evolved this season?

Cat Deeley: They now understand that being amazing at their own style is not enough, they have to pick up on other styles. Quite often we have had people hate the criticism and come back to go much further. They understand demands of the show better now.

Question: Why do you think So You Think You Can Dance is so successful?

Cat Deeley: I never in my wildest dreams ever thought we’d be here going into season eight, I think actually the success of show, while of course dancing is amazing but dance is the narrative that runs through the show. It is the human aspect and the trials and tribulations about the people on the show that make is so successful.

Question: Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to the contestants when they leave?

Cat Deeley: Yeah it’s hard. As in everyday life there are people you find it easier to make a connection with than others. But we are good at leaving the door open for people. We don’t just take ordinary people and put them in this extraordinary world and then leave them hanging after ward. We want them to go on and have fantastic careers.

Question: You enjoy watching the Vegas auditions, why do you enjoy that so much?

Cat Deeley: Beecause the whole idea is when we go to all the different cities, I am rarely in the audition rooms because my job is to get the stories out of people, so for me it’s a great time when we get to Vegas to sit and watch everybody so I can fit all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Question: What antics can we expect see from the judges this season?

Cat Deeley: Well the big major change in judges is that Mary is back and to be honest I cant wait. Mary has this enthusiasm that is completely infectious and she doesn’t take any rubbish from Nigel, and I can’t wait

Question: What do you think you bring to the table as the show’s host?

Cat Deeley: I have to bring out the personality of the kids as quickly as we can. We want the audience to relate them as soon as they can. My role is also big sister, cheerleader, I encourage them and pat them on the back.

Question: Do you have any personal favorites that you would love to see come back as All-Stars?

Cat Deeley: Yeah, I love Dominic, I love his personality and how he involves his great humor with Hip Hop. I would also like to see Alex Wong back at some point – he has this huge following and he was such a great guy and it would be lovely for him to come back.

Question: Nigel tweeted that he was very proud of the Hip Hop dancers this season, does the same go for you?

Cat Deeley: Everybody is quite proud of the Hip Hop dancers and breakers, they have learned from the past seasons. They have taken the critique and learned the different styles.

Question: What does it take to be a good host?

Cat Deeley: My whole thing is I was never a dancer and can’t name technical terms…I am in the in between of the show and the folks at home.

Are you excited for the premiere of season eight of So You Think You Can Dance? Comment and share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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