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Survivor: Redemption Island — David Dishes On Rob, Russell & Strategy

April 21, 2011 02:58 PM by Ryan Haidet

He was never afraid to speak his mind, but his outspoken nature wasn’t to blame for his demise on Survivor: Redemption Island.  David Murphy simply fell victim to Ometepe’s domination in cutting down the former Zapatera tribe.  After losing the duel to Matt and Mike on Redemption Island, David was eliminated from the competition — but he isn’t gone for good.  He is now the first member of the jury.  In a conference call with reporters today, David dished the dirt on his thoughts of Boston Rob, Phillip, Russell and Sarita.  He also dived into a chat about his desire to play the game again before revealing his opinions on Matt’s constant chats with God.  But that’s not all, David also confirmed reports that he is dating a former contestant from Survivor: Tocantins.  Who is it?  Read on for that and a whole lot more!

Question: Boston Rob has been in control of the Ometepe tribe.  What is your take on the other Ometepe members?

David Murphy: I was really surprised that they were all so willing to take direction.  Nobody challenged Rob.  Nobody stood up to him.  Nobody questioned what he was saying.  Nobody went against his desires. …

Question: What do you think of Rob’s gameplay?  Respect or not?

David Murphy: Absolutely respect.  Thus far, through what we’ve seen last night, he’s played a flawless game.  He’s in complete control.  He has everybody in his alliance wanting to make sure he gets further in the game.  He’s got them all believing he is their teacher, not their competitor.  None of them are looking at him as a threat to their game.  They’re all looking at him as a necessary spoke.  He’s put together a very very strong alliance that is blind to how threatening he is to them.

Question: Let’s talk a little about the other returning player this season.  Do you think Russell was a disruptive influence?

David Murphy: The situation with Russell is interesting.  Did he pull his weight around camp?  No.  Did I find him amusing and somewhat entertaining to just BS with?  Yes.  Did I agree with voting him out?  Yes.  Did I agree with the way that it was done?  No.  …  I was not fully supportive of the manner of which it was done.  I didn’t actually have a whole lot of say in it though because the alliance wanted to do that.  I was still trying to work my way up the ladder there and going against what they all had decided would have been counter intuitive at that point in time.

Question: What happened with you and Sarita?

David Murphy: Sarita and I on the first day made an agreement to work together with the intention of going the distance.  The alliance of six then formed and a couple days later she came up to me and said, “I’ll still work with you within the six, but our individual alliance is no more.”  At that point in time I had pretty much written her off.  It was a stupid move on her part.  If she wanted to not work with me until the end, there was no reason for her to tell me that.  She would have been totally safe and I would never have gone after her if I didn’t know she had backed out of an agreement with me.  Much like Matt made the mistake of telling Rob he thought about flipping. …

Question: How is Matt holding up on Redemption Island?

David Murphy: My impression from first hand is different than what I saw from the previews last night.  I got the intimation that he was sick of being there, and it was kind of a downer.  But I never got from him that it was as bad as it seemed in the lead in to next week’s episode.

Question: How frustrating is it that Matt always seems to have God on his side?

David Murphy: (Laughs) If God is the one who is compelling Matt to go further in this game, then I’m obviously a bad person.  I don’t know that Matt has God on his side.  I think it’s a convenient storyline.

Question: Of all the people who are left in this competition, who is the one player you would not like to see win?

David Murphy: I would be disappointed if Phillip won.  I’m not gonna lie.  I find very little reason to vote for him, so if people actually did, I would be a little surprised.

Question: Having been with Steve and watching what transpired at the last Tribal Council, what were your thoughts on the racial accusations?

David Murphy: My take on the whole thing with the situation with Phillip was that it was crazy.  By crazy I don’t mean anything other than crazy.  There was no reason to think it meant anything other than that, and if Phillip doesn’t see that his actions warranted that label then that just further validates the position that he is crazy.

Question: Jeff Probst tweeted he would like to see you play another season.  Is that something you would be interested in doing?

David Murphy: Yeah I did see that.  I, without doubt, would be interested in that.  I’ve got some stuff left to do out there, and I think I’ve shown I’m capable of competing in the game.  I think if circumstances were different this time around I would have had a lot better chance at success.  I think, given the right situation, winning the game is well within my ability.

Question: Are you dating Carolina Eastwood from Survivor: Tocantins?

David Murphy: That is correct.

Question: How did you meet her?

David Murphy: Just through mutual friends.  She and I happened to know some of the same people.  She is sitting right here actually.  She said, “Hello.”

Question: Did you guys meet before or after your experience on the show?

David Murphy: Shortly after I got back.

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