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The Real Housewives of New York City: “Hairy Mess”

April 21, 2011 08:36 PM by Shayla Perry

After last week’s march for Sonja Morgan marriage equality, tensions are still high between Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord. Will the ladies be able to settle their differences on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City? PLUS, Ramona Singer makes a return to the runway!

Tonight, on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City…

New BFFs LuAnn de Lesseps and Kelly Bensimon meet for mani-pedis and girl talk. Envious of LuAnn’s relationship with Jacques, Kelly’s hoping to find love again, but according to the Countess, it’s not going to happen until she learns how to trust others and allow herself to open up to people, and Jacques’ new wine club for singles sounds like the perfect place to start her search for Mr. Right – even if Kelly is more of a beer girl.

Alex McCord, still in shock after being tossed out on the street, decides to try to mend her relationship with Sonja Morgan, so the two meet for lunch. Agreeing to disagree right off the bat, the conversation begins to go downhill as soon as Alex says that the march was about marriage equality and not Sonja, and doesn’t get much better after Sonja once again brings up Alex’s husband (Simon, is it?), saying that she was afraid he was going to show up at her art party that night.

When Sonja says that Simon needs to stay out of their relationship, Alex suggests that in order to stay friends, they never talk about the ordeal again. Because as we all know,  nothing’s better for a relationship than repressed feelings.

Later, new Housewife Cindy Barshop and Kelly Bensimon are meeting for dinner, but Cindy’s upset that she just had to fire her nanny. After some venting, Kelly mentions that Ramona Singer has invited them all to another event, which she doesn’t feel like attending. Since she still hasn’t broken the news to Ramona, Cindy helps Kelly craft the perfect text to let Ramona know that she won’t be able to make it. We’re sure Ramona will be crushed.

As it turns out, Ramona is getting ready for a (triumphant?) return to the runway. When she and Sonja Morgan (who’s along for moral support) meet with the designer for a fitting, Ramona tells Sonja about the text she received from Kelly.

Apparently, Ramona is crushed that Kelly isn’t going to attend the fashion show. So crushed that after receiving her text, she fired a text right back to Kelly, telling her not to expect her to support anything she does in the future.

LuAnn de Lesseps and her new love, Jacques, are doing their best to hook Kelly, Cindy, and Sonja up with someone special at Jacques’ wine club for singles. After teaching Kelly the difference between spitting and swallowing (really?), the ladies spread out and work the room. It’s been a while since Cindy’s been on the dating scene, and she’s not liking what she’s seeing so far. While Sonja’s in super-flirt mode, Kelly is testing some poor guy’s acting skills by having him pretend that he’s proposing to her a la “Due Date”

The next day, Kelly, Cindy, their kids, and a mini entourage of nannies walk to meet for Alex McCord’s birthday party that Simon has planned. Kelly tells Cindy about the surprising drunk text she received from Ramona at 1:30 in the morning, telling her not to expect her to support anything she does. Did Ramona forget to mention that she had been drinking, or did Kelly just assume that she was drunk because — well, we know how Ramona likes her pinot?!

Not enjoying the windy weather, after Alex accidentally spills champagne on her son’s head, Kelly and Cindy decide to ditch the dull party, which Alex thinks was just perfect.

It’s finally time for Ramona Singer’s big fashion show, and as they wait for the event to start, Alex, Simon, and Sonja share a group hug, celebrating their strong friendship that’s able to withstand all the drama and craziness.

When Ramona takes to the runway, the ladies are all smiles as she sashays past all the photographers. She’s definitely improved since her first time around, but there’s still some weird eye action going on.

With the fashion show out of the way, the next day, LuAnn, Kelly and Sonja meet Cindy Barshop at her spa, which she’s closed down for the day just for them. The Countess is quite uncomfortable with all the talk about waxing, but Sonja has no problem at all letting everyone know that she prefers leaving a little “landing strip.”

Surprisingly, LuAnn agrees to get a treatment, so Kelly follows suit.

Later, at yet another event for Ramona, all of the ladies are stunned when Alex McCord arrives still wearing the outlandish hairstyle and make-up from the photo-shoot she just left.

A totally nervous Ramona walks onto the stage to deliver a compelling speech about her business success. Unfortunately — Sonja Morgan is talking the entire time, making it difficult for Cindy Barshop to hear! Not that she was trying to steal Ramona’s thunder or anything…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… Jill Zarin was NOT in this episode, since she was on her trip to Australia.

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