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American Idol: Stefano Langone Elimination Interview

April 22, 2011 11:07 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on American Idol on FOX we said goodbye to Stefano Langone after his 21st century music performance of “Closer” by NeYo did not win over the voters. In his post elimination interview, Stefano shares his thoughts and plans for his future. Keep reading for all the details!

Despite the judges praise for his performance this week, Stefano Langone was unable to win over America with his performance, but this young man is not letting it get him down. In fact, Stefano tells us in his post elimination interview that he is ready to jump right in to the music industry and that he achieved all he came to on American Idol. Here is what Stefano wanted to share with fans and viewers:

Question: Two weeks ago when Pia was eliminated, you looked shocked – almost like you were expecting to go home. Can you elaborate on that for us?

Stefano Langone: Me & Pia had a close bond and I was really pulling for her. I knew how much she wanted it and when I came out to audition, it wasn’t ever about being “The American Idol” for me, it was about getting my foot in the door for the industry. She wanted to be “The American Idol” this season and it was very shocking for both of us.

Question: Can you tell us about your love of music?

Stefano Langone: It’s hard to really show your chops on the show. You know, Casey really got to show his musicianship and I wanted to save my original music and piano playing. Music has been everything to me, I have been playing instruments my whole life. I love music, I live and breathe it and I can’t wait to get some collaborations done. I know I will be doing very well after this.

Question: Being in the bottom three so many times before, did it give you the confidence to think you would survive again last night?

Stefano Langone: You know, for me I had been through that process so many times, I was thinking if I get through I have to be able to come back next week, and if I didn’t get through I would have to just find the strength to get through it and perform one last time. I got to lucky number seven and it doesn’t reflect on me as a musician or performer at all. It’s a show, and it’s time for me to move forward and put that footprint that I can leave on the industry.

Question: Were you shocked by James’ reaction last night?

Stefano Langone: James is a little crybaby [laughs]. James is my brother, I am going to be the best man in his wedding. He lost it but I told him not to worry about me just keeping doing what you do. I was caught off guard but I knew it was James when he hit me. I told him that I did everything I set out to do on this show and it’s going to pan out. I also told him to keep doing what he does and I’ll be back – we’re brothers for life.

Question: What did you learn about yourself from the show?

Stefano Langone: I think I came in knowing exactly what I was and I stayed true to that this whole time. As a performer, I learned so much from Jimmy and everyone and I will be using that in the big picture in the real world.

Question: We’ve seen so many former Idol contestants just go unheard from after the show. What makes you different that you won’t become one of those?

Stefano Langone: Well, the first thing is timing, everything is about time in this day and world. Also the market for what I do and can do -the producers know it as well as my managers and it’s time and I am ready to pounce on it. I didn’t get the opportunity to show who I am on show, I wasn’t able to showcase everything I had. When your doing covers for a minute and 30 it’s hard but it’s a show and it hasn’t hurt me. I am going in a different direction than any other Idol ever has, I am getting in the game quickly and I am going to work with rappers, etc. I am ready, set and cant wait to start working.

Question: Were you bummed that Casey got to kiss Jennifer Lopez first?

Stefano Langone: No I am happy for Casey. It’s probably the first kiss he’s had in a long time [laughs].

Question: How was it when the eliminated contestants came back?

Stefano Langone: It was really cool. Everybody is so cool and amazing in their own ways. They all have their own niche and just to be around that talent and great passion for the music was cool.

Question: Did you meet Mark Ballas?

Stefano Langone: I actually met him last week on a dress rehearsal and he is a really cool guy.

Question: Can you tell us about your grueling schedule on the show?

Stefano Langone: You know it’s funny because we work 7 days a week everyday and never have a day off, but that’s the industry, the business, that’s everything we wanted. If we get 4-5 hours a night of sleep, that’s great. It’s star school – it’s preparation for what’s to come. When they were a lot of us, our dreadful days would be meeting with Jimmy because it was long waiting hours, we’re talking 17 hours a day. And also the Ford videos day that last 17-18 hours per day. Mentally you have to stay awake all day because you never know.

Question: Who do you think your fan base will be, what is your target market?

Stefano Langone: My fanbase when I start doing music, will be fans of music. It’s hard because I haven’t done original stuff, especially on the piano. I can really perform behind the piano and show myself differently. There is not a Stevie Wonder or Justin Timberlake type of thing right now and that’s where I am going to go and make a mark.

Question: Was there anything disappointing about the industry to you?

Stefano Langone: This is the thing about this industry – you can’t be ignorant. It’s cut throat, I knew that coming in, I was not taken by surprise at all, but I am too positive of a person to let that get to me.

Question: Going back a while, what was it like to sing that Smokey song for you?

Stefano Langone: I am a spiritual man and at that moment I needed to shine with everything I had. It
was a special moment for me and everyone watching.

Question: When you saw Casey with the instruments did it ever occur to you to play the piano?

Stefano Langone: A lot of my decision making was about what I wanted to do after this. When I get on that piano, I didn’t want to be remembered on the piano doing a cover. I want them to see me doing my heartfelt original songs on the piano. I was saving that moment for myself.

Question: Jimmy Iovine gives you all great advice, do you think he would make a good judge?

Stefano Langone: Possibly yes, do I think he would do that? No. That’s not how Jimmy rolls, he is the man and he knows what he is doing in his business.

Question: What is your music going to be like?

Stefano Langone: I am going to show how versatile I am, like John Legend. I want to work with rappers but I also have the Stevie Wonder range. I have a lot of stuff in the bag that I haven’t shown yet.

Question: Do you think because you were a judges pick, that had an effect on you being eliminated so soon?

Stefano Langone: Possibly it did, but at the same time it went from 24 to 13 and you can’t dog yourself for that. It was hard for the American public to see what you really had and to get that opportunity was unbelievable and I made the best of it.

Best of luck to Stefano Langone, sounds like this will not be the last we hear of this young man!

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