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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Who’s Heading Into The Finale?

April 24, 2011 07:05 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight, on a brand new episode of NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant we will see which three of the final four will be heading into next week’s finale. But when the finalists are sent to Las Vegas and asked to create three dishes for the crowd, who will rise to the challenge? Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s episode!

America’s Next Great Restaurant kicks off tonight as Bobby Flay announces to the contestants that they will be heading to their toughest crowd yet – in Las Vegas. This week, the final four will be narrowed down to the final three, who will head into next week’s finale. The contestants are then asked to create not only one, but three separate dishes to serve to the folks in Vegas. The finalists are amazed and taken in by Las Vegas’ beauty but quickly remember why they are there and they get straight to work.

Jamawn has worked long and hard while the others were not to revamp his menu as he was looking to make it healthier, or at least add some healthy options – he took the judges’ critique to heart and ran with it. Along with his signature fried chicken, Jamawn decided to add a grilled salmon and greens dish as well as a barbeque ribs platter. Joey obviously went with meatballs, but when he told Lorena about his turkey meatballs in a heavy, creamy, cheese sauce, she asked him why not go with a lighter wine sauce, so he decided to take her advice also.

Sudhir decided to go with an Indian taco as it had been a success in the past and he knew the judges’ loved it, while Stephanie couldn’t seem to get her facts or menu straight! Stephanie was going to do a zucchini sandwich with some lamb but then decided she did not like the way the lamb was raised so she chose not to. Curtis was quick to question her and correct her, only to learn that she had no idea what she was talking about, how embarrassing. In the end she decided to go with the lamb on her sandwich.

Then the investors threw in another challenge for the contestants on America’s Next Great Restaurant tonight when they told them that they would also be interviewing and hiring two staff members each to help the carry out tonight’s challenge. The idea was to see how well they could choose and train their employees. Each contestant interviewed quite a few people before they each chose two to join their team, but who made a good decision and who didn’t?

When it was time to hit the crowd, the crowd seemed the most thrilled by Jamawn’s menu and when the investors stopped by they loved how well trained and hard working Jamawn’s employees were. They were also extremely impressed with all the hard work Jamawn put into his menu and delicious it was. The same went for Sudhir, for both his food and his employees – both went over really well with the investors and it showed that he took the time to train his employees.

Joey, on the other hand had a great staff, they were friendly and knew what they were talking about but the investors were disappointed when they were served raw meatballs. Oddly enough though, the crowd seemed to like Joey’s anyway – maybe they didn’t know they were eating raw meat? When the investors stopped by Stephanie’s they were extremely disappointed that neither of her employees could answer any of their questions, showing that she did not properly train them. Her food was not bad, but did not go over as well with the crowd.

When it was time for judgment, the investors took some time to speak to all four contestants alone, and we learned that Jamawn had the most amount of coins this week. Jamawn was the first contestant sent to the finale next week, followed by Sudhir. With Joey and Stephanie left, the investors felt that Stephanie could not carry out this challenge and they would not be investing in her concept, sending Joey and his meatballs into the finale along with Jamawn and Sudhir!

Be sure to tune in next Sunday for the season finale of America’s Next Great Restaurant on NBC!

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