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Dancing With The Stars: Week Six Recap

April 25, 2011 06:52 PM by Allyson Wells

Pull the shades because it is guilty pleasure night on the biggest guilty pleasure on television, Dancing with the StarsThere is still no clear front runner among the seven remaining stars.  Which one will shoot past the rest?

The musical brother group Hanson kicks the guilty pleasure night off by performing MMMbop.  Tony and Lacey and Dancing with the Stars Troupe dance along.  Hanson performs interludes of other guilty pleasure songs throughout the night, including Lionel Richie’s Hello, Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy

In rehearsals, Kirstie admits her guilty pleasure is Britney Spears.  I’m really going to root for Kirstie tonight because Britney is my guilty pleasure, too.  They practice the samba, and hope that it will push them back to the top.  Maks tells Kirstie she is thinking too much.  He then complains the dance is awful because she is giving up without trying.  She lays in his lap while he gives her a pep talk and assures her the hardest part is behind her.  I so love “Hit me baby one more time” for this pair.  I also love their booty shakes.  Kirstie has great footwork and seems to be lasting through the dance, which has been a problem for her in the past.  She plants a playful kiss on Maks’ cheek at the end.  Len tells Kirstie this season has been misadventures and never fulfilled her potential until today.  He loved her rhythm and footwork.  Bruno exclaims, “Hit me Kirstie, one more time!”  He believes she made the dance look easy and her wiggly bum sent shockwaves through the airwaves.  Carrie Ann is happy to see Kirstie is back and wants to see her in the finals.  Carrie Ann gives them an 8, while Len and Bruno give her 9′s.  Backstage, Kirstie tells Brooke she loves Maks and he gives her everything she needs to succeed. 

Chris Jericho & Cheryl Burke

Chris is pumped to perform to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.  I actually find this to be a good song, not a guilty pleasure!  Chris explains that he is also a singer in a rock band and wants to bring that intensity to his tango.  Chris is doing a good job, but I think he is taking a step backwards and seems a bit slower in his footwork and doesn’t seem like himself.  Bruno agrees with me and tells Chris he had a rough night and the dance was cold and uneventful.  Carrie Ann thinks the pressure got to Chris and he didn’t have the fun he has been having in previous dances.  Len disagrees and thinks Chris had good posture and footwork, but the intensity was lacking and overall did an excellent job.  Backstage with Brooke, Chris admits it wasn’t his best performance but he had a great time and hopes America will give him another chance.  Carrie Ann and Bruno give them 7′s, while Len gives him an 8.

Romeo & Chelsie Hightower

Romeo is happy his hard work last week paid off.  He decides to do “My Heart Will Go On” for his guilty pleasure because after seeing Titanic, he became a hopeless romantic.  He wants to bring DiCaprio’s romantic character to his waltz.  The dance begins with Romeo carrying Chelsie in his arms while a ship’s horn sounds.  This is a sweet dance that shows Romeo has a soft spot.  Romeo is really coming on strong and is so connected to his dance.  Carrie Ann feels like his dance was magical and he is developing his own unique style.  Len can’t believe how good he is each week and shows great maturity.  Bruno boasts that Romeo’s ship will sail on and on and on.  Backstage, Brooke asks if his kiss at the end of their dance was planned.  He admits he was just in the moment.  Carrie Ann gives them a 10, while Len and Bruno give them 9′s.  He then asks Brooke for a kiss and she obliges. 

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas

Chelsea wants to keep the momentum going with guilty pleasure week for their quickstep.  Their song is “Walking on Sunshine.”  Chelsea doesn’t think she is competitive, but Mark is the most competitive person she ever met.  Mark wonders if she wants to be the best and wants to see her will to win.  Although Mark twisted his ankle in rehearsals that very day, the pair still dances.  I agree with Carrie Ann from a few weeks ago and think Chelsea reminds me a lot of Julianne Hough.  Their quickstep is very light and breezy, and very surprisingly traditional.  Len thinks Chelsea fused high energy with control and did a great job.  Bruno boasts that Chelsea is so luminous and has loads of zest.  Carrie Ann asserts that magic has happened again.  Backstage with Brooke, video footage is shown of Mark twisting his ankle in dress rehearsals.  He says it felt okay and he wanted to work through his pain for Chelsea.  Carrie Ann gives them a 10, while Bruno and Len give them 9′s.  Chelsea is so happy Mark gave her a chance to stay in the competition.

Kendra Wilkinson & Louis van Amstel

Louis thinks the samba is Kendra’s best type of dance because it is a party dance and she can shake everything God gave her.  Kendra jokes that God didn’t give her her boobs.  She wants to make sure that everything looks clean and perfect.  Their song is to “Living La Vida Loca.”  Kendra’s footwork looks great, but her arms don’t look placed right.  She sure does know how to shake it, though!  Louis was right that the samba was the best dance for Kendra.  I think it’s the best dance she’s done so far.  The dance ends with Kendra shaking her booty on the judges table.  As Len would say, this dance wasn’t my cup of tea, but she did look like she was having fun.  Carrie Ann giggles that she has to recover and Kendra was a guilty pleasure and shimmied like no other.  Len admits she fulfilled one of his guilty pleasures and she was on fire.  Bruno boasts that her dance was revenge of the strippers and propositions her.  Backstage, Kendra hopes she gave her fans what they wanted to see.  Carrie Ann and Len give Kendra 8′s, while Bruno gives her a 9.

Host Tom Bergeron then takes a moment to show his guilty pleasure-a Speedo wearing backup dancing Bruno in Elton John’s video “I’m still standing.”

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson

Hines Ward wants to dance to “End of the Road” by Boys 2 Men because he loved singing it in the shower.  They are doing another romantic dance with a Viennese Waltz and Kym really wants to show off that side of him.  Hines doesn’t think he is a very romantic guy, but is determined to win the competition.  He is shown practicing dancing with his pillow at home.  I wonder if Hines has any acting experience because he is really selling the romance of the dance.  He’s really intense and obvious he wants to win this competition.  He has great lines and movement.  Kym’s a great coach!  Hines’ winning smile returns at the end of the dance when he gets a standing ovation.  Len tells Hines he is the MVP, most valued partner, and every dance he does is great.  Bruno loves the chemistry he has with Kym.  Carrie Ann thinks that he was over thinking in the beginning of the dance, which was very strange.  All three judges give them 9′s.

Ralph Macchio & Karina Smirnoff

Ralph wants to pull out of the bottom of the leader board with their paso doble.  He knows he has to step up his game.  Karina assures him that no other 50 year old man can do the moves he is doing.  She orders him to make his arms sexier.  Karina begins to do the “wax on, was off” from Karate Kid.  He shows her how to properly do it and Karina wants to incorporate it into the dance because it is him.  Their song is to “Everybody Dance Now” by C&C Music Factory.  Ralph starts off great, but something happens in the middle of the dance and Karina falls.  He gets it back together and looks great at the end of the dance.  I’m so bummed they made that mistake, because they recovered nicely.  Bruno knows he made a mistake but he still felt the fire and is encouraged.  Carrie Ann says “Ralphson, Mr. Miyagi would be proud.”  Len congratulates Ralph for pulling Karina up and getting her back on her feet and getting back into the dance.  A tearful Karina apologizes to Ralph.  Backstage with Brooke, the clip is shown of Karina tripping over Ralph’s long coat.  Ralph admits it is tough to get back into it because the perfect dance is blown, but he felt connected to Karina and the audience.  All three judges give them 8′s.  Karina is so grateful to Ralph because she felt lost and he brought her back to the dance. 

At the end of the night, Romeo and Chelsie and Chelsea and Mark are tied for first at the top of the leader board, while Chris and Cheryl are in last place.  Who do you think will go home tomorrow?  Feel free to comment below.  Tune into the Dancing with the Stars results show tomorrow night at 9, with a performance from American Idol finalist Pia Toscano set to a dance by Mark Ballas.

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