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The Biggest Loser: Favorites Week

April 26, 2011 06:30 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC the remaining seven finalists return to the ranch for favorites week. We will also see a NASCAR challenge and one player decides to walk off the ranch! Keep reading for all the details!

The Biggest Loser kicks off tonight as the finalists return to the ranch and are greeted by Sam Poueu, and Ali Vincent as they enter the gym. Sam is fan favorite from season nine who was the first contestant to ever hit their goal weight before a finale, and Ali was the first female to ever win the show. Ali and Sam put the contestants through a vigorous workout and then take them in the kitchen to share a healthy meal idea with them.

And the favorites continue as the contestants met up with Ali for their challenge, in which they were greeted by NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer, who will cheer them on for this challenge. However, that was not the only surprise for the challenge as Tara Costa walks out to join the contestants in this challenge as Tara took home the prize in season seven for this very same fan favorite challenge. The winner of the challenge would be getting a VIP spot in one of Clint’s races, $5k dollars and their face on a Wheaties cereal box.

It was a grueling challenge, but none of the contestants could keep up with Rulon or Tara. Rulon looked like he was going to take it but at the end Tara crept up on him – so much so that they had to review the tapes to see who crossed the finish line first, which ended up being Tara. So Tara ended up winning the prizes and Rulon left looking extremely disappointed…too bad all the girls on the team were thrilled that Tara beat him!

Then it was time for their last chance workouts with the trainers, and Cara immediately sensed that something was wrong with Rulon, who admitted to her that he was about ready to go home, he seemed tired of competing. Jillian noticed something was bugging Irene, and she jumped on the chance to have a heart to heart with her. Irene admitted that she still did not feel good enough, even though she was just shy of losing 100 lbs, but Jillian quickly turned that attitude around.

Then it was time for the weigh in, but before they could start Ali announced that Rulon had something to say. Rulon hopped on the scale and told everyone that it was his “last time on this scale” and then announced that he was leaving the ranch for personal reasons, but he did not specify. Everyone was shocked, and some thought it was a joke, but he hugged the trainers and walked off the ranch – probably the dumbest move in The Biggest Loser’s history since he had the potential to win it all. And here is how everyone else fared at the weigh in:

250 to 243 for a total loss of 7 lbs (2.80%)

163 to 165 for a total gain of 2 lbs (+1.23%)

168 to 162 lbs for a total loss of 6 lbs (3.57%)

157 to 154 for a total loss of 3 lbs (1.91%) * hit 100 lb loss mark, making her the first female this season to do so!

161 to 156 for a total loss of 5 lbs (3.11%)

265 to 258 for a total loss of 7 lbs (2.64%)

With that said, both Kaylee and Irene, although she hit the 100 lbs this week making her the first female to hit 100 lbs this season, were up for elimination. When it was time to tally votes, Hannah voted for Kaylee and then Austin voted for Irene. Olivia however was next and she also voted for Kaylee, so there was no need to even get Jay’s vote as Kaylee had the lower percentage of weight loss since she actually gained so she would be going home.

Since returning home, Kaylee has reached her goal weight and lost a total of 68 lbs. She attributed all her recent struggles at the ranch to being too close to her goal, but she didn’t look to be at ideal weight in my opinion. In any event, she is much happier now and even has a boyfriend – Vance, one of the guys that came back to try and win a shot at the ranch a few weeks ago! Best of luck to Kaylee, we’ll see you at the finale!

Tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC as it is makeover week!

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