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American Idol: Top Six “Carole King” Performances!

April 27, 2011 06:47 PM by Lisa Princ

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest are back tonight on American Idol on FOX as the top six took on music by the legendary Carole King. How did the remaining six do tonight? Keep reading for more details!

American Idol kicks off this week with the songs from Carole King. This week joining Jimmy Iovine to coach the contestants is Babyface. Ryan also informed us that the top six would be performing duets tonight as well as their solo performances and here is how the performances went tonight for our top six.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob was up first tonight and he chose “Oh No, Not My Baby”. Jacob struggled with rehearsals and Jimmy commented that he was a great singer but he felt that Jacob was in the most jeopardy. Jacob came out and not only sang beautifully, but truly got into the performance as well. The crowd loved him as did the judges as Steven told him it was about time he shook his tail feathers and that his character is what they’re looking for. Jennifer told him it was a tricky song but he killed it and Randy told him the singing was incredible as he was thrilled Jacob brought himself back.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren chose to take on “Where You Lead”. During Lauren’s rehearsal Jimmy surprised Lauren with a visit from Miley Cyrus which made Lauren’s day. Lauren had a much better performance than in week’s past, she completely worked the stage this week, with ease and comfort and even solicited an audience member for part of her performance. The judges loved her as well as Jennifer told her how proud she was of her and that she could feel Lauren pushing. Randy was thrilled that she came out with extra swagger and said he thought she was playing it safe but she actually made it something more.

Next up was a Haley and Casey duet of “I Feel The Earth Move” and it was a great performance sang beautifully by both of them. They looked like they were in love almost and Steven even commented on that when they were done, asking Casey “How much in love with Haley are you? It showed!” and then he went on to tell them that they were really good.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty came in this week performing “You’ve Got A Friend” and he was determined to have a better performance this week. This week he put a romantic spin on this song and it was absolutely perfect and beautiful – which is exactly what he needed this week. The crowd loved him, and the judges did as well as Steven told him he chose just the right song that showed all of Scotty. Randy said Scotty turned the other cheek from last week and did an excellent and flawless job. Jennifer told Scotty that is the reason they didn’t let him get away with a poorer performance like last week and told him her strength for him is in his storytelling.

James Durbin
Our resident rocker was next up on American Idol with his rendition of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. During rehearsals Jimmy said that Carole King and James Durbin were meant to come together. James knocked out the music and band this week and wanted to blow us away with his vocals and he did just that, I mean can we just give him the Idol crown now? After the crowd was done going wild, Steven told James he had him sold at the beginning while Jennifer said it was magical and he was the star of the night. Randy had a lot more to say as he told James we didn’t just see a great rocker tonight, but we saw a great singer. Then he gushed that this was the best performance of the show over the past few months and went out on a limb to tell James he may win the whole thing.

Then it was time for another duet from Scotty and Lauren who performed “Up On The Roof” and it was a very sweet performance from these two. Ryan even asked them if there was anymore going on between them and Lauren said she thought he was cute, but Scotty said they were like brother and sister. Jennifer said Lauren sang her brains off, and then told Scotty he did a really good job.

Casey Abrams
Casey decided to tackle a more difficult Carole King tune in “Hi De Ho” and Jimmy was not surprised that Casey chose a more difficult choice but told him to be sure to make sure every note counted. Casey definitely put his own jazzy spin on things, and he definitely came out to perform. The crowd loved him and Randy jumped in telling Casey he felt like the song was written for Casey and he is excited every time Casey hits the stage. Steven told him that he found his niche and Jennifer told him that he was in his element but she would like to see him loosen up more.

Haley Reinhart
Haley decided to take on “Beautiful” by Carole King and it was a good performance. Haley is definitely getting more comfortable on stage and as a performer – she seems to get a little better with each passing week. The judges loved her, well almost. Steven said he just heard God her in voice while Jennifer said it was beautiful. Randy, who had to endure many boo’s to get a word in, said he did not love the beginning, that it was boring for him but he started to get it at the end.

Then it was time for the last duet of the night from James and Jacob who performed “I’m Into Something Good” and Steven said it was good and that we all know they could both sing.

Make sure you go vote, vote, vote and then tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST to see who gets eliminated on American Idol on Fox!

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