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America’s Next Top Model: The Models Move To Morocco

April 27, 2011 07:10 PM by Allyson Wells

Five beautiful models remain on America’s Next Top Model.  They head to Morocco where the pressure to win intensifies, as they each are struggling with their own issues.  Molly tries to work on her anger issues, Brittani continues to try and redeem herself after her panel meltdown, Hannah wants to be more memorable, Kasia struggles with body image issues, while Alexandria clashes on set again.  Which one of these models will overcome their own personal problems to make it to the final four?

The five remaining excited models arrive in Morocco.  Brittani feels over the moon to be experiencing it all.  Alexandria feels on top of the world because she is owning the competition.  Molly is annoyed that she was in the bottom two at the last panel.  She explains that being adopted makes her have abandonment issues, but she will be fake like Alexandria to win.  Kasia thinks she has to work harder than the other girls because she is a plus-sized model.  The girls explore the city and check out cobras dancing and monkeys.  They are surprised when Miss J and Jay Manuel reveal themselves from under their turbans.  They want the models to be inspired by the amazing culture in the city.  They arrange for a special lunch and fashion tour of the city. 

The models take in the marketplace and all the scents.  They are taken to a beautiful restaurant and enjoy a special Moroccan lunch.  The models feel like the experience is surreal.  Kasia boasts that they are the luckiest girls in the world.  After their lunch, they are taken to Villa Amir.  Andre awaits the models and introduces them to Nouredinne Amir, a famous designer.  The girls are gaga for his high fashion clothes and model them to show off their best walk.  Kasia is dismayed that none of the clothing fits her.  She is embarrassed when they go through the entire store to find a dress that fits her.  She tries to hold it together and not show how upset she is.  Andre likes that Kasia wore heels and tells the other models they should always carry some with them.  He thinks Brittani has the closest walk to high fashion. 

The models then arrive at their new home for the remainder of the competition.  Andre waits for them to chat with them about how they feel about the competition.  Molly thinks Alexandria is super fake.  The girls cannot believe how amazing their rooms are.  The gorgeous home is complete with a pool and patio that contains a gorgeous view of the city.  Molly gets stuck sharing a bed with Kasia and Brittani and complains that she doesn’t do well sleeping with others.  Kasia thinks Molly needs anger managements and is happy that Molly is so angry because she might go home and give the other models a better chance at winning.

Tyra mail arrives that says, “You have made it this far but you are not over the hump yet.”  The models guess that they will be working with camels.  The models go to the desert and learn their first photo shoot will take place on top of a camel.  Jay explains that being on top of a camel is not as easy as it looks and camels are not the friendliest of creatures.  He orders them to model the mishaps for fashion photographer Michael Woolley.  Brittani is shot first, who has a tougher time than she thought it would be.  She manages to pull it together and Jay loves her body language.  Molly decides to pretend not to be cranky because she wants to win.  Jay thinks she nailed the shoot.  Brittani thinks that Molly accidentally did good.  Kasia struggles to look understated.  The photographer says it was painful to shoot her.  Kasia admits to Jay that she is anxious over how her body looks.  Jay gives her a pep talk and she feels better.  Alexandria goes next and clashes with the photographer.  She over thinks the shoot and can’t let go.  Hannah wants to be memorable for her shoot.  Jay loves the tension in her body and the photographer loves her look. 

The models discuss panel and Kasia is nervous she might be in the bottom two.  Alexandria complains that she thought she worked through it, but the photographer didn’t buy it.  None of the models want to be the first to leave Morocco. 

The models arrive at their first Moroccan panel.  Tyra Banks introduces them to Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.  Brittani is judged first.  The judges like the narrative of the photo and think she looks dramatic and high fashion.  Alexandria is up next.  The judges think her picture is so-so and that she looks angry.  Tyra thinks she struggled in her film and reveals the photographer thought she talked back a bit.  Alexandria denies doing so, but Nigel reminds her she has to be very aware of how she is coming across.  Kasia goes next and the judges like her photo, but wish she had more light in her eyes.  Tyra thinks she looked self-conscious in her film, and Andre found a lack of energy.  Molly goes next and the judges love her natural look.  Andre thinks she looks like a high-fashion princess.  Tyra thinks she was totally in the moment.  Hannah is judged last.  They like that it looks different from the other girls.  Andre believes she looks very edgy, but Franca doesn’t think she looks strong enough. 

In deliberation, the judges like Brittani’s risk she took.  They feel that Alexandria fell flat and are troubled that she had trouble on the set again.  Nigel thinks she is being fake.  The judges do not like Kasia’s photo, and Franca doesn’t like her as a model, either.  They love Molly’s elegance and dramatic narrative.  Nigel thinks Hannah looks interesting.  The five models return for the verdict.  The top photo winner is Molly.  The runner-up is Brittani.  Hannah is called next, leaving Kasia and Alexandria in the bottom two.  Tyra tells Alexandria her pictures are strong, but not as strong as the other ladies.  The judges are not sure they can trust her demeanor on set.  Tyra loves Kasia’s previous film, but all of a sudden she is struggling in her confidence.  Tyra announces that Alexandria gets to stay in the competition.  Tyra tells Alexandria she has some work to do.  Kasia cries that she is disappointed in herself.  Tyra urges her to never doubt herself.  Kasia is bummed, but knows she will never stop pursuing her modeling dreams. 

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