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Survivor: Redemption Island — Twist Strikes Tribal Council

April 27, 2011 07:26 PM by Ryan Haidet

A mystery package stirred up Tribal Council with a twist that brought a double elimination on tonight’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island.  Before we reached that point, we also saw Matt struggle with his stay on Redemption Island while Phillip rejoiced with the discovery of his buried swimming trunks.  Hallelujah.

Buried Treasure

After finding himself at the whim of another premonition involving his great grandfather, Phillip said he was led to a specific location along the beach.  Soon after turning over one of the rocks, he quickly found his swimming trunks where Julie had secretly buried them.  “Am I good or what baby?!?!”  He was so excited about his discovery that he started trying to quote a piece of dialogue from “A Few Good Men.”  But instead of saying the well-known line — “You can’t handle the truth” — he messed it up.  With comedic music playing in the background, Phillip said, “Son, you can’t stand the truth!”  He was thrilled with the fact that he was going to be able to wear those shorts at the duel on Redemption Island to show Julie she can’t mess with the specialist.

Talking To God

“I’m out here wasting away,” Matt said in confessional with tears streaming down his cheeks.  He was really starting to struggle with his time on Redemption Island.  He was missing his family, and feeling worn out.  Then, as he tried to explain how God had been carrying him for the last four days, Matt could barely speak as he covered his tearful face.

Once they arrived at the duel arena, Matt started talking about his 21 days spent on Redemption Island.  Host Jeff Probst noticed something different with Matt — almost like he was ready to go home.  Matt admitted that he would be “at peace” with getting eliminated.  “I’m going to do the best I can in today’s challenge, but yeah, I’m ready to go home.”  He said he felt like he accomplished everything he went there to do.  He may look like Judson “Fabio” Birza’s twin, but they are definitely worlds apart — especially considering Fabio’s new career in homoerotic horror movies (see below).

The challenge was the lame version of Survivor shuffle board that we have seen several times in previous seasons.  The first two players to get all three of their pucks in the end zone of their board would win the right to stay on Redemption Island.  Matt was the first to successfully land all three pucks in the end zone.  “God is not done talking to Matt,” Probst shouted.  “Matt has three pucks in the end zone, you are staying alive on Redemption Island whether you want to be here or not.”  A few rounds later, Mike slid his final puck into the end zone.  With that, Julie became the second member of the jury as she placed her buff in the urn.  “Peanut butter and oatmeal,” Julie shouted as she left the game.

Andrea & Matt

During the duel on Redemption Island, Matt glared up at Andrea.  But it wasn’t just him squinting in the sunshine.  Andrea felt like he was giving her a frustrated stare.  Once she got back to camp, Andrea was telling everybody that she felt bad for contributing to Matt’s struggles — on a human level, not on the game level.

Open mouth, insert foot.  This is where Andrea’s sympathy started to raise concern within Grant and Boston Rob.  The two guys decided that she was too much of a threat to stay in the game if she was starting to feel bad about Matt.

The Mystery Package

The big thing about the Immunity challenge wasn’t the competition itself.  Instead, it came at the end when a mystery package with a twist inside was introduced to the tribe.  Probst told them to bring the package to the upcoming Tribal Council without opening it.  That all came after Grant won Immunity and a Reward of chocolate cake and ice-cold milk (which he shared with Boston Rob and Andrea).

The Big Twist

Clearly, there was definitely something big coming since the tribe started voting at Tribal Council with 17 minutes (counting commercials) still left in the episode.  The tribe easily voted Ralph out of the game in the vote.  As his torch was snuffed and he walked away to Redemption Island, the contents of the mystery package were revealed.  It was another Immunity challenge they were forced to play right then with a second vote immediately after.

The challenge involved a simple game of memory.  Probst showed the contestants a series of tiles.  The person who could remember the most in the correct order would win Immunity.  Boston Rob easily claimed victory in this challenge before the Ometepe six held strong together once again to vote off Steve — the last member of the Zapatera tribe.

Now we have four people living on Redemption Island.  Hell, it’s like a whole new tribe.

Images courtesy of CBS.

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