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Dancing With The Stars: Why Chris Jericho Was Annoyed With The Show

April 28, 2011 04:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho and professional partner Cheryl Burke were the latest pair to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.  Chris admits that he knew the elimination was imminent.  However, he is annoyed with the show for one reason.  Keep reading to learn why he wasn’t happy.

Regarding his elimination, Chris told People Magazine, “We had it coming.  I enjoyed yesterday, but it wasn’t our best.  Before, we did better.”  However, one thing he did not enjoy was how his relationship with Cheryl was portrayed.  “Sometimes they showed more of the serious side of Cheryl and our rehearsals, whereas they’re showing Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas have water fights and stuff like that.  We didn’t have water fights, but we had a lot of good fun, and they never tended to show that.  Especially in the beginning, they were kind of painting a different picture.  But every package has to have a purpose to it.”

When it comes to Cheryl, Chris knows he has a friend for life.  “I had a great time with Cheryl.  She’s really funny and we have similar personalities, which is why I think we got along so well.  And it’s funny, after two months of seeing each other everyday, it’s going to be weird now.” 

Up next for Jericho is reconnecting with his family.  “I’m just going to go home and be a dad.  I live in Florida, so it’s hard.  It\’s nice to get back to the real world and get back to what’s really important.”

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