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American Idol: Casey Abrams Elimination Interview

April 29, 2011 01:33 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX‘s American Idol fans watched last night after previously saved contestant Casey Abrams‘ journey ended. In a post elimination interview, Casey discusses his journey on the show as well all the rumors that he and Haley are in a relationship. Keep reading for all the details!

Casey Abrams went out on American Idol with a smile on his face and it carried over this afternoon in a press conference with the jazz crooner. Casey happily wanted to share the following with his fans and viewers.

Question: You seemed to handle the elimination very well last night, were you upset?

Casey Abrams: No…..no, the thing is I felt really good even afterward, maybe I’ll break down crying another time but not last night or today with everything going on.

Question: When did you the shout out to Haley, were you saying goodbye to a friend or something more?

Casey Abrams: No, I just saying goodbye to my very special musical friend and that’s all.

Question: So you and Haley are NOT a couple?

Casey Abrams: No we are not.

Question: There have been so many rumors about you and Haley, were you ever dating?

Casey Abrams: No, we were never dating.

Question: Besides the bass, what other instruments do you play?

Casey Abrams: Yes, actually the guitar, piano, the melodica, the accordion, the clarinet and the sitar. I took lessons for about a month on the sitar, but the rest were self taught.

Question: Have you had any formal vocal training?

Casey Abrams: Yes, I’ve had vocal training in Colorado and singing lessons many years in the past.

Question: You seemed to have a blast on your swan song last night, what was going through your mind?

Casey Abrams: What was going through my mind was “make this good”. I don’t know I was completely in random mode, I didn’t plan on ending up on Haley.Nothing was planned and when you don’t plan it’s the best feeling in the world.

Question: Was it your goal to introduce America to new styles of Jazz?

Casey Abrams: I couldn’t feel anything less than amazing because I feel like I did something cool in this competition. But so is everyone else – I mean look at Paul, and look at Jacob. We are all doing our part to make American Idol different this year.

Question: What would we hear at a Casey Abrams concert?

Casey Abrams: There would be everything, the last two performances of “Harder to Breathe” and “Nature Boy” about sums me up. Just rock hard and have fun and then slow it down with smooth Jazz, it would be straight up Casey with probably more instruments than you’d expect.

Question: Who was the better kisser, Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler?

Casey Abrams: Steven Tyler! [laughs] Well, Jennifer Lopez just let me kiss her but Steven actually kissed me back.

Question: How has the show improved your confidence?

Casey Abrams: Everything, the show has done everything to boost my confidence. I used to not like to singing in public and now I am singing randomly in front of anyone.

Question: Do you sing to anyone in particular?

Casey Abrams: No – just to anyone. I try to get random strangers to feel my pain or happiness.

Question: Last night you were kissing everyone, are you normally a kisser?

Casey Abrams: That’s a good question. No I am not a big kisser, I feel like when I am on the stage and people are watching I tend to do things that people don’t expect.

Question: What did you think of Jimmy’s comments about your growling?

Casey Abrams: That is hilarious and it is good advice, and I listened back and think I growled a little too much, you have to have that balance. I didn’t have that balance last night I was having too much fun.

Question: What will we see on your album?

Casey Abrams: On the cover – definitely a beard and an upright bass on it. It could be rock, it could be jazz or a mixture of both and I have a feeling it will be just that, a mixture.

Question: Were you purposely ignoring the judges advice not to growl?

Casey Abrams: It is kind of how I sing when I don’t think about it. I think maybe the Maroon 5 song needed it and the “Hi De Ho” needed it but I gave it a little too much – it is hard to define a good or bad growl.

Question: What songs would you have sang next week?

Casey Abrams: I was thinking something with the guitar for the 60′s and for the now I was thinking “Smooth” by Santana or Blink 182 just for fun.

Question: How did you keep going with your stomach issues/ulcer?

Casey Abrams: I just kept getting injections of that good old medicine that helped me out and I learned how to deal with the stress. the show has taught me how to do that, I usually just hold that in.

Question: When you sang Nirvana you kind of alluded to some pain or anger, can you explain?

Casey Abrams: I laugh at everything…..I am a more happy person than most people, I laugh too often and maybe I just have this aggression built up that I have to let it. I take things easy, it’s a good question…Nah, I think it’s not aggression just want to do something different.

Question: Did you ever think you would get this far after the save or did you think you would be eliminated the next week?

Casey Abrams: I was afraid of that and that is why I had to work hard. I would have been embarrassed if I got cut the next week, I worked hard and I can’t be made at that.

Best of luck to Casey Abrams! We will miss you on the show every week! Be sure to tune in Wednesday at 8 pm EST for a brand new performance episode of American Idol on Fox!

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  1. JZHealth Says:
    April 29th, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Best of luck to Casey! I think he’ll do great, you don’t need to win Idol to be a success. Keep your smile bright and just keeping smiling.


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