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Kitchen Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Takes On La Frite Cafe Tonight!

April 29, 2011 06:41 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares and Gordon Ramsay are back tonight and heading to California to come to the rescue of La Frite Cafe. But is it more than just the poor French cuisine that has Gordon wondering if he should even bother? Keep reading for all the details!

Kitchen Nightmares was back tonight and Gordon Ramsay headed to La Frite Cafe tonight to help save this family business. But before he could get there, owner Andre made a surprise visit to Gordon’s restaurant to chat with him privately about the problems going on at his restaurant. As it turns out Andre wants to hand the business over to his two children, but they do not get along well although they used to be great friends – until he brought his daughter Celine on as part of the restaurant team.

When Gordon arrives at La Frite, he horrified by the food – crepes that aren’t cooked properly, a microwaved quiche and a salad covered in vinegar. When he decides to confront the head chef about the quiche, he gets lied to as Martine, the head chef tells him he did not microwave it, when in fact he did. Gordon is also shocked to learn that Martine will not even acknowledge Celine when she tries to speak to him, even regarding the orders for dinner! But what is even more shocking comes later when Celine’s brother Alex arrives and refuses to acknowledge any of the problems either – he can’t even look at Gordon Ramsay while Gordon is speaking to him.

When Gordon notices the tension between Celine and Alex, along with Martine not giving a hoot about all the food coming back to the kitchen he asks to see Andre, only to learn he is at a hockey game, instead of running his restaurant. Gordon asks Celine to call him and threatens to walk out if Andre does not show up. Andre shows up and Gordon explains just how bad the problems really are. Then Gordon asks Andre to sit and watch a screen a hidden camera while he goes to talk to both Celine and Alex. After Celine breaks down to her brother, Alex admits he was jealous and wrong and the pair have a heartwarming hug and vow to make the restaurant work. Then Andre emerges in tears telling his children that he watched the entire thing.

The next day, Chef Ramsay decides to try something new – a fresh crepe station and he puts Andre in charge of it while he wants Celine to continue to try and get Martine to communicate with her. The crepe station is a huge success and Alex is finally having fun again, but the kitchen is a complete nightmare. Martine is continuing to ignore Celine and showing no concern over the customer’s food either. Andre got to see this all first hand and Gordon informs Andre and his children that there will be some big changes tomorrow.

When the three arrive the next day, they are thrilled to see that Gordon has revamped the entire restaurant, giving it a fresh, new look. But that is not all he revamped as he hands them new menus and gives them a look and taste of it as well. But the surprises are not done yet as chef Ramsay then introduces them to a new head chef who will be advising and teaching their staff how to properly cook these new dishes as well as execute the kitchen properly. Chef Chuy, that Gordon brought in even came with 15 years experience in the French Bistro industry so Gordon is sure this will solve their issues in the kitchen.

At the relaunch, things seem to get off to a smooth start and the customers are loving their food. But that quickly comes to an end when Martine starts falling back into his same routine of ignoring Celine and the customers. After some of the customers got angry and walked out, Gordon told Celine she needed to do something and take control, so she decided to hand the reigns over to chef Chuy and let him take control of the kitchen. This turned out to be a great decision since he was communicating perfectly and was able to get dinner service completed without losing any more customers.

After dinner service was over, Gordon Ramsay was pleased with how things turned around but advised the family that they would need to think about making some serious changes to the kitchen – I think he was hinting about firing Martine but didn’t say it in so many words. When he checked back in, Alex and Celine were still happily running the business together and it turned out that they did not fire Martine, but they did hire chef Chuy on permanently as their head chef, so he would be overseeing Martin. Another successful trip for Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares!

Be sure to tune in next Friday for a brand new episode of Kitchen Nightmares on FOX!

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