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The Amazing Race Winner Nat Strand Talks About Diabetes

April 30, 2011 12:00 PM by Allyson Wells

Nat Strand and Kat Chang were not only the Season 17 Amazing Race winners, they were also the first all-female team to win the race. However, Nat dealt with her own personal struggle on the race-managing her diabetes while under intense circumstances in foreign countries. Nat spoke out about how she dealt with the challenge with Diabetes Forecast.

She revealed what running the race was like with her diabetes to the magazine. “The race is probably the hardest situation you can imagine for a diabetic: limited supplies, an irregular schedule, the inability to control your food, extreme amounts of activity at intermittent times, time zone changes almost every day. Honestly, I figured, ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.’”

Nat not only prides herself in running the race for people who have diabetes, but also the manner in which she and her partner Kat conducted themselves. “As a woman, I know I can do anything, but as a diabetic, I was nervous—I felt like I was biting off a little more than I could chew. I’m glad we were the first female team to win and that we did it while getting along and proving that you can be strong, smart, athletic, quick-witted, and competitive, and still be humble, polite, nice, and respectful to each other. But I was way more surprised and happy that we finished the race without my health causing a huge problem. It felt like a huge accomplishment, and I hope it shows that you can be as active as you want, and do pretty much anything, with diabetes.”

Nat was able to complete the race by planning everything in advance and being prepared for any situation. “I had to think of every single disaster that could happen and try to plan ahead for it. I had so much diabetes-related stuff that I didn’t even pack a hairbrush, leaving pretty crazy hair. But thankfully, I had absolutely everything I really needed.” The planning obviously paid off and now the doctor can enjoy her million dollar prize.

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