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America’s Next Great Restaurant: Season Finale

May 01, 2011 06:52 PM by Lisa Princ

Curtis Stone, Lorena Garcia, Steve Ells and Bobby Flay are back one more time as NBC‘s America’s Next Great Restaurant comes to a close tonight in the season finale! But whose healthy, fast casual menu will win over the customers and the investors? Keep reading to find out who takes the crown!

America’s Next Great Restaurant kicks off the season finale tonight on NBC as the final three must use the space provided by the investors and create their restaurant. Steve Ells brings in the company that helped him design the Chipotle logo to help the final three with theirs. With the investors keeping a close eye, both Joey and Jamawn had an easy time while Sudhir was a little pickier on the colors in his.

Once the logo was complete they had to design the interior of their restaurants. Joey went with a brick look, while Sudhir’s was full of color and comfort, including pillows on the seats. Jamawn decided to go with black and purple colors in lieu of his upcoming wedding which will be in those colors. During the creation, Jamawn has a breakdown knowing how close he is to his dream.

Then they had to work on their menu’s. Oddly, despite a suggestion by Curtis to make a prawn curry dish, Sudhir left anything curry of his menu and decided to go with more of a Chipotle type menu with tacos, quesadillas, etc. Jamawn took all the investors’ advice aside from Bobby and went with a baked chicken for a lighter, healthier option – Bobby was disappointed though as he loves the fried chicken. Joey did all his meatballs as usual and had an array of different sandwiches on his menu.

The three finalists then had to hire a staff for their new restaurants – well for the day anyway. But just when they thought they had seen it all, they were all surprised when their family members showed up before anyone else did. Sudhir was greeted by his sister and some friends, while we met Joey’s wife and two children. Jamawn was shocked to see not only his fiancee and three children, but also his inspiration, his father. It was emotional time for all three of them and made them each realize just how much they wanted this dream to come true.

When they were prepping for their lunch service, Joey decided to do a trial run with his staff and it turned out to be a disaster! They could not seem to communicate properly, and orders were getting mixed up. That bad service carried over into his lunch service as well. The girl he hired to take the orders was an obvious mistake as she could not the orders simply written clear enough for the cooks to get out the correct order. There were tickets everywhere, including the floor as well as double tickets – luckily for Joey, everyone, including the investors seemed to love his food which would be the only thing to save at this point if possible.

When the investors when to Spice Coast, they were surprised that Sudhir seemed to take on a more Mexican menu than Indian. Curtis seemed to be extremely annoyed that Sudhir did that and did not take his advice. The four did love the flavors though and his decor. Then they headed to Soul Daddy where they were hit in the face with the bright purple decor, which they were not crazy about, but they loved his food. Bobby Flay was a bit disappointed that there was no fried chicken, but all four judges agreed that Jamawn’s baked chicken was delicious and a much healthier option.

The customers all seemed to love everyone’s cooking so the judges had a tough decision ahead of them. They went over every detail with a fine tooth comb before making their decision. After what I am sure was hours of deliberation between the four investors they called the final three to come into their suite. Then they announced that the winner of America’s Next Great Restaurant based on everything they had seen thus far was Jamawn of Soul Daddy! Afterward, Bobby took Jamawn to check out one of his new restaurants where he was greeted by his family and they had an emotional time. Congratulations to Jamawn – no more chicken and waffles for that dedicated dad!

Did the investors make the right decision? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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