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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Dickinson Family

May 01, 2011 06:10 PM by Candace Young

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition design team ride the bus to Beaufort, South Carolina tonight to do a home makeover for the Dickinson family a marine family who are living in a house that is making them sick. They have mold, mildew, and safety issues. Bill Dickinson had to go to Afghanistan, forced to leave his family behind in the terrible living situation. Family friend, Russell, accompanies the design team to the base. Keep reading for highlights…

Ty Pennington leaps from the bus with his megaphone as the design team and numerous marines surprise the Dickinson family; mother, India, and children, Grant, Brianna, Bailey, Isabella, and Sophia.  The family is put in contact with Bill over in Afghanistan to relay the happy news. He is grateful and overcome with emotion.  Ty speaks privately with Bill, who admits he’s always wanted to give his wife a proper wedding ring, but hasn’t been able to afford it due to the issues with the house.

India takes Ty on a tour of the house, as Xzibit chats with Isabella, the young skateboarder, Jillian Harris chats with Brianna, and Paul watches Bailey demonstrate sport stacking. Xzibit speaks with eldest son, Grant, who wants to follow in Bill’s footsteps. India tells Jillian that Bill has missed the baby’s first two Christmas’s due to being deployed.

The volunteers arrive, along with the builders from H2 Builders, who are introduced to the family. India and the kids are told they are going to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

When it’s time for the demolition, the marines move in to tear down the house. The Dickinson family and Bill in Afghanistan watch via satellite.  They secure the area, and the marines break the door down and load the house with dynamite.  They blow the house sky-high.

Paul is working on a stacking cup-themed room for Bailey. Jillian is working on a project for Brianna’s room – it’s all ‘glamoflage’ – a little bit of glam, a little bit of camouflage.  Xzibit is making a skateboard room for Isabella.

The southern-style home complete with wraparound porch is progressing well.  Ty plans his special room for Bill and India, which will contain a wedding ring from Bill in a special jewelry box. Xzibit gets a workout from the marines, who tell him he did not pass the test. Pauly takes on volunteers in sport stacking. The world champ is brought in to teach him a lesson. Jillian works on a nursery for Sofia that has touches in it to remind her of Bill.

The wives of marines overseas pack up care packages – 800 of them – with Pauly’s help. Xzibit has a cityscape put in Isabella’s skate room. Soon, Ty is hollering for the furniture to be moved in!

The family is brought back and gifted with a 2011 Ford Explorer with Bill’s photo on the dash.  Bill is brought in by live feed and starts the chant to ‘move that bus’. India and Bill cry at the sight of their new white southern home. They thanks Todd Hawk and his crew from H2 Builders.

India and the kids go inside and stare open-mouthed at the use of marine colors and space. Isabella is in awe of her skateboard room, complete with an area to do tricks! Bailey checks out the stacking cup room – he even has cup blinds! Brianna loves her glamoflage bedroom. Grant is very impressed with his military room, declaring it ‘tight’.  India takes Sofia in to see her healthy nursery. Bill watches all the reveals from the flat screen TVs.

Finally, India gets to check out the new master bedroom. She finds the jewelry containing an absolutely gorgeous wedding ring. She cries and thanks her husband on the TV screen. Outside, Ty welcomes the Dickinson family home.

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Photos Courtesy: Ty Pennington Blog, Reality TV Magazine

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  1. Barb Patterson Says:
    May 10th, 2011 at 4:57 am

    Just to clear things up – the 800 care packages were paid for, packed and sent by the volunteers of a national organization called “MarineParents.com.” Several Marine wives helped pack the boxes. Ford donated $10,000 to MarineParents during the part of the show when the Dickinson family received a new car.


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