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The Amazing Race: The Matterhorn, Swiss Chocolate, And One Big Error

May 01, 2011 06:15 PM by Allyson Wells

Previously on The Amazing Race, the Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy felt the pressure of the race and u-turned the Cowboys, causing them to be eliminated.  The pressure remains as the racers must brave a tough physical detour atop the Matterhorn.  After a fight erupts during a roadblock, karma comes back to get one of the teams when they make a critical error.  Who will be eliminated and fall just one leg short of making it to the final four?

The teams depart Moos restaurant at the base of the Matterhorn.  They must head to the airport and book a helicopter flight to the great unknown.  Zev and Justin depart first and make it to the airport first, and will be the first team allowed to depart.  Kisha and Jen depart second.  They note they are having more fun this time and enjoy the scenery and people.  Kent and Vyxsin depart third.  They put on extra glitter to match the snow.  Kent thinks their perseverance is shining through, but they have a tough time getting a taxi.  Gary and Mallory depart fourth and get a taxi before Kent and Vyxsin do.  They end up reaching the airport before Kent and Vyxsin.  Kent is offended, but Vyxsin wants to remain positive.  Flight Time and Big Easy depart last.  They are the last team to make it to the airport and sign up for their flight.

Some of the racers are nervous, but others are excited about the unknown and possibly dangerous expedition.  Zev jokes, “I wonder if the snow will take off Kent and Vyxsin’s eyebrows.”  The detour involves bringing a mountaineer to safety.  The racers can choose search or rescue.  In search, the racers will brave extreme wind and use a device to find and dig up a dummy.  In rescue, they use a device to rescue a stranded mountaineer by rappelling down below the ice.  Zev and Justin are in awe as they fly over the Matterhorn.  Zev and Justin decide to do search and begin looking for their body and quickly find it.  They start to dig, but they have a tough time.  Gary and Mallory arrive shortly after and also find their body quickly.  Both teams try to dig for the bodies as the snow picks up.  Mallory ends up tossing snow in Gary’s face as they dig, but Gary manages to pull the body out.  Zev and Justin’s body is stuck and they can’t pull him out.  Justin worries that they are going to be there forever.  After they finally pull the body out, they know they must be in dead last.

Kisha and Jen opt to do rescue.  Kisha is nervous about being in the helicopter, but remains cool.  Jen offers to go down into the mountain because she is not scared of heights.  Kent and Vyxsin and Flight Time and Big Easy also do rescue.  Kent and Flight Time do the rescues for their team.  Vyxsin ends up lowering Kent too far and he screams for her to pull him back up.  Vyxsin jokes that she would wait for the next rescuer if she saw Kent coming.  Kisha and Jen finish first and depart for the train station to go to their next location.  Kent and Vyxsin finish second.  Flight Time and Big Easy finish third. 

Kisha and Jen get to the train station first.  All of the racers except for Zev and Justin make the train, giving them about a 25 minute lead.  The next clue is a roadblock.  The teams must create a Travelocity roaming gnome entirely out of Swiss chocolate.  Vysxin, Flight Time, Mallory and Jen take the roadblock for their teams.  Kisha jokes that Jen will work and she will eat.  Kent tries to give directions from the back.  Vyxsin calmly begs him to let her think.  Mallory remarks she could not tolerate that.  Zev and Justin arrive and Zev takes the roadblock for their team.  When Flight Time goes to the fridge, he claims that someone took his mold that he had freezing.  Flight Time and Jen notice Vyxsin working on his mold.  Big Easy and Kisha both remark how unfair it is, while Kent tells them not to blame her.  Big Easy doesn’t want to talk to him and says karma is going to come back at them.  Flight Time calmly begins to work on a new mold, while Vysxin cries that everyone is freaking out on her.  As Flight Time puts chocolate into the gnome, Big Easy laughs for him to put his hips into it.  Vyxsin finishes her gnome first.  Flight Time finishes second, Jen finishes third and Mallory finishes fourth.  Zev hangs in there to finish and to try and catch up to the other teams.  Flight Time and Big Easy see Kent and Vyxsin take a cab and don’t tell them that you have to go there by foot.  The other teams see them taking a taxi and know Kent and Vyxsin will get a bad penalty. 

The teams must make their way on foot to a Swiss Cabin, which is the Pit Stop of the race.  Phil and a St. Bernard wait to greet the racers.  Flight Time and Big Easy go from worst to first.  Phil informs them they have won a trip for two to the exotic Cook Islands.  The Globetrotters are pumped to have redeemed themselves.  Kisha and Jen finish second.  Kent and Vysxin finish third, but Phil tells them that they have incurred a thirty minute penalty for taking a taxi.  Gary and Mallory arrive next and are team three.  Kent and Vyxsin bicker as they wait out their penalty.  Zev and Justin arrive and Phil tells them they are although they are the last time to arrive, Kent and Vyxsin had a penalty and they will be fourth and still in the race.  Phil tells Kent and Vyxsin they have been eliminated from the race.  Vyxsin feels bad for the teams that are left because she is taking the best teammate home with her.  They both feel that even though they bicker, at the end of the day they will end up cuddling together.

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